Cancer man being secretive about his feelings

  • Hello all, I would so appreciate anyone with experience of Cancer men giving advice on this. I'll keep it as short as poss! He's a good friend of mine, we have a great connection and last year we got physical. His kisses were the best I've ever had. Tender, passionate, gentle. He touched his forehead to mine, held my face in his hands, looked helpless, said oh God, oh God, I don't want this to stop. He said he didn't think he could feel this way again. He's kind, helped me in too many ways to list, keeps in regular contact, bought me presents. But he has never said HOW he feels. So I cornered him (silly me!), told him how I felt and asked him if his heart was involved. He said no, my feelings are more below the belt. Then rolled his eyes and said actually that's not true. I later asked him if he had any feelings at all. He said I do care for you. I do have feelings, but I bury them. What am I supposed to make of this? His actions are wonderful but his words are terrible. I think he is in denial about his feelings but am I just deluded? What is he scared of? Please help me!

  • You need to disappear for a while with no warning and he has to make up his mind. Do not even bring it up or talk about, just vanish for a while until he shows up with a plan. Do not pressure or try to reason with him. It will not work. Trust me, give the silence about ten days, he will come back before then. If he still hasn't figured it out, believe him at his word. But I think your actions will shake him. Men never have a clue. Back lead.

  • Thank you for your reply! What do I do if he texts me though? Do I just ignore him? He is my friend and I don't want to flat out ignore him. What do you think?

  • Just give him silence. Cancer men like the chase. If you do that he'll get into desperate mode and quickly figure out his feelings. You have to be strong for a few days or it will not work.

  • Deep down you know when you are sabotaging yourself. Do not go against your core values. It will make you feel empowered once you pass the initial anxiety.

  • Thank you. This is brilliant! I will report back to you...

  • Good luck! This will make you feel better.

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  • He acts weird, please be wary. I had a friend who used to act in the same way. I was very confused about his feelings and could not trust him at all. Maybe he is trying to intrigue you and draw all your attention to him? I would advise you to remain silent for a few weeks and see if he clarifies his intentions towards you.


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