• Hi again all,

    I'm a bit doubtful about a choice that's facing us at the moment:

    We moved to where we are almost a year ago, leaving behind a town I'd lived in for nearly twelve years. It was a wrench saying goodbye to good friends and a familiar, comfortable life, but I was getting itchy feet and my job was wearing me out.

    The lease will be up on our cottage here in April, and we have a chance of moving to a house on the same property around then.

    My dilemma is that we are struggling to decide whether we're better of to return to my hometown of 12 years, or move to this other house and try to make a go of things where we currently are. I don't want to go back as that equates to giving up in my world, although I know that sometimes, going back can be the right thing to do.

    Can anyone see what might be in store for us?

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers xo

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  • Hi Moon50,

    Would you be moving back because you WANT to and it feels good in your heart when you think of doing so or because you feel defeated? You have a little bit of time before you need to decide so you should take some time to try to detach from the fear/angst so you can get to the heart of what you really want.

    I am getting a lot of base chakra which could just be because of your fears surrounding your home at the moment. There are fears about money and stability, but it runs deeper than just this current situation. Family issues are involved. This is a transition phase for you to push through. I am also getting "Law of Attraction." We have the power to create what we want, but buried family issues and belief systems can hinder this.

    Think back to why you left in the first place. Was there a job issue? Financial issues? Feeling bored and wanting change? Would these issues still be present if you moved back? Have you ever heard the saying "Wherever you go, there you are" ? I think location is not the question for you right now, it's an internal shift that needs to take place.

    Hope this helps in some way...

  • I pulled a Sabian Symbol for you...

    Aquarius 29


    This Symbol shows growing, expanding, escaping restrictions and evolving into a more expansive sense of self with bigger and better potentials. Like a butterfly emerging, at times like these, you are often at a crossroads or major turning point and you are likely to be able to realize many of your latent, but promising, potentials. Like an awakening, you are suddenly able to do something that truly reflects you and who you strive to be. This emergence builds for some time; a metamorphosis takes place. Ensure that you take a moment to adjust to new developments before taking flight. Slow building of confidence. Coming out into a fuller participation. Growing up and out. Leaving yesterday behind. Leaving restrictions. Blossoming and blooming. Emergence.

    The Caution: Failing to allow changes to be experienced. Feeling like one will never "arrive". Struggling to emerge ahead of time. Feeling confined. Being tied to the past. Rushing leading to disorientation or injury.

    Keywords: Slow building of confidence. Coming out into a fuller participation in the bigger picture. Growing up and out. Emerging from the dark. Leaving yesterday behind. Becoming more and more beautiful. Finding one's feet or wings. Metamorphosis. Huge changes in the works. Giving up struggling. The drama of new life unfolding.

  • Hi watergirl18,

    Your reading actually correlates and validates one TheCaptain gave me a few days ago.

    Like you, she also saw the Law of Attraction and that family issues/beliefs were holding me back and keeping me stuck in the past.

    What you asked about us moving back to where we came from; First thing in the morning, I feel a sense of joy and rightness when I think about moving to the other house on the property where we live currently.

    When I think of moving back to where we came from, I feel a bit blah, and that it would be for financial reasons.

    You're right again: apart from the friends I have there, the situation that caused me to leave would still be there. Sure, financially we'll be better off, but I I don't know that this is a good enough reason to go back.

    Again, you are right: Staying here is more expensive and I do worry about financial stability. I also realised the other day that I am afraid of money. I'm frightened that should I come by a lot, I'll squander it. And yet, I can see myself buying my own house and my partner and I being very happy there. Our ultimate goal is to eventually move to the coast, or at least, somewhere near water.

    On the question of job issues, the job I had in my previous location was wearing me out physically and emotionally. I ran out of puff with it, and jobs are thin on the ground there.

    So I do appreciate your reading because it IS very helpful.

    While I don't want to "milk the cow" so to speak, dare I ask if you can see us moving to this other house on the farm where we live? To explain, we live on a very large old homestead, and there are 14 cottages on it that are rented out. The other place we are considering is more like a house than a cottage, and apart from two tiny bedrooms, it has everything else we need. It's also a very lovely place, with a big country style kitchen, and a very large living area. The current tenant has become a friend of ours, and has had an offer of a rent-free cottage on the farm where he works, which is why this place has become a possibility.

    Anyway, thank you so very much for taking the time to read for me. I do appreciate it!




  • Hi Moon,

    Not milking the cow at all 🙂 I will say that I held a few things back on the first reading (mostly due to lack of confidence on my part) that you just validated. First....I saw a move (but not back to the past) and it was an image of moving away from a compact set of small homes, like a little village. Second...I saw you near water, but this was shown as in a more distant future.

    I do think you need to follow the feelings you had yesterday morning when you thought of moving to each place. Seems like the house you have the option to move to is a bit of synchronicity at work as well 🙂

    I will try to tune in and be back in a bit...

  • I keep wanting to call you Moon-Pie...why is that? 🙂

    So the guidance that came through is this...

    Yes, follow your hear's desire. This would be the move to the home on the farm. This will be the change you want, but will also require change from you. Doesn't it always (sigh!)? You first must clear your energy as it feels like you have a cloud of heartache surrounding you (like Pigpen in the Charlie Brown series, haha). The disappointment and heartache energy will block what you want from coming to you. All your concerns, worries, fear, guilt, feelings of burden and heaviness - give them up to God, your Angels, the Universe, whatever you believe in. This will help you to stand back in your power, to feel strong, capable and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. BE COURAGEOUS AGAIN. Try clearing meditations. Open up the windows in your home and let fresh air blow through. If you have any clutter in the home, get rid of it! Even if you don't have clutter, start packing things up to prepare for a move. Most of all, invite more joy into your life - have some fun! Partnership kept coming in as well so also be aware that since there are two of you that BOTH of your energies need to go through this transformation from burden and defeat to light-heartedness, joy and anticipation of GOOD.

    Also work on your embedded feelings regarding wealth and prosperity. I forgot to mention that one of the other things that came through in your first reading was a strong father energy. So I'm guessing your beliefs surrounding money come from him.

    I am going through some similar things so I know it can be much easier said than done, but this is where the COURAGE comes in. Be a warrior for yourself! If you want to buddy up on helping each other through it, I would love to support you.



  • You can call me Moon-Pie lol! Captain calls me MooneySwooney, so what's a bit of pie hahaha?

    I have noticed that I'm not the only one going through this phase of doubt, insecurity ... it's like all those things from the past have reared up (in my case AGAIN) to be let go of. Pigpen ... hahahaha

    The father energy you picked up on, I think, would be a combination of my father and my ex husband. My father always said to me "pay your way", which is an edict I've stuck by, although sometimes I've learned that if a friend helps you, they don't do it because they want immediate payback - what goes around comes around. Mum and Dad always struggled financially, and now they survive on their pensions only. What really gets to me is that their house was valued at $1.2m about 2 years ago. I've said to mum repeatedly, SELL IT, go buy something where you want to live and reap some of the benefits of this house that's kept them trapped for too many years. But there they stay. You can lead a horse to water ...

    In my ex's case, he was THE MAN and the money was HIS not ours, even though for the first 20 years of our lives together I also worked. Not to mention that I worked for his family's alpaca business with nary a thank you. The thank you I did get from that, was the love of those animals though. I still miss them ...

    So yeah, I garnered a lot of negativity about money because of the two men in my life.

    Yes, I'd be happy to support each other through this phase. I feel this is the last opportunity we'll get to finally transmute all that negativity from the past and let it go for once and for all. Even though physically I don't want to move again (this'll be the 19th move for me sigh), we need and want to, because this other place has the space we need (except two small bedrooms). The cute cottage we're in now is slowly getting cramped, and we can't fit anything else in it lol! We do need that shed to work in and storage space, which we lack here. Not to mention a proper chicken coop! A small thing I know, but becoming very important with the amount of chooks we've got now.

    Gee, I've been used to being a warrior for others. It'll be strange being one for me, but I can see that needs to happen.

    My partner's also been through a very heavy, dark phase, but I think he's beginning to come out of it. He's a sweetie and loves animals as much as I do, which is a huge plus in my world.

    What I haven't enjoyed about all this, is how bloody lazy I've got! I have to make myself do something physical, and some days, I just don't get there. I've gone from Miss Active to Miss Couch Potato (comparatively) in the last months. I've been napping a lot, and enjoying slothing around, whereby in the past I was always doing something. Oh well ...

    Thank you once again for a further reading that also made sense to me. I hope I can be of help to you during this transitional stage we're embarking upon.

    Hi ho Trigger! Let's go get 'em!!

  • PS: The house we want to move to is close to river that runs through the property, and has a view of it. So the coast is a-gettin' closer ...

  • Moon-Pie! You seem more confusion about which way to go. I think the house will be good for you and you definitely need out of the cottage from the sounds of it. Just start packing a little at a time, day by day or even week by week and you will get there without having a fish push/rush to get it done when the time comes. More later. I'm super tired today and going to hit the hay as they say...

  • a fish push? haha! supposed to be BIG PUSH... 🙂

  • Lol! I guess it's gonna be a push whether it's a BIG one or a FISHY one hahaha

    Yep, not so confused. I don't give up on things too easily and going back after only a year would be doing exactly that.

    My partner balked when I suggested we start packing stuff 🙂 He said "what if we don't get the place and we've half packed up everything?" Fair point, but I've always felt we wouldn't be in this particular cottage for longer than a year or so. Not that we don't like it; it's just not got enough space for us, our stuff and our family of fur and feather babies.

    It's funny, but I recall having trouble hanging our paintings, plates and pictures here; it was like the place was saying NO, you won't be here long. Or it's simply soft brick, then tough masonite. Fun and games ...

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The only stumbling block we can see with this other house is that the owner might put the rent up too high for us to afford. So I'm just saying the odd prayer and have a few ideas that might prevent him doing that.

    I'm tired too. Been night duty and not too practised at doing that shift, even though we are simply there as custodians/caretakers if you will. I'll be glad to hit the bed later today!

  • I think you should see yourself in the house regardless of the rent amount. This is part of the giving up of old beliefs. You could suddenly get more hours at your job, a raise, both, or a different job altogether that would accommodate the rent. Stop thinking of money as an obstacle 🙂 Yes, I have the same issue!

  • Yes, you're right! I don't even know why I still have this attitude towards things like that considering when we moved here from my comfy tiny town with a regular income, I had no job lined up; merely an interview! I came here on a wing and a prayer if you will.

    I already have images of myself cooking in that beautiful kitchen, sitting at the table in it, or simply stomping away on my treadmill in the lounge room because there'll be enough room for it lol! Bedrooms are tiny though, but I'm sure we'll get around that, considering we had the opposite problem here, ie, one good sized spare room and a very big main room, but small living area and kitchen. We don't even have room for a dining table here hahahaha! Hasn't been an issue though...

  • Hi Moon-Pie, still visualizing yourself in your new house? 🙂 I think you should imagine a big money tree in the backyard too...

  • Indeed! Yes, I am seeing us in the bigger house. And I'm visualising us with as much money as we want to enable us to do LOTS OF THINGS lol! The higher ups have been sending us small gifts of money here and there, which has helped us out a lot, so I'm always grateful. Heck, I'm even grateful for waking up in the morning even if I feel like an old sock lol!

    What about you? What are you visualising for yourself?

  • Hmm. Well, I hate to sound like Eeyore, but I'm feeling a little too battered and worn down to visualize at the moment. I know, that's when it's most important! Just looking out for the light at the end of the tunnel...and hoping it won't be a freight train headed for me, haha!

  • It's hard to visualise positive things when you feel like you've been through the wringer. It gets tiring constantly going through stuff, trying to remain positive, and feeling like we miss the mark because we're saying "oh shit, life sucks" a lot of the time. But it's true: life does often suck. The things that have brought me comfort when going through tough times are reminding myself of that old saying: this too will pass. Everything is transient, even happiness. Although I think I've got the wrong idea about happiness in truth. Contentment equates to happiness, but then we get fat lol! Oh well ...

    And no, there is no freight train headed for you, just a wake up call which will result in you feeling like you actually learned something, and it will go towards changing your whole attitude to life.

    I tell ya, we're both getting antsy here about when this guy is moving out of that other house! Our lease will be up at the end of April, and we need to moooove lol!

  • PS: I love Eeyore ... and Linus ...

  • Haha, thanks! I think my problem is that things have not been transient for me. I've been stuck in this cycle for 20 years. I REALLY need to have a blessing come to me that my thoughts or energy can't f*&%k up, lol. An "up" cycle is what I need - even if for just a little while. My spirit is wrinkled and needs ironing 🙂

    Wake up call coming, eh? Sounds foreboding...

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