• I think because he didn't get to rear his own kids, perhaps unconsciously he may see my kids as a new opportunity

    His wife took his kids and moved back to Germany when the kids were 5 and 8. They are both in their 30's now. He saw his son for the first time since he was 8, back in 2008. He still hasn't seen his daughter yet. They both live in Germany. There was so much buried pain when he told me about them. He seems to be a good and compassionate man. He has been alone for a long time. Over fifteen years. This will be quite adjustment for us both, if wechoose this path.

  • I must admit...I have wondered how Michael feels about this.He was always afraid after we separated that I would get involved with someone else. He was protective of the kids in that area. I have assumed he is observing and still protecting the kids even now. Well I am sure he will find a way to let me know.

    We had strong winds and some rain today. Daffodils are beginning to bloom. Spring is finally getting here.

    Sending you violet light and hugs!!

  • Back at you! We did get rain! Michael so wants you to have a partner. He doesn't expect a mister perfect....from where he's looking from he understands all about earthly lessons. Because he didn't do as well as he wanted with second chances he feels he can serve by helping others who are sincerely committed to changing. He knows Peter has guilt issues and regrets and can sabotage his ability to accept love. So he will be watching and helping. What he will not tolerate is you or the kids not being treated right and he will let you know!

  • We got rain as well. It was really windy all day. I took the kids out to a playground after Lauren's biofeedback session. It was nice to be outside.

    When you mentioned earlier the elderly man who can't take care of himself, it brings my dad to mind. He's probably not doing well. Neither is my stepmother. Perhaps I need to make another visit down there. I have faith that the way will be made to help me handle things herevso I can go South. I am still clearing and cleaning my space. Making progress. I asked Michael to take his mother out of here. I'm going to invoke the violet flame at night for us.

    I am needing to sleep.

    Blessings and hugs to you. .

  • We got rain as well. It was really windy all day. I took the kids out to a playground after Lauren's biofeedback session. It was nice to be outside.

    When you mentioned earlier the elderly man who can't take care of himself, it brings my dad to mind. He's probably not doing well. Neither is my stepmother. Perhaps I need to make another visit down there. I have faith that the way will be made to help me handle things herevso I can go South. I am still clearing and cleaning my space. Making progress. I asked Michael to take his mother out of here. I'm going to invoke the violet flame at night for us.

    I am needing to sleep.

    Blessings and hugs to you. .

  • yes! I think you do need to visit them soon as it's possible. Also, didn't want to say anything at first but I had a female spirit visit. She's been here several days and I heard her voice out loud a few times which is not usual. My dog was sleeping on my lap and heard it too and jumped awake so I know it was real. Today she brought mayhem and chaos to my house and I am positive it is your mil. She was not at all happy about the advice I gave you. I am not surprised she came to voice her anger. Don't worry....this is not my first rodeo and I am sending her away. She may try getting her way with you again so be aware yet do not fear or think of her too much. You do have more power than her. Did you hear her voice out loud as well.....but it was fast and hard to understand? Did she play around with your phone? Cause lights to glitch?.......did your house feel like angry energy? Did you feel irritable?

  • Oh my goodness!!! I am really sorry she chose to harass you BlMoon!! She is determined to get her way. That's how she was in life. It's always been about her and what she wants snd who she can control. I will be asking Archangel Michael and Michael to intervene here. She can be vicious when she gets crossed. I learned a few times. I'm sending you violet flame protection immediately!!! She was here today and creating chaos. Tonight when Peter and I were chatting online, my phone kept sending snoopy emojis saying yuck with ugly face. Peter abruptly stopped chatting. He usually says goodnight and I think he may have been offended. I think she is trying to get between us. This isn't the first time stuff like that happened while we were chatting. She has been here making the floors creak. Logan's tss was here to see Logan and we both kept hearing crashing noises but finding nothing. I recited some violet flame decrees and right now the house is silent. Now you see what kind of personality I have been dealing with for years. That is why Michael stayed away from her. She is toxic. I hadn't heard anything but I keep feeling shoves and glancing touches and blows. I'm not afraid, but it's going to take a lot to get rid of her. I think she has taken on Alan to drive him out too.

    I'm starting violet flame decrees for us all. Kids included.

    Sorry BlMoon.

  • Also I have noticed that as we medsage back and forth. It takes hours or even the next day before your messages appear on the site for me to see. She mightbe doing that as well....

  • OH MY! I started to warn you that she would interfere with you and Peter but then left the warning out because didn't want to overwhelm you! I was thinking more in the future. She has to go! She's not here right now. She also, was doing a weird tapping a hard fingernail against the wall. Or noises like something fell....not loud....I kept that rain? I had that waking me up for a few days in my room......but felt no threat and fell back asleep. The sad part is that she has to be really sucking the life out of someone to get that kind of energy! Yesterday when she was full blown in my house and I knew who she husband was home and didn't go to work because he said he couldn't sleep all night. We got in an ugly argument! I was aware the energy was not me and had to retreat to my room for some meditation and prayers and to get my energy realigned. Then I started cleaning with happy thoughts, listening to music and commanded her to leave. My living room looked dark which is a sign of negative presence. When you sense your space seems darker despite no change in lighting it is a silent warning. I had curtains open and put on all the lights in house. I took breaks to meditate with the fairies and visualize them clearing all negativity from my property. I love the fairies....they are powerful happy protectors of space! I see them holding hands and dancing the perimeter of my property...singing with joy. Don't feel bad about this. It comes with the gift and despite her little temper tantrum all she does is wear herself out. Avoid getting aggravated by anything. At first I was getting aggravated by my phone acting goofy ....once I knew it was her I realized she was feeding off of my emotions. That's the thing is once a spirit is outed you have power to command them out and you see through unwanted chaos or angry energy they try to bring. So she had her day of tantrum here but she revealed herself and used all she had in energy. I'm going to sage today and continue cleaning and won't be feeding her. I think I will make a salt water spray and do my husband's floors and my grandson....he's been complaining of tiredness. I am going to call on all guides Angels and envision them taking her to the light. This is good practice for both of's easy to get complacent. I am very protected....she has little chance of visiting here long.BLESSINGS!

  • I will be doing the same!! Kristen and I chatted today.....

    I did violet flame decrees until I finally fell asleep. Logan got off the school bus looking drained and exhausted. I think she is draining him. Right Now she is here making floors and walls creak. I stopped and put a couple of violet flame decrees into the universe. I also placed violet tubes of light around us all. Me, my children, you, Peter and Zachary and even my family. I also spread violet fire in the house. Last but not least. I called on Archangel Michael to remove her from the house and to cut any cords binding her to us.

    I will play music while I clean. The kids are watching movies and laughing. Im going to finish up this clearing and cleaning. I'd like to tell you other things but I don't want to post on here.

    The noises have nearly ceased, but she is still here. I'm debating about bringing my kids in to sleep with me for a while. Now I have to patch up with Peter. She is something else. I will be glad to be rid of her!!!

    Blessings to you BlMoon.

  • I saged my house. I hope mil s daughter has released you from keeping her things. If it was me I would put it all in the trash and let her follow it to the dump where she's less likely to gather human energy. I'm sure a lot of her hoard is still around somewhere......she wasn't with you after she died so something or someone moved her along. Alan is there but he likes to be left alone and he mostly wanted you to know she was there and he did not like her stuff around and her making herself at home. He feels all that is there is by his permission and he has accepted your family. He is fine with being quiet and has no desire to harm or pull your energy. He is not earth bound but still has an attachment to his house and solitude...actually...he has a lot of autistic traits but he was at the higher functioning level. It's his choice to be there and he may have agreed for his souls growth to be of service in some way. Positive Spirits do not manifest movements and objects by stealing energy. It's wrong!

  • I think you already know how that convo went. I sense some issues still there between them not resolved. She only wants some of the things....

    I am getting holy water from the catholic church tomorrow. And sage.

    Peter and I talked. He's acting as if nothing happened last night. He was talkative. And he told me he loves me. However, loving and being In Love are different things. He wants to come here in three weeks. I want her gone before then!!! I don't want her to mess with him. This week he wants to spend with me and the kids is , I feel, part of his trying to determine where this is going with us. He did ask me to bring the kids to the airport when I pick him up. He seems to be a private person with a few close friends and his family. He's been alone and likes it. Since he pursued me, I wonder why he wants me so much.

    Perhaps Alan ( if tnat is his real name) is here to help Logan. Perhaps I can ask him to help Logan out of his shell enough to function more on his own. I sense more in Logan than he is willing to manifest. He chooses to stay inside and mostly nonresponsive by choice. He comes out with Lauren and loves to recite movie dialogue and sing and sometimes dance. He's still totally dependent on me and chooses not to do much like bathe himself , dress himself or anything that requires independence. I'm concerned because he's 12 now. He has to be able to do some things by himself. I asked Michael to help him. You know that I believe now that Michael was autistic too. Kind of like Alan. I finally put the pieces together after he died. Michael was higher functioning but preferred solitude. I used to wonder why and how he managed to woo me, unless of course it was our destiny to be together. I'm going to say more violet flame decrees for us all to keep her at bay.

    Thank you BlMoon. You are the best!!!

    Love and violet healing to you!

  • MIL is not here. She did make a real quick visit late last night......the sound of papers falling in my room but nothing there. I picked up negative thoughts but nothing stuck and I knew she would leave because her energy was wasted here. You and I are so in tune.....I had meant to go back and post that maybe you should ask your church leader for Holy Water.! I feel energies bigger than mine are watching over you.....all you needed was a chance to get your energy back out from under her so you could hear the help advice from your own source. She needs emotional energy outbursts, worry, fear and sadness to keep sucking up energy. In that sense she would like to get some worry and agitation going. This is your life though and Peter needs to experience your truth. I do know how how that phone call went.....which is why I am encouraging you get a tough protective side going and not let her dump her responsibility on you. Her mother issues are hers. You have your own parent issues ......would you dare burden others with that? Unfortunately, the more responsible of a person you are means that the downside is you will attract irresponsible folks who dump on others. The daughter has a love hate relationship still and still fears decision making. She has been manipulated most her life and sadly she doesn't realize how easily she can find herself emulating mils behaviors! It's all she knows. MIL used guilt and fear and bullying to get her way. The daughter needs to let go and get rid of those things....they really do not mean anything to her or she'd have taken them. There are no happy memories in those things. She'd be better off throwing it all away and then treat herself to something beautiful to make her feel good. And it would send a message to the universe that her happiness is her choice. My house is full of things I have had for decades.....but each item was a loving gesture. A loving gift that I display and treat with loving care. The energy is LOVE. Hoarders do not care and love for anything.....their items just represent their illness and something serving them to unleash buried pain and anger.. Throw out her stuff and mail whatever the daughter wants. You would be doing her a favor to dump it all! Take care of yourself! BLESSINGS!

  • ps...Agree about the autism. I didn't realize that about my mate until after working with Autistic children who are on a high enough end to attend school with a little help. Many mental illnesses overlap. I think you are right about Michael.....and you seem to be attracted to that in men. They do need a big grounding care taking patient force to anchor them. That's why you need a strong objective head to make sure you are not taking on another person to care for! You will know, expect the positive........but if it's not what you hoped do not let him tug at your heartstrings! BIG HEARTED YOU!

  • Doggone it!! I posted four times!! It keeps disappearing!! Guess I will have to post it again!!!

  • You were right about me. I'm a rescuer...always been. My husband Vail and I were always rescuing ungrateful people. We always said we'd never do it again...but do it we did. Ironic because we were rescued and matched up by his mother. His life is not the best. But he says his circumstances changed him.

    You are totally right about sil. Lots of guilt and regrets. And definitely anger. I am grateful that mymother didn't have mil issues. But my grandmotherwas a negative and controlling person too.

    Peter does need to see what my life is like. He is supposed to come in three weeks and stay just over a week. Hopefully I will have driven mil out of here. I certainly don't want to have her get her hooks into him. He does have some romantic ideals. We both do, so let's see how that works out.

    I was once told by a palm reader when I was really young that I wouldn't find my true love until late in life. I was separated from my first husband Kenneth at the time and I shrugged it off. Perhaps she was right. I'm not feeling Peter ss needy. More lonely. I think he may be the one rescuing this time. He feels different from Zachary, whom we discussed on our old thread a couple years ago. He's still in the periphery, hoping I change my mind about him. I still don't feel he's a yes.

    I have to admit that though I have been conscious of mil and Alan on a lesser scale, I've been seeking to be aware of my guides and protectors. I don't feel them or see them, but I know they must be around. I've failed to communicate with them. I wish I could.

    Ihope you are having a really nice Florida day. Have a blessed day.

  • I noticed a lot of my posts sit awhile but I honestly do not blame spirits but think it's coming from Tarot. A human is responsible mostly. Spirits do interfere occasionally but right now we are are seeing the ongoing decline of the Tarot community blog at the hands of Tarot. I used the name Alan assuming he would object if he didn't approve. He didn't say a thing so you probably hear more than you realize! A connection to spirits isn't just a conscious hearing but a KNOWING.You apparently did get a connection to get the name Alan. And not knowing your mil was there is normal. At first I didn't know it was her over here either. I knew someone was here but as a medium I know Spirits are everywhere and to stay detached I do not immediately think about them or react.. That would be too stressful and Spirits who are manifesting movement and mayhem are hoping for fear or emotions to feed off of. They want to create chaos yet they know if know who they are you have an advantage. MIL did cause some negative energy but it didn't last long because for her to make herself bigger meant I got who she own protection team has my back. You do not need to feel closer....they are can thank them in your prayers. They whisper thoughts to help you. You did contact me to help. You did actively do helpful did remain as calm as you are listening. Most people totally freak out when presented with the activity you have. Zachary is definitely a NO. I believe Spirit was clear on that one. He loves the chase. That's it. Your guides can be many ........just like human kindly strangers. We each have several consistent ones and we have strangers just being helpful....some have had our same problems in their earth life and enjoy helping. Our passed over loved ones as well watch over us. Trust your intuition as often if it is a loved will suddenly think of them.......maybe as a butterfly dances around you. It's often very gentle soft and silent. I'm going to sage everyday for now as this plays out. MIL wasn't always with you so there is somewhere else she goes.And you are right about Peter.....he needs to accept your spiritual experiences in a way you are comfortable with. BLESSINGS!

  • I think she probably hangs around Kristen. Perhaps she's attached to her house. I haven't been there since I went with Kristen last year. Thieves had started gutting it. I can only imagine the eyesore it is now...

    I kept hetting the impression some time ago that I should talk to you. I fought it because I was grateful that you helped me through Michael's death and the aftermath. Knowing Michael was okay and doing good where he is was a comfort that made the pain of his death easier to bear. I didn't want to rope you into more of tne drama that seems to want to stick to me like glue. I get that I seem to attract entities. I did as a child but learned to block them out. I had premonitions as well. I do think sometimes of my moms sister, my Aunt Mary Beth (Betty). I knew she was watching over me and my siblings. She liked my first hubby and also my second husband Vail. She appeared to us simultaneously in a shared dream, and that's what made Vail believe in manifesting spirits. I believe Vails paternal grandmother guards us too. Grandma Billie and I were really close before she died. I miss her sometimes still. I am sure there are other people. I am grateful.

    Well. Lauren is back in school. I got an email thursday stating that there was finally an opening for her. I spent all day friday getting her enrolled. She starts monday. She needs school so it is best. I can get more work done with cleaning and clearing now that she will be in school.

    I think mil is here. She's trying to be quiet, but some papers fell and hangers fell too. She can't resist it. I'm going to sage this whole house on monday and spread salt around the doors. We'll get rid of her!!!

    Thank you BlMoon!! I value you as a friend and appreciate your help through all this.

    You have a wonderful day. I'm sending you violet flame for protection!!

    Great blessings to you and yours!!!

  • you answered my question.......where has mil been before stalking you. I assumed her house was cleaned out and sold by now! It had to of made her very angry to watch people invade her place and take her stuff. She came to you angry for not looking after her hoard . If she does not cross over no one will be able to live in her old place without being disturbed by her.

  • I think that house will have to be torn down. The house was in such bad shspe when we went there last year. Don't think itcsn be fixed up either. Sil didn't make quick enough decisions and people took advantage. Chasing me was silly. I had no authority to handle any of her possessions. Only her daughter could make decisions or take action to clear her stuff. Smh

    It took a long time before I saw your post. Tarot is trally dropping tje ball.

    Its a beautiful day. I hope your day was fantastic!


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