Request for Captain to Answer

  • Hello Captain,

    I would like to know if there will be a long distance move for us in 2018 with a new job for my husband Aiman as his two year work contract will be up here in FL? His DOB: 4-17-52

  • Oh, I see lots of change and big opportunities for your husband in 2018 - as long as he is up for anything. You however may decide you want to stay close to home. Your husband may have to expand his vision of what he wants and be flexible if he is to take best advantage of the adventurous energies of 2018. He needs to be honest with himself and you about what he is feeling and desiring. To reap the benefit of these new opportunities, he will need to remain positive and optimistic in his outlook as well, as what seems to be loss or failure is really the opportunity to get out and do his own thing as he has always wanted - perhaps self-employment?

  • Hello Captain,

    Yes, you are right he does want to do self employment. I want to be stable and know where my home is at this stage of my life. However, he will look at companies also to work part time while expanding his mine as to what to produce for his self employment.

    I want to start writing a book, am entering classes and would like to feel the ocean breeze running through my hair and the sun bronzing my body. Yes, he does need to be honest , I hope he is lead to what will fulfill him and his journey called Life this time around.

    Thank you for your time and I hope you are well and happy in this New Year,


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