• UGH! Sunshine.....everything's a roller coaster of good and bad. Up and down. My head is foggy today and MIL made a brief visit last night but it was short lived. I'm too mentally tired but about to remedy that with some push for joy. I will get back with you when my energy is "lovely as sunshine" again! BLESSINGS! ps..Keep an eye on Logan.....feel him coming down with something. You may have time to still be pro-active. HUGS!

  • You are right. I called the pediatrician this morning for Logan. He is coming down with sometjing. His eyes are messy and it looks like allergies. Maybe not.

    Mil has been here too. I feel drained. Peter and I are in a funny situation. I think its her again. Grrr! I want her GONE!!!!

  • I'm going to hedge us all you too, with light barriers. I have asked the Angels and Michael to intervene and temove her.

    Pleade take care of yourself. I'm sorry she is harassing you. She is apiece of work.

    Sending you hugs and blessings!!

  • I am weary of this spam. For the last two days, Moonalisa and I have been trying to get the upperhand!! I am too drained from dealing with mil to deal with the spam!! I'm going to harass admin again!!!

  • Save your energy! Some one else will take care of the spam and MIL did not bother me....she left pretty quick! I know how to deal with her. I still wish you would put EVERYTHING of hers to the curb. Don't over think it....just be brave! Sending a prayer for Logan! BLESSINGS!

  • I'm taking Logan to the doctor tomorrow. His eyes look terrible. It seemed quiet in the house last night, but I don't think she's gone for long. Maybe she is harassing the thieves who broke into her house and made off with her valuables!! I did a lot for her when she had no one else to do so. I guess the saying "no good deed goes unpunished"applies here.

    Peter and I aren't talking for no particular reason, so I'm hoing to back up and give him space. I think it's her trying to interfere, but I can't blame her for everything...I'm going to sage the house tomorrow after the kids go to school and sprinkle holy water. I have to really stop being kind to everyone. I am just too easy to take advantage of!! By too many people.

    Have a very nice day today.

    Hugs to you and your hubby. I hope he is doing better.

  • She's laying low trying to collect energy. Poor Logan! My ten year old granddaughter had to go in for her eyes two weeks ago......doc said it was allergies....we are having a drought so pollen is over the top. As for MIL.....she has no love to give or accept...her heart was closed. Better to be vulnerable than in a closed heart safety zone. I feel your energy dimming! Don't let Peter get to's him not you. He's a fence sitter! He does just enough to keep you hanging yet he is in your head but he is commitment shy....he talks the talk but action is a problem. You have no energy to be pulling him or fixing any man. Give him silence....your boundaries. . He needs a woman who is willing to do ALL the work in a relationship. When he decides to hook you again with temptations of true partnership...don't bite...remind him you heard that before. You have the power! MIL intends to interfere but that is not the all of it. It's him. Please be your own strong male energy partner and get MIL's stuff out of your space. Please. You know earth bound Spirits drain children first! I think if you can be aware of can do what you have to do to protect them. MILS daughter is not taking have a long history of taking responsibility for others. I have the same nature! I have a lot of compassion for your challenge. Change comes as you learn to do the hard stuff that protects you but may make another who hides without action and dumps on you. With your permission? I'm praying for you SUNSHINE! You are loved! BLESSINGS! Do you still play the piano?

  • I hadn't been playing much while I was homeschooling Lauren. But now that she is back in school, I will get back into it.

    You have confirmed what I have begun to think about Peter. Why in heaven's name do these folks keep finding me? Am I wearing a freaking sign on my aura???? Geez!!! It is a game...I don't communicate and je ropes me back in after he realizes I've stopped communicating. Smdh!!

    Yes. Mils d is definitely not dealing with this in her case or mine. I do need to quit being so doggone gullible. Sheesh!!

  • i LOVE YOU SUNSHINE! use that anger to spiritually and literally clean house! Good anger is a powerful game changer!

  • You are such a wonderful person BlMoon! I love you too!! You brighten up my day! Right again!! I AN angry!! Im too emotional and lose clarity wben I do! I will get my business handled. Sometimes I don't feel loved.....

    My mom is due to be done with her radiation at the end of the week. I never wanted her to get it. I didn't think she needed it. Oh well, what's done is done. I'm. Just fortunate to still have both my parents at age 57-3/4. Lol. I'm getting old!!

  • Bump

  • It was quiet in the house, but I swear I could almost hear her breathing. Alan seems to be incognito. I hope she didn't run him off. ...

    I have implemented my silence towards Peter. Again. Now I am not available to chat online or converse on the phone. Besides. I'm digging in the dirt and getting my garden set up. I don't have time for bs.

    Sage burning through the house first.

    Have a peaceful and blessed day!!!

  • YES! Let's both spend time with the fairies today! They are true, generous to the moon......and keepers of the LIGHT! Dance Fairies the darkness from our space....far far away! AMEN.

  • I enjoyed working with my plants. I have to thank my mom

    For the walmart gift cards. I meant to get food, but i ended up succumbing to the pleas of my kids and we walked out with plants and a few groceries.

    Lol. I hope you had fun fairies time. I did.

    Have ablessed day!

  • I just realized that Thursday is the day that I go to see the lawyer about the trouble I am having with the organization handling the kids' trust. I am really nervous about this. Because of the issues with the trust administrator. I feel like I am standing alone on this. I'm going to be praying for guodance so that the lies and deceptions can be brought to light. Please say a prayer for me on thursday.

    I'm having car issues so I have to pray on that too.

    I hope your day is better than mine is so far.

    Have a blessed and peacefulday/night.

  • I'm droopy! New moon tomorrow! Thank God! I will pray "VIGOROUSLY". You are never alone! But I know that feeling!

  • I can't post haven't for hours.

  • I can't post the one I have saved. I can only post short stuff.

  • I know how you feel!!! It's not a good feeling! I feel droopy too. Mil was here last night harassing me in my bedroom. I threw holy water all over my room, yelled and told her to get out and stay gone. And then started listening to music and singing. She eventually left. I was so exhausted from that I fell asleep in my clothes across the bed. I'm going to put some salt across my doorstep and make sure we all walk in it before we come inside. Her crap is going out!!! The kids' laughter takes the negative mess out of here.

  • Getting tired of spam!

    The salt seems to have temporarily restored peace in the house. It even feels different. But I know not to be complacent. I am going to keep salt in the car and sprinkle it at the door before we go in the house. Beautiful day! Wanted to play in my balcony arboretum, but had stuff to do to prepare for the visit with the lawyer tomorrow! Wish me success!!!

    Have a great day! Praying my car holds up! Sometimes I wonder....has someone had it out for me all these years.....:)

    Have a beautiful day!

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