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  • Hello all,

    This valentine's day was a very special one for me. I proposed her for the wedding, and guess what, she said YES, and we are getting engaged soon. Our families are very happy about it, and probably our engagement will be next month. So, I want to get the engagement rings for us. It will be the diamond of course. But, I am not so good in selecting jewelry, so I need help with that. For it is a surprise for her, I can’t ask her about it now. So, my plan is to get it custom made. I checked online, and I have liked this one, http://www.pheradiamonds.com/shop/dazzler/ . How is it? I hope it is good enough. I look forward to your replies before fixing it. Please help. Thanks.

  • thunder000

    An engagement ring when you gaze upon it should speak to your soul, mind will emotions as to if this will be the ring you will want her and yourself to cherish in years to come.

  • You should be talking to her and get to know her taste and preferences or at least talk to her good best friend or family about these things insread of promoting some website on here ;).

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