• I think she harassed her daughter first and her tantrum continued to you.....and you do have some of her stuff. There is no logic to her thinking ....just energy that lashes out with no thought to where it lands. I got the feeling too that house would be torn down. Earth bound Spirits will often claim that spot regardless. If her stuff truly did get scattered...a lot of people may have been visited but had no idea. I hope she can be crossed over and tires of draining others for her existence. Her daughter is just as I saw ambivalent she ties her own hands.....loses her power. Her mom is still in charge! I pray she heals. Healing our childhood wounds is a long road. She deserves her freedom.

  • How can she be persuaded to cross over? I have asked Archangel Michael and even Michael to help her cross over. But she is still here.

    Sil claims that they forgave and worked out stuff while mil was dying. I don't think so. I suppose she has done so much stuff in her life that I wonder if she won't cross over because she dreads punishment? She was catholic and she believes she will go to purgatory. Perhaps the fear is what is partially

    Keeping her here.

  • You are so intuitive! I was raised old school Catholic and it was a very punishment orientated religion......lots of guilt and punishment and yes that scary purgatory thing...uhg! Ironic because earth bound spirits have made their own purgatory! I have never had any luck with healing earth bound spirits. I worked at a school that had a nasty one.....the building was new but on a property the spirit once had a house. I'm careful who I talk to about Spirit stuff and for the first 6 years I kept it to my self......and just tried to deal with it. Finally, I had to say something and turned out the owner was aware of the nasty Spirit. He had a certain area he owned. If I cleared him out he would move to another classroom and the teacher would come in in the morning to find things thrown around. I prayed....saged...used salt....rang bells with prayers. Any teacher who worked in his area had health problems. I was against having children in that room but my boss preferred to ignore that suggestion to only use that classroom for storage. I did drive him ou completely one weekend of treating the whole school. The next day my boss ended up in the emergency room with a headache so severe they hospitalized her thinking she had a stroke or meningitis......they never did find out what happened. Then one day the spirit followed me home! After that I threw out anything that I had in my house from the school. They often got rid of things and I would take home stuff if I had a use for it. I felt the man spirit had lived on that area since the 18 hundreds.......the owner said the same thing. I also once lived in a house full of is now part of the city's ghost walk and it's owned by a psychic who set up a shop there. I was young and had no idea what I was dealing with.....I was so drawn to the house! Anyway, now I believe it's best not to fight with these situations and best to walk away. We literally signed back the was a huge old house. I now know that if you don't recognize or accept your gift you can be blind to attractions from spirits who are pulling at your bright you big bright sunshine! I have lived 30 years next door to a house with an earth bound nasty and have almost moved a few times cos when it's empty the nasty shows up here looking for energy. No one has ever been able to stay there long. The place is always falling apart......people buy it or rent but always end up leaving's been worked on by new investors past eight months over and over....stuff falls apart or fixes go house is Sunday! Anytime young couples move in they start fighting after a month. When he does come here he usually affects my husband. I have to pray to the fairies and visualize them to move him away. It's originally a huge Spanish house....very popular here in Florida. I've gotten to where I just tell folks that house is haunted and don't care if they think I'm nuts. If they ask me I tell them. They sometimes laugh but eventually they leave....and it's always fast. One lady left her belongings and just left and later had movers come get her stuff...she wouldn't come back in the house. Everyone who had small children there the children always ended up sick with breathing issues and pneumonia and were in and out of the hospital. I agree with you about mil not making peace with her daughter.....wishful thinking. I do not think her daughter has dealt with her own's been buried deep....too much guilt to love hate a mother. So far you have been getting very good insights and you are much more connected to Spirit than you realize. Trust your gut and if mil is still there be very proactive about saging and keeping you space clean and happy. She can't manifest or move too much without energy. Keep emotions calm. And stay out of fear. You are in my prayers!

  • Not intuitive, my friend, just raised catholic. I had my own bad experiences with catholicism, nuns and catholic schools. That's why I left at 18. Mormonism has it's issues too, but they answered all my questions when I needed them at that time. The more I study metaphysics, the more I see that religion has its place.

    I'm going to put a tiny windchime in the bedrooms to keep her out. She's skulking around. She's a stubborn heffabelle.

    She's not letting anything stop her from extracting vengeance. I didn't think she would be so stubborn and singleminded. I wonder if her husband can coax her to cross over or her father....maybe Michael can handle that. Hmmmmm......

    You know BlMoon. I don't detest her. She did some rotten things down here to me. And to Logan, by telling Michael that Logan wasn't his child and causing Michael to reject him. I feel sorry for her that she fears the afterlife. I would never want to leave life that way. Perhaps that's part of my forgiving....trying to send her on so she can be at peace.

    Peter is sounding serious. I'm still watchful, but he seems to want to escalate things. Perhaps he can help protect us in some way....


    I hope the day was great for you. We had warm weather!! It felt like spring!!

    Have a blessed peaceful evening.

  • Today was thevthird day that Lauren was in school. She's loving it and everyone just loves her!! I can't wait for Logan to start there.

    The house is quiet, but I don't think she is gone. She's biding her time....Lauren has a really intense temper and I'm sure mil feeds off her. Keeping Lauren in a neutral state of mind is hard work.

    I was in Big Lots today and I saw things that reminded me of my wish to build a fairy garden. I had started one when we lived in an house barely half a mile from where we are now. I still have my fairy, but her wing meeds repair, and a turtle. My gnomes are gone. And so is my fairy house. If I am ever blessed with a home again, That will be my first project after we move in and get settled. I used to leave coins and candy for them. I miss that.

    How have you been? How's your head doing? I can imagine you and I still share some as I call it, " head phenomena. I still get dizzy if I try to stand on step ladders or chairs. I stick to small stools. And otber crazy head issues. I have a hearing in july with disability over the issue of when I developed these medical issues. I don't have money to het everything I need from doctors'offices and hospiyals. And certainly not to pay a lawyer. But I will keep the faith that it was the right thing to do going on disability. I'm almost 60...almost ready to retire.

    I pray that we get back our quality of life in due time. Until take care of yourself!!!

    Violet flame blessings to you!!!

  • I just added another garden area and bought a beautiful angel from lowes. The dollar general has cheap fairy stuff so does big lots and dollar store. I have one garden area I made befor my accident..... in memory of my childhood friend that passed has a stone border made from interlocking edgers from lowes that make a circle and inside is pea grave and interesting bigger stones and garden items she had and I brought back from her garden... all her big stones after she died in 2004. I just bought a new pot and her favorite flowers.....they still look perfect...the blooms have not dropped at all.The new garden area I'm dedicating to two other dear friends that passed. I have my one friends pottery she made I just started adding them. And garden gnomes!..... I so missed gardening ....took almost three years to get slowly back to it! Gardening really heals me. I can't believe that accident stole so much! My head is good right I'm getting stuff done. Once summer sets in its too hot to be building. I often garden late in the evening and sometimes after dark...with the yard lights on. Lowes had these cheap but sturdy LED spotlights for under 15 dollars. I saw a yard with them facing trees and front walls of house and loved the glow illuminating against things rather then at your face. I don't know if it's the big moon but I feel good and energized. But as you know just when you think your getting normal.... symptoms can come back. Shopping usually makes me nauseous and dizzy....I think it's all the head movement and lights. I have to rest the next day after grocery shopping. It takes me so long! Usually the first half hour I get sick and want to leave but if I push through it calms down.My husband offers to help but he makes it worse cos it's hard enough to think and he is like child with his questions and chatter I send him to find something but he never finds it. Last week I had some spins but nothing like I used to.....I'm grateful for at least getting better. I will pray for your disability. I have a son on disability. They almost always deny the first time and expect people to appeal......actually, the older you are the more likely you will be approved. MIL has not come back here....I do not think she has the energy to do much at the moment. Funny you brought up Lauren....earlier today I was thinking of if I felt her happiness and assumed she was having a good time at school. She probably will get over stimulated at first but it's good and she will settle's good excitement. My grandson used to have meltdowns after too much fun when he was at almost 19 he is a very calm man. I hope you recover too.....and I am blessed to have someone who understands to talk to. BLESSINGS!

  • Darn!!! This is the third freaking time I have tried to post only to have it disappear!!! Now I'm seeing spam returning!!! I will try to repost on my computer instead of my phone!! Grrrr!!!

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  • make a copy of of your post so you can keep pasting if it's not just you!

  • I love sre fortunate to be able to keep them. I miss my fairy garden. I know about the dizziness and the insanity of being out. I don't drive very much anymore because of the symptoms. Especially spins.

    Mil is here. She's probably pissing off Alan. She always makes the floors and walls creak. Little noises. My downstairs family room is a wreck. I was down there all day

    Though I cleaned, it's still a wreck. It will never be clean until I get her crap outta here!!!!

    Peter told me that I should stay here with tne kidsif I think it is best. He says he will come here once his retirement is final. I'm still not getting worked up. He has lots of words...I want to see actions.

    But it would be nice to be loved and not alone. I don't do alone well. I can be and have been. But it doesn't mean I have to like it.

    Lauren is a unique personality. She endears herself to many people. But I fear for her safety sometimes. She is a character.

    I agree that being able to talk to someone who understands about head issues is huge. I don't feel so alone. Someone believes me!!!

    I hope your home has been quiet and spirit free.

    I will be praying for us noth.

    That we get things that we want


  • Well

    All's quiet in tne Lord-Barnes household. I couldn't sleep , and I was set and determined to make progress in the rooms where her stuff is. It took me all might, but it looks better...much better than it did yesterday morning. Now I will be able tl finish the job and not be overwhelmed. I can DO this!!

    I hope your home is peaceful too. The head issues have is both on a tizzy, doesn't it?

    I think I'd better get a couple hours sleep before kids get up. Have a marvelous day my friend.


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  • Hi BlMoon! How are you? How's your hubby doing? Prsying for you both!!

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