• You are right. I am still dealing with tbe brain injury. August will be five years. I was playing ring around the rosey with Logan and almost passed out from tne dizziness! I'm still dealing with migraines and some of the same issuesyou are. It is depressing to me. And it's affecting everything.That's why I am putting Lauren back in school. Not at Gateway high school, but a charter school for Autistic kids. I'm finding t difficult to deal with teaching her with her moods and behaviors. She's done well and has learned a lot, but we don't need to make learning a battle for her. Better to teach on weekends and holidays.

    I actually am considering going home. But I may end up in Florida if Peter and I get official. I am about ready to get out of here.

    I am sad to hear that you are still having head issues, but not surprised. It seems after we pass our 40's these things are harder to get past. I so prayed that you would be one of the lucky ones to recover completely. I get those head zaps too. I don't drive like I used to because of those issues. I don't sleep much and not restfully. The magnesium is a great idea. I'm on that too. The chiropractor who has been helping me and the kids is a marvel!! He's a really kind, loving person. He has really helped us a lot. Wow!!! Has it really been three years already?? I guess it is true...Michael will be gone four years in October. The lawsuit got a small trust. That's whom I am dealingwith about handling kid's care. Not a good situation at all. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to do all this by myself!!!

    Anyway I commanded her to go away and leave us alone. When I went into my laundry room, a hanger dropped down on my head. Guess that was her response. Smh

    I am making progress clearing my space. It will get done

    Anyway. I hope you are having a good evening.

    Many great blessings!!

  • Your new post jumped ahead of mine!!!

  • Lol! It tried to post and didn't. I got it the second time!

  • I took the candles out lf the window in the kids room. One candle was for their dad the other for her. They're put away. Lauren wanted a nightlight that projects Frozen characters on the wall. It looks a bit bright to me. I guess moving won't solve my problem with mil, will it...

  • I always sleep with a night light! When I was a child Spirits would bother me in the dark......I hardly ever slept and couldn't tell my parents something like that! Night lights are good. I leave a small light on in my other rooms as well. I love pretty lamps and my home always has a few on night and day. I don't think you are strong enough to move right now. Moving is stressful and it takes even healthy folks awhile to unpack. Your mil will just follow you and take advantage of you. Also if you do not get strong she can lead you to another active place. Get strong first so you can get in a good place to make a decision. Major decisions are best made when you are in power. You do have protection and are looked after so you can do this. You just need to not make your space hospitable for her. Pray to Saint Michael everyday for strength and protection and do the remedies to keep your space not so inviting to your mil. Give yourself more outside breaks to replenish yourself. Sit in nature......or play music. Music is important for your well being. People like your mil.....who spent their lives more attached to things rather than loving relationships have a hard time giving that up. They fight love in life and since God is love they can become earth bound and resist letting go. The spirit already attached to the house was a loner but actually was orderly about his things....controlling....and a hermit. He just wants to be left alone. Your mil wants things her way. Remember how she insisted on calling you so much? That hasn't changed.....she wants attention and she wants you to listen to her. Her touching you and moving things takes energy. Spirits like that feed off of strong emotions and irritations. They feed off of dark cluttered places. Positive energy and places with love energy make them weaker.

  • Last night was quiet. I think she either decided to be quiet for once, or she was actually not here!! No creaking boards or walls, and no one touched me! I slept and I believe Logan did too. I'm still tired but I'm feeling better today. I took the candles away from the kids' room, and I took two lamps of hers out of my bedroom and took them to the basement. I talked to the spirit attached here. I thanked him for allowing us to live here, and asked him to continue to accept us here. I told him that he could do worse than us. Iysuspect he was a military man, which would account for his desire for organization and neatness...probably a Navy guy. I told him that Peter is a similar personality, quiet, a stickler for neatness and orderliness. He's a loner too, which makes me wonder why he, after so many years of being alone, wants to be with me and my children. That's a big change along with retirement. I keep thinking our spirit here is named Alan. I asked him to be nice and hospitable when Peter comes to visit. I'm going to keep clearing my space...between breaks to regain energy.

    Thank you, BlMoon. You are much appreciated for your help, and what a great person you are.

    Love and light be with you.

  • GOOD FOR YOU!! She knows you have the power and she has been outed. Keep up the good work of owning your space.......and pour salt along the threshold of the door to the basement. YOU are a good person!

  • ps...I think you are very intuitive about the male spirit! I agree with the vibe.

  • When we first moved in here Alan wasn't happy. He did things to upset us and he made Logan afraid to sleep in the room by himself. I cleaned the walls and blessed and used olive oil and he seemed to calm down. He seems to stay on the periphery and not do too much manifesting. But he bothered Logan, probably because Logan can see him. Logan won't cry or scream , he just sits up in bed and watches. But there have been some occasions in the last year that he didn't sleep and I would be up too. I had to keep him home from school then. It was probably her bothering him. She was always a night person...up all night making noiise and whatever she could to keep you awake. I will sprinkle salt now while she is not here. I think I will bless the olive oil and do each room again. I'm going to take your suggestion of placing all hers and dad's stuff in bins with salt. Kristen is a tarot card reader in New Orleans, and I am thinking she must know her mother is earthbound. However, since she bailed out of Pgh well over a decade ago, that's how mil got hooks into me. That reminds me!!! I had better ask AA Michael to cut any cords that keep me and these children linked to her. Have you ever heard of using essential oils inside the home? I have a diffuser and I use lemon oil, frankincense, oregano and melaleuca in it. Perhaps I could get sage and basil to use in it.

    Anyway, back to clearing my space.

    Have a blessed day!

  • I have used oils for health remedies. I bought a mix that when used lower blood pressure. My favorite is lavender oil! It's very calming. Your mil would prefer the energy of a basement! But of course she wants her stuff with her. I wondered about kristin.....I got a feeling of ambivalence with her......part of her wanted things of her mothers yet a part of her knew what she may be inviting in. Spiritual as she is she should know not to put that burden on you. As for the man in the house he probably was disturbed at first by Logan's illness when he loses control over himself but as he got used to him he found they had a lot in common .....being introverted and more inside themselves. He has compassion for him. He has also, enjoyed being the man of the house.

  • I can imagine Alan has enjoyed neing man of the house. I'm glad he has learned to care about Logan. I do wonder who Logan is talking to or who's talking to him. Sometimes he goes upstairs to be alone but he is talking.

    Yes, you read the ambivalence right spot on. She is on me mode. Thats how I got roped into dealing with mil.

    But tonight is quiet again. I am awake and hate to sleep. I'm enjoying the solitude and peacefulness. I have a portrait of Michael in tbe kids' room. I talked to it and asked Michael to escort his mother out of here. Perhaps he did. I gather he is here occasionally. The kids ask in their daily bedtime prayers for daddy to come down from heaven with angels to protect them while they sleep.

    I like lavendar oil too. Perhaps I should use it up here at night with the diffuser and see if it helps Logan to sleep better.

    Well. Guess I will get some sleep.

    Have a Blessed day BlMoon!!

  • Hi BlMoon.

    I hope you have had a great weekend. I wanted quiet but with kids. Not likely.

    House is relatively peaceful. But I suspect she is still here, but laying low. I'm still clearing my space. I get tired a lot and sometimes don't know where to start. Slow work but getting there. Putting her stuff in bins with salt. Boxes get salt put in and sealed with tape. Getting there.

    Hope you are well. I'm looking seriously at Florida or Texas to move. Not now but future soon.

    Blessings to you!!

  • I was just thinking of you last night! Was wondering if lim came back for another rally. They do that at times........wait for you to enjoy the peace and get energy back then they slowly start quietly pulling your energy so they can manifest mayhem again. Stay out fear tho...... just keep up with sageing and joyfulness and own your space.You really need to get with her daughter and face the confrontation of not being responsible for holding her stuff. It really needs to go in the trash or she needs to deal with it. You are too nice. Not a bad thing if you realize Some people are not going to deserve it. Protect yourself.. I love shopping thrift shops and sometimes come across something really nice from a distance but get close and pull back cos it has icky energy attached to it. You can't ignore those warnings. If she does start invading your space and energy again you tell your x mil to back off or you will throw all her stuff to the curb. And if she throws a tantrum you threaten to burn it all...and mean it! I have had your mother on my mind..... the one in Florida? I feel as if you have unfinished business there? I also keep seeing an elderly man. He sits a lot doing nothing and is slow and grumbles a lot. Detached from life. If he is responsible for taking care of himself or others he needs to be checked on because he is not capable right now. Also, going back to your mil.......the first signs of leaking energy is not a tired feeling but actually at first when they connect to you you will feel charged up in an odd way like chaos taking over your thoughts.....trouble sleeping....THEN comes the exhaustion. Since you and Logan are sensitives this is good practice because you will ALWAYS have people and spirits attracted to your bright light. You need a strong manly side to your energy to protect that big heart.. Don't dwell on it but keep that reality part of your everyday habits. You can tell mil 's daughter ....with no apology that you are too sensitive to keep that do not need to explain. Practice being firm with no offer of negotiating. Otherwise irresponsible BUT CHARMING people will forever talk you into things you know are not good. BLESSINGS!

  • My dad lives in Florida with my stepmother. He has been ill a lot. However right now I am more concerned with my mother in Louisiana, as she is undergoing treatment I felt she may not have needed for I have to admit that I am really struggling with going back south. But I have a developing issue with the people handling the kids' trusts. The administrator has shown herself to me and it's not good. Grrrr!! I feel the pull to go home, for my family situations and to see where this potential relationship with Peter could go. I'm wondering how to deal with these trust folks.

    I've been mulling over going to FL or TX. Def not MS. Perhaps LA temporarily.

    We shall see.

    Going to talk to Kristen soon. I think she knows but doesn't want to deal with her mother in death any more than she did in life.

    You have a really blessed day!!

  • That explains the unfinished business! The administrator will adjust to how much she feels you are involved. Be in her face and let her feel watched.....and consider a lawyer consultation. Will Peter step up for you and help?

  • I think he might, if he is serious about me as he says. He likes the kids too. He says he envisions us together. What does Spirit think?

    The trust administrator outright accused me of trying to get thr kids' money. She denied the medical bills that I was told beforehand would be covered. She was rude and unprofessional. I am going to consult a lawyer.

  • Are you getting pounded with all that rain that hit. MS and LA this morning?

  • I wish! No rain in Florida!! We are having a drought and an extra heavy oak bloom. Everyone with allergies are suffering. I actually started praying for rain! As for Peter I get that you need to test him for awhile without too much commitment. He should not lead too heavy with influence with your decisions right now. If he follows YOU then you will get a better sense of how well as a couple you two will work together. You could use a partner but it needs to be an equal relationship. Liking your kids is a start but few people would really get all their needs. He needs to be a very optimistic and patient man who doesn't over react. You need a grounding force. No way can he be needy. You have a history of needy people latching on to you. I know it would be nice if Spirit just said yes....he's for you but you know this is part of your journey to grow. Accept his help but it has to be with no strings do not want to start being too nice because you feel you owe him. You have decisions to make about your kids and your mother and he needs to support whatever your intuition tells you. He needs to be grounded but open to your spiritual side that often has no logic but faith in your Spiritual connection. If you do make plans to live together and suddenly he starts suggesting ideas that your gut says no to you need to not be passive. You have a big heart and like keeping peace....that's your gift. But you need to be tough early rather than later and not feel more sorry for someone else before yourself when it comes to your own needs. Ask him what he envisions your life would be like? BLESSINGS!

  • Peter says that he wishes we had married right out of high school and that we should have been together all our lives. We grew up together in the same town and we had similar childhoods. Both our fathers were military folks stationed in Germany. Peter and I learned german before we learned english. We were not popular people, but because he is a Creole who has blue eyes and blond hair, he was not easily accepted by blacks nor whites. We had quiet crushes on each other in high school. But neither acted on them. We connected on facebook a year ago and when we met a few months later, we found ourselves attracted again, but not just due to high school anymore.

    He envisions us as a happy, loving couple whose new love and appreciation of each other comes with age and wisdom as well as love. I am optimistic, but still exercising caution. I agree that I should watch and observe. Sometimes his actions don't always match his words. And he has plenty of words..

    Anyway, BlMoon, I hope you are doing well. I'm sorry to hear that Fl is having too much heat and not enough rain. I hope that gets better.

    Blessings to you.

  • It's thundering! But just a few sprinkles........a teaser. Peter has a lovely vision ; ).All romantic love begins like that but the real test is what LIFE throws at you. That's funny...."he has plenty of words" reminded me of your Michael. My man has either plenty of words when he's sparky....or no words when he wears his spark out. I believe you two do have a strong attraction but the bottom line is... is it strong enough to weather the reality of your life?. You have a good attitude when choosing your blessings but there has been nothing easy about your life. Love does not fix all were devoted to Michael and loved him deeply but it was never enough to change his reality. I think Michael will be watching. You do deserve a loving partner....who gives as much as you. I think at the least trying out a relationship with him you can practice getting your needs fairly met and not falling into an old pattern of being the giver. I think you will decide if he's the one by how he weathers the up and downs of your children. On the one hand he may be very compassionate and patient with Logan and Lauren considering his own childhood struggles. But it could also just bring up past pain that hasn't healed yet. I do not get any warnings that say no don't do this. The only warning I get is for caution with your you have room to decide before your heart gets too involved because once you truly love someone you can be selfless with your devotion! My heart is like that too! BLESSINGS!

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