• Hi there

    I've been looking at topics that don't have a response and can't see anyone I can help.

    So I'm offering to do a reading for the first ten people who ask. I don't do Tarot as a rule of thumb either, hence posting this in the Psychic forum.

    So, if you'd like a reading, I will gladly offer one for the first ten who ask!

    Cheers 🙂

  • Hi Moon,

    May I have a reading?

    I'm currently in a situation where I want to move on and let go (of everything that is in-congruent). But I'm a caregiver and there's no one else who can take over. They are not willing to. In continuing to do this, I've ended up having to stay in other circumstances which I dislike and which are preventing change, because they facilitate caregiving (eg being in a job I dislike but has flexible work arrangements/staying with my family whom I don't get along with). I don't have a life, am isolated and don't have enough rest. My whole life on hold and I'm often depressed. I was told in one prior reading that I'm 'supposed' to just move forward - meaning shirk the duties. She said that life will keep throwing more and more people and things for me to 'take care' of otherwise. Some of that is happening - and I sometimes feel I'm being punished for doing the right thing.

  • The "right thing". Has it been the right thing for YOU? If it is the right thing for everyone else, then yes, you will be "punished" as such, for want of a better word.

    Making choices based on the needs of others often ends up with the selfless one feeling worn out, dry and even bitter. And that's because you aren't doing what feeds YOU.

    I know that it would feel like you're leaving those you're looking after to fend for themselves, but in truth, how much satisfaction do you get out of caring for those who obviously aren't considering you?

    I feel that your field of caregiving has been fuelled by a need to make amends, or right a wrong. If that is the case, you have more than paid your "debt".

    What I'm getting here mainly, is for you to get out while the going's good. Those you've cared for will find someone else. You are not indispensable, even if they're telling you that you are.

    Go live a life that is good for you. Live YOUR life. Not one of trying to assuage some misplaced guilt that you've been carrying for years.

    Be kind, be generous, be beautiful ... to YOU for once. You will be surprised at what comes when you move out of this obligatory, duty-driven environment you're in now. I see sunshine, roses, mountains, hills ... all the things someone like you is meant to live amongst, with the main thing being PEACE.

    Isn't that what you'd want for those you've cared for so unselfishly? Then why can't it be what you want for yourself?

    Hope this helps!


    Chris xoxoxoxx

  • Thanks Moon.

    I think so, there is some sense of righting a wrong. But that's a general personality thing. I never set out to be selfless. I just felt I was doing the right thing for my own soul.

    Caregiving is tricky. It is nearly always at the expense of someone, and that's not always something you can remedy. There isn't always someone who will step up. My family - it's a personality thing. They care from a detached place - but they just aren't willing to help in practical day to day responsibilities. My dad was like that recently with my mum who had been hospitalized. He was only wiling to help to a certain extent, and tried to push off responsibilities of caring for her, wherever possible, to continue doing his regular things. Most in the family are elderly and ailing and their own life is a priority. I get that. I get that they can't see my struggles at all. So even though I've tried to make them help in the past, they completely switched off after a while. So there's no one to pass the baton to. I know that would be a death sentence for my charge. I won't be able to live with myself or move on properly. That's the part that's not altruistic.

  • Do you think that maybe some responsibilities were "pushed off" because you were there to tie up the loose ends?

    It's funny how it may seem that there is "no-one to pass the baton to" except yourself, but if you weren't there, that baton would definitely have got passed on somewhere.

    It's the old saying at play here: God helps those who help themselves.

    You've been there to help. And I feel that you're dying a slow death because you feel you can't leave due to their age, detachment, and dare I say it, SELFISHNESS.

    I'll suggest you take a holiday, at minimum a month. They'll manage because they'll have to get temporary help while you're away. Then you'll see that you don't have to give up your life in order to save theirs. They are taking advantage of you.

    Sorry, but I don't see you being happy staying in this atmosphere for much longer. You've done your bit for them, now it's time for you to do your bit for YOU.

    Other help will be found.

  • Yeah I'm dreaming of a holiday too 🙂 It's been 10 years since I last went. There is an event that I've wanted to go that is held in various countries. I will make that happen one day.

    It's one of those things where I was part of a co-dependent/dependent environment. My sis and I stepped in to save our parents from a lot of financial mis-steps which affected the whole family. We did it to rescue ourselves, not specifically them. We were being practical. They have indeed been selfish - they made decisions which were reckless considering they have a family to feed. And the rest of us got caught up in selfish behavior of our own.

    I realized it too late, that in solving the problems (even though it was for our mutual benefit), that I was enabling an unhealthy dynamic. I've done a lot to pull away from that and learn to hold others accountable. in fact, I've already made a promise to myself that the one I'm taking care of - this is the last one I will help. Everyone else will have to find a way on their own.

    It may be that there is a separate issue of a historical/karmic link to the one soul, the one I'm taking care of. Because I too have a detached personality. It's always crappy childhood stuff, of no one having my back. Anyway, it wasn't until I was put in this caregiving situation that I really found my heart and compassion back. He's the only one that I've ever truly loved in the family, where i feel the love back. I suppose there is no adequate way to express that I'm actually doing this for me too.

    Moon, I'm hearing what you're saying. Appreciate it so much. I just feel there's something larger at work that requires that I trust in this. I'm trying to find a way to transmute this experience, so that I bring forward the goodness (and not the sadness or bitterness) into my next phase. I don't doubt it is there.

  • You won't carry any bitterness because your soul is not capable of that state. Sorrow you will take with you when this phase does eventually come to an end. But it will be a transient and short-lived state of grieving, which will be necessary for you to move on.

    I wasn't picking up on the actual person you're looking after - maybe that was being drowned by the energies of other family members. Sometimes selfishness, self-centredness or similar is a much stronger energy than that of lightness, unconditional love and happiness. I don't know, but I didn't pick up on that, so I apologise!

    I don't feel this is a karmic link, as such. Sure, everyone we meet in life - if you believe in soul connections to that extent - is a soulmate of one sort or another. But this one you're caring for? I feel this had to happen in order to break that detached state you'd lived a lot of your life in prior. You are meant to be more "involved", but in the sense of your own feelings, not diving in and rescuing every drowning pup in the river.

    In truth, I think that most in the caring field - which I am am also part of - would say that we do it for us as well as for those we care for. What we give, we get back, usually. Why on earth would we do this if it was unrewarding and thankless? A smile of gratitude or greeting from those we care for can often be enough to keep us going wouldn't you say?

    Yes, this will be the last person you help to the extent you have. You'll always offer a hand, but will have learned that you don't have to save anyone, meaning you can offer someone a meal but don't have to offer them a home, because often it's the little things, like the lending of an ear, a hand on a shoulder, that can help someone on their way.

    And so I've learned throughout my own life, it's when you get tired of a situation to the point where you want to escape, that a change occurs or the situation ends.

    You will find freedom and peace. You will also find reward and prosperity. Because in the eyes of your Angels and Guardians, you have more than earned it.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for offering.

    May I please get one?

    Thank you!

  • Hello Moon, i would be happy to have one from you...anything you pick up:)

  • LoveTheySay

    You have a dilemma regarding love, but it's more related to location, if that makes any sense to you. I think you have a choice to make regarding following your heart or following logic. I see upheaval, a roller coaster ride, ups and downs and chaos surrounding you at the moment.

    However, that phase will settle down, although it does depend on what choice you make. Should you choose to follow your heart, you will experience yet more upheaval and more roller coaster rides, but it will end up being a wonderful experience for you. It will enrich your soul with learning, wisdom and ... I see a little kid, about 2 or 3 years old. Does this make sense to you? I think it's a little boy. Cheeky. This is not your son, but he figures very strongly in your life. Has he been lost to you? Sorry for confusing you, but I am confused myself as I type what I get!! I don't think he's related by blood at all, but he means a great deal to you. He is pivotal in what choice you make.

    Should you take the logical road, you will continue in your current life which will always provide you with comfort and material freedom.

    Love is your nectar; your total fuel and energy.

    I see you choosing to follow your heart. You need a change. Things/people you leave behind will be exactly that, except for one who will follow you. You know who that is.

    Boy ... this was an interesting reading for me to do! I sure hope it makes some sense to you, because my head is still reeling 🙂

  • Thanks for this moon! I truly appreciate this reading. At first glance, it looked confusing, but after rereading it, it makes a whole lot of sense!

    Unfortunately, I do not know any little boy or girl that's 2 or 3. That said, I believe you picked up on the last man I dated (who caused this chaos in my life) as he is 3 years younger than me. That must probably be the 3 that came up. He's a very bubbly guy through very very immature, hence the fact he probably came up as a 'kid'.

    However, my love life is indeed a chaos now. I'm torn between reaching out to him and moving on. I'm at a crossroads. We're not speaking and I don't even know why. We just stopped texting each other, but there was no fight involved. It just happened. I deeply care about him, but our dynamic was very up and down/challenging. Then, my logic is telling me to move on because he will not change, not in the immediate future at least. Yet, part of me knows he was meant to be in my life.

    It is however true that I indeed did remove a lot of people from my life. Most people from my past are now an old memory. However, I'm slightly indecisive regarding him. He's part of my past but he's also part of my present because he came into my life twice, when I was starting over both times, in different locations.

    What do you reckon I should do? I've never been this confused regarding my love life. I'm not sure whether to let go or try and see what's going on on his end. Heck, I don't even know why he hasn't communicated with me in weeks.

    I'm super confused.

    Thank you again 🙂 This was a really on point reading.

  • Hi Moon,

    Thank you so much 🙂 This discussion has been very helpul. Oftentimes, I feel like I don't know what I'm trying to ask. I set out one way but my mind is reaching out for something, somewhere in the subconscious, that I know/knew or is trying to make itself known, but I can't remember or access it on my own. In interacting with you kind souls , I uncover pieces, little by little. The journey is still tough, but these revelations provide light. Grateful - thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

  • LoveTheySay,

    He is incommunicado at the moment because there is distance between you. Men put things in a box and don't open the box until they're ready.

    No-one can make this decision for you. It will depend on how important it is for you to find closure with this man (or dare I say BOY). Give it time. Time and patience. Think about you for a while.

    Things have a way of happening that aid in your decision-making process.

    Are you ready for an adventure? Because that is coming for you. You are stagnating and need to move out of that. However, THAT change will happen in ways you aren't expecting. It could even be inner change that needs to happen. But you will soon be doing things you never thought you would.


  • moonalisa,

    I've had some issues getting anything for you, but here goes:

    The theme for everyone seems to be change, and that applies to you. In saying that, I feel you've been through a period of great change - transformation even. You have grown. Your body and mind are one unit and you are developing, if that's the correct word.

    There is a purpose for you, and you are on the way to realising it. Your gifts are great, and you need to put them out there, for want of a better term.

    But you doubt that you are up to the challenge. It's your lack of confidence that is keeping you back.

    I see you in front of a camera. You will have a great following. I'm getting the word "Master", in the spiritual sense. You heal by touch, but more than that, you have the sight.

    I don't feel you work in a healing field, as such, which is probably a good thing as that area can drain someone like you if you do not protect yourself.

    I see a mentor coming to you, and I think it will be this year. You have already met this person. They are gentle and wise, but I can't see if they are male or female. It could be that they are one gender but have a very developed other gender that puts them in perfect balance.

    You're a star. Not just a shining star, but a star in the 'celebrity" sense.

    It's time for you to leap off that precipice and embrace what is truly meant for you to do in this life.

    And I sure hope this makes sense to you!


    Chris xoxoxo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Moon!!

    Well, I don't particularly seek closure with him. On the contrary, if he had his act together, I'd gladly keep him in my life. I don't want to remove him from my life at all. He means a lot to me and he's by far the most interesting man I've ever met, but his issues have a way of ruining everything.

    As far as the distance is concerned, he's the one who created it. One day, we stopped communicating but everything was fine between us. We didn't fight, we kissed each other and that was it. Hence, my confusion, he could have contacted me!

    In terms of change, are we talking career-wise or just socially? I'm not entirely sure I understand. This sounds exciting though 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • Hi dmick! How's things? It has been a while.

    Here's your reading:

    I feel you have made a decision about something major in your life, but you are a bit doubtful about putting that decision to work. You doubt because of lack of confidence and fear. You think you're "too old" to make a change like the one you are considering. Your dreams come to you to affirm that you will benefit greatly from taking this leap.

    As I've read for a few people already, for you, I get similar: inner change. An acceptance, if you will, an embracing.

    I see you somewhere surrounded by flowers. You will see out your days like the hobbits: growing things, nurturing nature and yourself. You will blossom like those flowers. You have a pixie spirit, or more like a woodland spirit. Stagnating will not encourage this spirit. You need to challenge yourself, set goals and achieve them. All of this is to do with YOU, your inner you.

    A giving soul, you have given enough and it is now time for you to receive. I'm seeing a small win in the monetary sense. Has this happened already? You have - or will - put it away for a rainy day. GOOD MOVE. This will provide a nest egg for you. Money frightens you, or the lack thereof. This amount will attract interest and grow much larger.

    You will make money by growing things. Growth being a very pertinent word for you. Growth in all ways. But you will reap $$ by a certain plant you are able to grow like no-one else. I think it's a vegetable. You will win ribbons for it.

    Does any of this make sense? I hope so!

    By the way, I'm getting the message that you have come a very long way, and you are just about there. I'm seeing pats on the back, the main "pat" coming from yourself.


    Chris xoxox

  • alanabrz,

    Contrary to other readings I've given, in your case, I am getting the message: STAY PUT. For now at least.

    I'm feeling that you are wanting to make a choice, but it will be based on whimsy. Where you are now serves you well in every sense but romantic love. Have you closed your heart for any reason? Moving will not change that situation. Opening yourself to love will, and that will apply if you choose to stay where you are.

    Is there someone in your life challenging that closed heart of yours? Let them in. Trust. Allow yourself to feel. This has been a stumbling block for you for a number of years. But you were not born that way, nor did you live your childhood that way. Someone in later years tore you apart and that has affected your trust and ability to love.

    You have a very good friend who despairs for you because she (?) sees the truly loving soul you are. Is this a chidhood friend?

    The main message I get for you at this point of the readin is: OPEN UP. TRUST.

    You will prosper where you are in ways you never thought possible. Love will come to you. I see romantic love, and that will boost your own self love.

    Do I dare nickname you Han Solo? It's time to change that my friend.

    HOpe this helps!


    Chris xoxoxo

  • danceur,

    No problem, and any time.

    It can be hard to properly phrase a question, especially if you want to touch all bases lol!

    Here's cheers to a fruitful year 🙂


    Chris xoxoxo

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