• @blmoon
    Going to fight for my dreams. Lauren had a temper for today, so I left her at home with my mom and went to church with Logan.
    Set up a game plan to achieve my dreams.
    How's your weather? Really hot here!!!
    I'm wishing for snow!!!

  • @sunshine7959
    it is too hot and so a lot of nothing going on. I'm glad you had Logan one on one today. I still get a negative male annoying him. You said your friend is not around. So now wondering who else is close to him enough to annoy him. The area you are in is very active spirit wise but this feels like a bully energy. If it is a spirit it may be trying to latch on. The home you are in does have too much chaos energy and would invite a bully. I would think if it were from outside it would show up in others as well. A general meanness. It would make people snappy at each other or in the best of folks they would feel restless. As for the loan, that is not unusual, hang in there and keep trying. Dreams are real! We bought 3 houses with no credit and no money in our life! Hard to plan that! God really does often have something you can't even figure on because it is not likely. Stay out of desperation and let dreams happen.Do more protection rituals until you get away from the house you are in. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Is it possible that the male annoying Logan is someone from his school, or possibly my great-nephew? He shares a room with him. The boy is constantly on his cellphone even in bed at night. He's listening to stuff that I think is totally inappropriate for a child of 12. The music and the other videos have a lot of screaming and loudness, and he spends hours talking to friends. Logan doesn't sleep well, and I feel like that plus the nocturnal visitors could be the problem. There is a lot of negative energy in the house, and I think it affects Lauren as well.
    I need to get out soon. I asked Michael to help me out with my house deal,because we need out of this house. I'm planning to walk into the office and discuss with the mortgage broker why I want this mortgage.
    My friend and I haven't seen each other in a month or so. Not unusual, as he is in Mississippi and we are in Louisiana. Long distance relationship. I'll have to try and gauge Logan's body language next time he's around. He wants to come to NOLA to see us next week. Take kids to the zoo, Chuckie cheese and minigolf.
    It's really hot here. And the ants and mosquitoes are eating me up. 😒😒😒
    Apparently, I don't get notification when you write me until hours later. I was texting p earlier, and peekedo to the forum. I just found your message. This forum though.......😒😒
    Too bad we can't communicate beyond this site. It's not the same.
    Going to bed. Getting up early for getting kids to school.

  • @sunshine7959
    Now that you pointed it out I got a feel for that room shared and yes, that would be a problem for Logan. He is challenged enough to keep his OWN chaos chilled. Even a normal person without sensitive needs would be very irritated in that situation. Be kind to yourself, it's no one's fault just is what it is. Having raised 4 sons and a grandson the teen years are very loud and energetic and emotional. It fills the house. My garden was always my haven of escape. I wish we could trade e-mail as well but don't dare here. I did once give an alternate e-mail and corresponded to someone for a log time but back then we had administration immediately delete e-mails and there really was someone watching over us but that is no longer the case. Are you on Facebook? Maybe I can get psychic with that?!!! We are lucky to have this connection but it is not the same and most of our regulars have wandered off. Many others complain as well about notification issues. I'm lucky to have psychic help and get a feeling when I get a post. I figured out some of the quirks as well. I think you are feeling the same restlessness as I am. All this to do list yet moving in this heat is like dragging lead feet. I think we both need a gift of PATIENCE! I miss my garden time! My man has too many moods in my house! He is either in bed or too hyper. He watches too much old TV shows in his room and like you I am too sensitive for constant TV noise! And those old shows to me drag me back into the past when I'm facing forward. It really is a great effort for us sensitives to create our sacred space. We do not share all but I want you to know I do get MORE of the burden you carry everyday . You are never alone Sunshine! Let's both chill and receive. We are loved! Logan will be fine. This too shall pass. HUGS

  • @blmoon
    I am on FB. I'm on Instagram too. I do feel the forum isn't the same. I don't post as I used to before. Changes make me Leary, plus the spammers gave me pause.
    I went to the brokerage office today to see about my mortgage. I think it went ok. I will have to keep being persistent. We'll see how it goes.
    We both have burdens to carry, and bring sensitive brings it's own issues. I can only imagine how much of an albatross this is for Logan, he can't speak enough to tell me his feelings and problems. I'm so weary of dealing with that creeper. Logan is so tired on the morning. Maybe I'll move him ty room and see if it

  • @blmoon pg 2
    See if it helps.
    I empathize with you. You have a lot with your husband and other issues. I'm missing Michael because I bet he would have come up with a Down payment for the house. The kids miss him more as they get older. He had his issues here, but at the end, he was diligent in helping out with the kids.
    I am struggling with patience. I shouldn't be, but I think it's because I have been in difficulties for a while, and I just want to get out of the quagmire. I'll get there. We both will. You and I. I'm donating plasma, so I need to get off my phone. Hit me up on FB. Michael will tell you when you find me...:-)
    Hugs to you...

  • @sunshine7959
    Do you ever go to the tarot facebook page and hit like or love or make a comment?

  • @sunshine7959 don't need to give me a hint just click like on a recent tarot facebook post. I will know which one is you.

  • @blmoon no but I think I will.

  • @blmoon
    I checked out the Tarot FB page. I'm sure you'll easily find me.
    Hope you're okay. I've been keeping myself busy. My kids have both had trouble at school. SMH.
    Looking forward to talking to you soon.

  • @sunshine7959
    Hello Sunshine,
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking at a really Happy New Hear 2020.
    I wanted to ask you if you are in touch with Blmoon in any way. She hasn't been around for a long time and I would like some news. On the other hand, you are not around either so you might not see this...
    Best wishes
    Radiant Sun

  • @radiantsun
    I haven't heard anything from her either. I'm frankly worried. I'm praying she is okay. I've been sending me talk messages to her. She usually checks in when I do, but not this time. I was wondering if you'd been in contact with her, guess I have my answer. Perhaps if we both send her messages she'll pop in.

  • @radiantsun I usually check in but don't post anything.

  • @Radiantsun
    Hi Radiantsun,
    I hope you are doing well. I've been busy with Mardi Gras and activities with my children.
    I wonder if you have heard from BlMoon. I haven't found a way to be in touch with her. I'm worried and hoping she's okay.
    Please let me know if you've heard from her.
    Thanks a lot. Sending you warm hugs and good vibes.

  • @sunshine7959
    Missed you!

  • @Radiantsun
    Are you there?!

  • @Blmoon
    Missed you too!!! I have been SO worried about you!!! Are you okay!!!
    Tell me what's been going on!!

  • @sunshine7959
    I could not get on here! Or their facebook page. I could only get a limited view. I'm fine. I thought of you passing through Louisiana going to Texas for the holidays. My Texas son is here on a surprise visit. What a treat. A funny story about my drive home after Christmas. I missed a highway split outside New Orleans so got off to turn around but there was an event at the stadium. Kept getting lost and our GPS stopped working. I decide to turn onto a quiet street and park to figure it out and their was one of those old cemeteries! Right in the middle of downtown. It was quiet alright! Had to say out loud NO HITCHHIKERS!

  • @Blmoon
    Hahaha!!. Of all places, a cemetery? Next time you're comung through, let me know, let's have dinner, breakfast, a trip to the arboretum, etc. That would be nice to see you.
    Please protect yourself and be safe from the coronavirus going around. My kids are out of school for a month. With my greatnephew and grandson added to the mix, it's going to be a long month.
    Still looking for a house. My patience has run thin.
    Mardi gras was nice, except for the fatalities. That was frightening, especially seeing so many drunk and disoriented people staggering around. It was fortunate that there weren't more fatalities. I'm sure there will be some changes next year.
    I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you.
    Have a really blessed day.

  • @Blmoon
    Today, New Orleans was put on a strongly worded "Stay AT HOME" mandate by the mayor and the governor. People, mostly younger people, are not avoiding close contact. They are not keeping social distances. They're having barbecues, parties, taking kids to the park. Shopping at the malls, etc...we are up to 537cases in Louisiana, and nearly 350 cases just New Orleans. This is crazy. I'm not panicking about it, I just want my children and me. As their only parent, to be safe.
    Take care of yourself and your family.
    Have a really great day!

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