• Hello Moon

    Would love to have a reading by you, if possible. Anything you pick up but I was wondering if you can help with recently departed love ones? Thank you.

  • Dear moonie, first thanks for your time and for my reading, like others me too can relate to so much of your reading! Unbelievable! 🙂

    I am not a mechanic or wood worker (aside from putting some furniture together) but I think you picked up on the fact that I work with software and so because of my job I do try to get things fixed all the time! Yes, a perfectionist w a lot of expectations put on myself (that comes from my mother's for instilling that a long time ago. 😞 )Yes, to everything from being creative to being psychic too. I was told that before. I like to use my hands for cooking, baking, art work (something I was not aware of being capable of doing) and then I also can feel things about situations or people. I wish I had more time to dedicate to painting and or baking (yes as a way of making money with it) and or even knitting. Basically, to get away from what I do (sometimes).

    Moonie, re love, I am female and so not sure if your reading will change by much? I did have a huge hard break up which has taken me a long time to get over. Deep down My heart is still w only one. Moonie, is the "it's not over yet"referring to this ex and I? Or does it seem like a new situation?


  • Hi znl

    So glad you could relate to most of the reading! In regards to being female, well, I got a bit "lead" by your avatar which shows a male lol!

    I don't think it changes the reading much, merely a switch around of sexes. The only thing I'm doubtful about is where I picked up a small, red-haired person who I still feel is a nurse. Does this person exist in your life? This could be a close friend, a confidante who is very important to you. This lady is a ray of sunshine in your life and someone you can depend on. I feel she's older than you, and has been very reliable and constant to you.

    I don't get that what I picked up in your love life is anything current. I feel that something past is coming back into your life, but it could be that this happens to find closure and understanding about "why". I'm feeling that a release will happen, that you will feel freed and ready to move on to other opportunities and people. That your inner self will expand and become lighter and more optimistic; more open, if you will.

    You have both changed and grown. Only you will know if those changes are to the benefit of a renewed relationship or not. You will be the one to make the choice. You will be very happy with your decision and as said above, you will be freed from old chains. Yes, something new is coming, but it could be something new from something old if that makes sense. To repeat though: this will depend upon what YOU choose.

    Hope this clarifies things for you!


    Chris xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Hi Moonie, lol on the avatar. I think it maybe the default since I didn't chose it and it came weh registering on the site. I would love to have someone like you described in my life close friend/confidant but I can't think of anyone like that now. I think with you putting it out there and my openness to someone like that it may happen!

    I am super excited about the love life reading portion and yes, my eyes are open (you can't help by grow up).

    Re work -so many changes and not one positive one imp and in all directions and areas at my work and your reading about not much changing for me is a good one too. I hope so.

    I read in the other thread re your move back to your old digs and I'll be thinking of you.

    Moonie, do you see any improvement in the relationship between my mum and I? She is very hard and harsh towards me no matter what I do for her and how much I have tried and continue to with everything. xxoo

  • Hello, Moon50, I would also like a reading. Could you tell me please. Do you see positive aspects in my job for me, for someone else? I mean am i usefull, doing something good?

  • znl,

    No improvement in your relationship with mum, sorry! This is not because of you, though. It's her. I apologise for saying this, but she is a very bitter, very hard and rigid woman who, for some reason, expects the world from you, but allows others in her life to treat her like a welcome mat by comparison. Somewhere, you disappointed her, but only because you've simply tried to make your own life, and choose to follow paths that she never had envisioned for you. You scare her I think.

    If an improvement is to happen here, it's got to come from you, but more that you choose not to let her affect you like this anymore, and don't expect anything from her. Take her as she comes, and remember that you never made her bitter; life did, or at least she allowed it to.

    Live your life, continue being who you are, and let your mother be. YOu will find in time that you deal with her harshness a lot better and that it doesn't bother you anywhere near as much as it does now.

    Hope that helps!

    Cheers, Chris xoxoxo

  • xBluex

    I'm getting a relative younger than you has passed over. Was this a cousin or niece/nephew? I'm thinking a male person as I'm receiving a stronger male energy than female here.

    I can't see exactly the cause of death, but do get a feeling of smothering; like being unable to breathe.

    How long had it been since you saw him? I don't feel you saw much of this relative, but that you were close years ago. I also don't feel that his death occurred all that long ago - a matter of weeks?

    It's too soon for you to find a connection with him as yet. His passing was too sudden.

    He asks you to wait as his energy is not ready to communicate with everyone he left behind yet.

    I do feel he was a very energetic person, positive, with a zest for life. His death was accidental I feel, but definitely unexpected. I see him laughing, out loud, holding a beer in his hand.

    I am not getting much here, but suffice to say, he's still laughing where he is, and will eventually be able to connect.

    I do have one message though: He loves her.

    Sorry for obscurities! I hope this helps.




  • Marishkaa

    I could give you platitudes about every job being useful, but that wouldn't be very useful to you now, would it?

    Why are you worrying if your job is useful, or that you're being productive and/or of service in doing it? That gives me the impression you might not be all that happy in your chosen career path, or that you feel you should be doing "more" or "better" than you are.

    Are you in some sort of domestic role, like cooking, cleaning and general in-home support or similar? I feel you work in an area that takes you TO people in their homes, and you perform a range of duties. But that you feel that it is - to a fair degree - unskilled and that you should be doing better than you are.

    Well, whether or not I've got the actual job you're doing right or not, whatever you're doing, you are doing very well, and yes, it is good for others. I think you may suffer a bit of low self esteem which would drive that feeling of needing to be doing more or better than you are.

    You work very hard indeed, putting in more than 100% most of the time. Just watch that you don't burn yourself out! You are fussy, got great attention to detail, and every job you do is done to perfection. You are also your toughest critic. Go easy on yourself girl! No need to whip yourself!!

    You are someone others rely on to get the job done.

    So I say to you, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. You are doing a wonderful job; so wonderful, you could drop your standards a wee bit and still be doing a wonderful job. You care too much too, I feel. Remember that your very presence where you work is one of pleasure, sunshine and positivity. You inspire by your hard work and willingness to keep smiling while you do it; even with sore feet ... or is that sore hands?

    As I said above, I may have the actual job you do incorrect, but I have this vision of an average height, well built, dark haired lady scrubbing away, polishing, dusting, laughing and joking, while also turning out the best roast dinners anyone would ever eat.

    Whatever it is you are doing, keep it up, but be mindful of doing TOO much because you don't want to get exhausted!

    I hope this helps 🙂




  • Moon50, thank you very much. I work as a university teacher, but i also spend my free time only at home (don't go anywhere), and i recently cleaned my room, so probably that's why you got such a picture.

    I am not happy in my career, sometimes find this job rather boring, don't like to communicate with some students, while some of my students i like. I thought that i don't feel myself as a teacher. and thought that if i am nevertheless useful, it will at least be a relief for me.

  • Hi Moonie,

    Yeah your reading describes her except she is not anyone's doormat. It is her way or highway and any admission of being wrong or sorry (when wrong) is a form of weakness, so she is always right and sticks to it. It has gotten worse now that she is older and I am more on to her instead of accepting every thing Blindly. Makes me very, very sad especially when I see how much is missed between us or anyone around us and I have many regrets bec of her manipulations and us accepting it bec either we were afraid of her or just accepted her authority without any reflection. I don't really know or understand if this is a personality problem or perhaps a form of mental illness. Her behavior has cost us sooo much money and just too many regrets and heart aches.

    Any time, I feel maybe there is a change for the better in her behavior I immediately realize how silly I am. Thank you. Xx

  • Marishkaa

    I didn't think I had your actual work situation right! Oh well, win some, you lose some lol.

    Have you thought of changing from teaching to something else? I do see a change coming for you. Teaching though, is a very "useful" career, but only if it's done with passion and a belief in what you're doing.

    I get that you actually enjoy cleaning; it's a distraction from what bothers you. Have you thought about putting that to good use in another career path, like visiting clients in their homes and cleaning for them? In our country (Australia) there are home-based care careers that people can do, whether they're skilled or not. Maybe in your country, you have similar. But I do see you doing something like this; cleaning, cooking, some personal care, generally helping people out in their day to day lives and enjoying it immensely.

    If you find that you don't really enjoy teaching, then a change would bring about the injection of feeling useful that you seem to sorely need. I'll repeat: teaching IS a very useful career path, and if reassurance of that was all you're after, then my work is done lol!

    You'll know when it's time for a change; you'll get that bored feeling and feel agitated by what you're doing.

    Anyway, I hope this further helps you 🙂


    Chris xoxoxoxo

  • znl,

    I have similar issues with both my parents, although the relationship I have with them now is more like friends than me - child, them - parents, if you know what I mean.

    If she's got away with this behaviour all her life, she won't change now, more's the pity. Like you, I used to grieve for the years my parents lost with my daughter and foster son, and me! But a rigid attitude, and a need to always be right, is what breaks families up sometimes.

    Stick to your guns - although quietly lol - and don't take any rubbish from her anymore. Leave her to it. She has made her bed and now needs to lie in it. You aren't responsible.

    I feel sorry that you have to endure this, but it's not always "happy families" is it? Not for some of us!

    You are handling this the best way possible, so don't think you're deficient in any way.


    Chris xoxoxoxoxo

  • Yes, i was thinking about changing my job, but dont' know where to go.

    Moon50, i just thought, Could it be possible that you saw me cleaning and so on, because i will be a housewife (i don't have relations currently) - leave my job and will devote myself to family, husband??

  • Marishkaa, very possibly, that could be what I saw for you. I still see you working part time though, maybe home tutoring or similar, although I can't get past the image I have of you actually putting your domestic skills to work and making money from it. Yes, I do see you leaving teaching eventually; it doesn't feed your soul, and doesn't give you that purposeful feeling. It's like you drag yourself in every day and sigh, but still do your best job regardless. Good for you! But it will become time for you to find what feeds your soul, and it won't feel like such hard work once you do find your niche.

    Imagine pouring that energy into something you love to do!

    You will make a great housewife, and your husband will be grateful he found you, for those reasons, but also for you, yourself.

    But I do have a warning, for want of a better word: To repeat what I'd said in your initial reading - don't overdo things; don't try to be superwoman. Always keep some energy in reserve for you, and you'll be just fine.

  • I totally know what you mean about switching places and becoming or pushed into that parent position. Sadly as far back as I can remember even when a child I was expected and had to take care of her. I had no idea about it being wrong or that it shouldn't be that way. I am sorry you have two parents like that. I wish I had not lost my father. With that I realized how much he covered for her and she got worse after him. I wish she had not manipulated our relationship with him and put us up to being against him for her benefit. There is just so much regret for me for not seeing things sooner.

    Thanks again and I send you hugs and kisses.

  • Good Evening Moon50:

    You mentioned in my latest reading that I will have a meeting regarding my Exboyfriend, and that there will be a crossing of paths.

    What will this particular meeting entail?

    Where and how will we cross paths?

    Thank You In Advance!

  • BUMP!

  • Standing Tall,

    I can't answer your latest questions, sorry! Things will come about when, how and where they will. The only thing I can pass on to you now is don't put all your focus on this, otherwise you can prevent things from happening. It's a bit like looking for something, searching hi and lo, and you don't find it. But take your focus away from it, or come back at another time, and there it is.

    And if I knew the answer to every question I'm asked, I'd be living in a mansion and own a car for every day of the week by now lol!

    Be calm, be easy, be open to what comes. Be too het up about it, and think/focus on it 24/7 and you could keep it from happening.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Thank YOU! I will head your advice.

  • Moon50, thank you very much!

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