The Missing Ingredient to "The Law of Attraction"

  • There's one big thing they don't tell you in "The Secret". The people behind it make it seem like it's easy. They make you think you can have whatever you want just by focusing on it. But what they don't tell you is that the real secret is you manifest whatever you feel you are worth.

    So, if you want a new wonderful lover, more money, or a shiny new car, it's no good visualizing it if a voice inside you from the past - still making rude noises in the present - is continually telling you that you aren't worthy of this love, success, wealth, health or whatever. You have to feel you are worth what you want to have. And if you feel you deserve abundance, good health. love and happiness, that is what you will get. But if you feel that you are worth nothing and nobody, that's also what you will get.

    Before you can have what you want, you have to believe you deserve it. You have to allow yourself to earn it and open yourself to attracting it. Abundance and love are available to us all and we shouldn't feel guilty about wanting and asking for our share of the pot. There's enough for everyone - we just have to reach up and grab the 'golden balloon' hovering over all our heads and pull it down to us. Many people just leave it up there, floating untouched and useless in empty space, they never permit themselves to have their dreams.

    Let's rethink the new lover/money/car thing - go back to when you were young and try to remember what morals or values you were taught by your parents about love or money - what was the family belief system? Was it that love is unconditional and beautiful or that money is neutral and that it's what you do with it that counts? Or were you told that love and money are always a struggle to obtain and that not many people get what they want or that love is a screaming match, it hurts a lot, money is evil and corrupting and that only being poor will get you into heaven? Maybe you learned that love is fleeting or that people always cheat on their partners or their tax returns. These things are beliefs, not truths. There is a big difference. They don't have to be your beliefs or truths, either - in fact, you have to get rid of any negative feelings and thoughts about what you want in life before you can attract it.

    Write down everything you get a doubtful, sick or fearful feeling about regarding the thing you want - eg. "I love it, but I fear it" or "It might make me feel better about myself or happier", "I don't really expect to get what I want", "I feel unworthy of it", "it's not right for me to have what I want when other people don't", "I want someone else to get it for me - I cannot manifest myself" etc. Try to root out any self-limiting, unhelpful or untruthful beliefs. When these lies or excuses are exposed to the light, they will begin to lose their power over you. You may not even realize you feel that way or still feel that way. Once you are open to receiving and free of self-doubt or self-negation, you will certainly get what you want.

  • food for thought... thanks Captain

  • Makes sense and one needs to reflect. Thanks Captain.

  • I agree! Attraction is not just a thought or prayer in your head. It must be put to action. I think the challenge is knowing what self worth looks like. Unfortunately, many of us have been raised and influenced by religions that taught us that sacrifice is a virtue. Some of us even grew up thinking money is the root of all evil. Many religions paint God as a punisher and guilt is reinforced deeply in our unconsciousness long after we think we have moved on to a more spiritual way of seeing God as a more unconditional loving energy that wants us to enjoy all the abundance available. He doesn't need to punish us for anything because our choices have consequences that are self inflicted. Back to self worth....that is the action that produces energy. Loving yourself is not just a thought but an action. There must be a balance between giving and receiving. Giving too much sends out the energy to the universe that you don't need much. You have to show the universe that you are worthy of receiving by the action of receiving....taking time for yourself. Nurturing yourself attracts nurturing from others. The actions are often just little habits. Buying a yummy rosewater spray from a health food store and making a bedtime ritual of anointing your face and arms etc. in a loving way. Going to the dentist despite the cost and taking care of your teeth. Throwing out worn shoes and worn out clothes. Buying yourself occasional joyful gifts. Not answering the phone when it's that drama queen who you just are too tired for and they never take your advice anyway. Saying NO without guilt when your energy is low. Actions. We are the examples for our heart's desire. BLESSINGS!

  • It may well be stating or reiterating the bleedin’ obvious, but in order to attract something into your life, you have to love it and want it. This applies to people, money, love, health, happiness, or whatever it is you think you desire. You can’t be in two minds about it. Oh yes, you declare stoutly, I really want to have more money…but do you totally and completely want it? Is there perhaps a niggling fear inside you, along with the desire, that money might just corrupt you and you will end up grasping and greedy … or that you will feel guilty when you have wealth and ease but other people don’t? Or do you fear the abundance will vanish or dry up due to your uncontrolled extravagance or foolishness, or from other people taking it away from you? Maybe you spend your life dreaming about that perfect love or lover. But isn’t there fear that also arises when you think of being with the same person forever … or doubt that you can be good, committed or faithful enough to sustain the relationship …or that it won’t last and you will end up worse off than before (just like those other times), betrayed and bitter? Do you have a total disbelief that anyone at all could find you lovable? You may have suffered from ill health for a while and you think you really, really want to be well again – but are you ready to give up the attention and care your illness gets you, or do you kinda like that it prevents you from doing anything and means you have an excuse for not working for your goals in life? You might really want to be professionally successful …but will there be a cost? Do you fear the trade-off for success will be losing a personal life, or having to put up with back-stabbing and envy from co-workers, or the long hours and commuting?

    If you think you really want something, think again. Is this thing in your life at present – if not, then part of you doesn’t really want it - for whatever reason. Uncover and remove that reason (or roadblock) and you will have access to whatever in life you desire. Try thinking deeply on what you want. Let all the feelings, good and bad, revolving around it rise up. Do you find yourself adding on to the wish “Oh yes, I really want this thing ……” a little ‘but what if…!’ Can you say you unreservedly and unconditionally want to be rich, slim, loved, successful, healthy, happy, married, travelling, etc? No ifs, buts or maybes. You have to get rid of the BUT if you want to achieve your dreams. And don’t we all want to get rid of our big butts?

  • I like this! Thanks Captain.

  • Big butts? I do love a full moon!!! Bad buts are self limiting whiny excuses!

    Don't be a whiny butt...beloveds! Happy new moon! Lets kick butt! You heard the captain!

  • Bump butts!

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