Is my friend gone?

  • I've had a special friend I'm attached to. My friend has only communicated with a few times now in the last two weeks. I want to know what has happened and if it is worth my time pursuing anymore. Thank you.

  • Hi Paracore,

    This month (season) has been a real bear. After reading your horoscope, listen to Rick Levine’s Daily Pulse Podcast, then read Jeff Jawer’s Monthly Forecast. These three things are ALWAYS most helpful, then check out any podcast which you may have missed, or which may also shed light on your situation (nice thing is you can go back at least a month).

    I would suggest you just hang in there because of what we have all been going through with the planets movements. Who ever made it a rule that you cannot contact someone if you have some concern for them?

    In Light and Love,


  • Paracore. I think you may have feelings for this person that are more than a friend. If I only hear from a friend once a week it wouldnt bother me, but if it was someone i am in love with I would also be worried. Whatever the case is I think this person is trying to sort out an emotional dilema and its best that you give it a little space and time. as Judee said the planets are doing wacky things right now and things wont start feeling as normal until october. Dont despair try to keep busy and find ways to spend your time so that when your friend returns you have something more intresting to say then oh I have just been here waiting for you. Give this person a little freedom they will appreciate you all the more in the long run.

  • lovin is right on the knocker, as is Judee. I feel that this person is very attracted to you, but is suffering from emotional upheaval at the moment, as you are. This Mercury retrograde period is doing some lovely (not) things to communication and relationships at the moment and as it draws to a close, it will get worse before it improves. Your friend is not gone. Now my advice (for want of a better word) is for you to wait it out - again as lovin said - but also, think about what you really want from this "friendship" which is not just friendship, is it? You have a mothering side to you and this fellow brings that out. ARe you afraid of that? Don't be! The best relationships can often be those where one "parents" the other, provided it works for all concerned. He comes across as a sweetie really, and one who would respond very well indeed to some honesty from you and that lovely mothering side you have in spades. And don't worry; you won't have to wipe his nose or butt either 🙂

    Hang in there, along with the rest of us!! GOOD LUCK - he'll be back xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  • Hi Judee, Thank you for your response. I finally did reach out to my friend. I asked for closure if the friendship was over. My heart aches too much to suffer anymore. I thought it wasn't too much to ask for we will see what happens. Thank you again. paracore. ps. I think you're a good listener.

  • Dear Lovinmylife, You're really on top of this one. Yes, love is the right word. But he isn't mine for the taking. A friendship is all it can ever be. For now, that will have to be enough. I've no doubt that there is a lot of emotional stuff he's working through. I just miss him so. But, your encouragement to stay busy is exactly what I needed to hear, and you've given me the inspiration and motivation to do so. Lots of love and good thoughts, Paracore

  • Dear Cris1962,

    I'm, I'm,I'm speechless. How could you tell I'm the mothering-type? Is that a Libra-quality, or was it something I said in my post? And, you don't think that's bad? That's great. I hope he does come back. He fills an empty part of my life. I'm concerned over the fact that he is a Pisces; I understand they usually don't mix well with a Libra. He is a sweetie, but can be so introverted. I wish I could bring him out of himself and show him how to have a little more fun. But, as I said, he fills a part of me that has been empty for a long, long time. xoxoxoxoxoxo Paracore

  • Why do we all worry about wanting to mother those we love? So long as we're not sacrificing our very souls or going against our basic nature in the act of doing so, I don't see the problem really! So you hang in there Ms Paracore. Offer that mothering and nurturing side to him and if he fills holes for you, well, what's wrong with that? That's give and take, isn't it? Life isn't about being lonely and empty in our "quests" for inner peace y'know 🙂

  • Amen! Mother on! You are on the mother ship! Aint this a mother! lol I love you guys. ( :

  • you are such a sweetie 🙂

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