• Hi BlMoon!

    Been thinking of you and hoping you are well.

    Doing good here. Kids in school. I'm working on music, but need more work.

    Let me know how you are doing and if you are all right.


  • Sunshine popping in to say hello to everyone!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  • HI BlMoon,

    I have been wondering how you have been since the hurricane plowed through there, and I was happy to see you posted on Radiant Sun's thread. At least I know you are ok, and that is a relief.

    Kids are doing well in school. I visit frequently, and am able to do so, unlike when the kids were at Gateway Schools. Their teachers seem to be very good and caring people, but do not take nonsense from my kids, which is good. I"m not going to slack on my vigilance, but I am not as paranoid as I was while they were at Gateway.

    I'm still struggling with my issues and changing a lot of things in my life. I'm still working on releasing my anger, forgiveness and changing my mental mindset. I have been experimenting with a few things like subliminals, using my mind to manifest desired changes. I'm going to get it right eventually. Sometimes I can still feel that Michael is around. Practicing my music is still somewhat discouraging, but I am trying to get more diligent with it.

    Soo, tell me how you are doing, and if you have recovered from the storm. How has your head doing? I've wondered about that to.

    I haven't been popping in here as much as I'd like, just dealing with other things.

    Please let me know how you have been, I think about you a lot.

    HAve a great day.



  • Sunshine popping in to add some of the much needed sunshine and brightness to an otherwise dismal place!! Bad spirits begone and leave this place!!!

  • Hi BlMoon.

    It's not too friendly in here lately. I get it.

    Anyway, just letting you know that w and tamlyn are at g's house for mail. Com is the last place on the line. That's if you feel inclined to touch base. I have a lot of work to do. It's a lot, but I'm looking ahead and seeing progress.

    I hope you are doing better and are busily getting ready for Christmas. I'm working on a smaller scale this year with Christmas. It's crazy!!

    Anyway. Thinking of you. Have a great week!!!

    Much love and Blessings to you and yours!!!



  • Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  • Hi from Sunshine!!!

    Popping in to say hello!!! Looks as if not too many are here anymore. Sad to see. Sunshine is spreading love and sunshine!!

    Love, kisses and hugs!!!


  • HAPPY VALENTINES! Be sweet to yourself. Hope all is well with you and your peeps. I thought of you Sunday. There was an ad for fairy garden items at Big Lots. They set up a whole little village in a red wagon. It was very sweet. I loved the idea.....a mobile fairy town! How's your health? I'm down 25lbs since October! Finally got my energy back after that nasty flu around Christmas. Good to hear from you! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BlMoon!!

    Glad you are getting over the flu. I have been fighting flu since New Years. Still dealing with the chest cold and head business. I've worked hard to keeo kids from getting it. So far, so good. Logan has really grown. Both kids are great.

    Going to put a candle in my fairy garden tomorrow, and some mushrooms. The weather has been brutal!!! I about ready to bail out of here. Being ill and a really cold downstairs has hindered my music practicing.

    I hope you are doing well. Hows your head? Glad to know you're back on the forum. I've missed you. Sending you love, hugs and violet rays of healing.


  • Hi BlMoon. Hoping all is well with you right now. I haven't been here much. Doing a lot of work on myself. Been thinking about you, wanted to say hi.
    This new format will take a lot of getting used to, but if it makes the spammers go away, it's good. I will wait and see. The kids are growing up so fast. I'm sure Michael is proud of them. We still can't get rid of winter. Snowing all day today and cold. It's going to have to skedaddle soon.
    How's your family?? Most importantly, how are you?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Hugs and Blessings to you!!

  • @sunshine7959
    I think I found you! Maybe I'm psychic...haha! Finally figured out that the list of categories on the header are a bit misleading and you need to click on Categories to see the full list. Seems harder to get to a quick selection of recent postings and did find you by clicking on your name. I was wondering if you were still in winter wonderland! Amazing reading the news about snow storms this late in the year. Although, it's so nice gardening and doing yard projects in Florida right now. We have had beautiful breezy weather from northern snowy storms. Since recovering more from the brain thing that's what I've been savoring the most...GARDENING! As blooms fill the yard , I have even enjoyed photographing again. I've missed the Yard Fairies. They are so connected to spirit messages. I know you are close to them too....aren't we blessed? Not many folks you can talk to about Yard Fairies : ). My first deck of cards are Fairy cards and still remain my favorite. Even the feel of them is like a warm hug! I use my Archangel Michael cards for the really serious stuff....hes more the solid feel of protection and authority. Have you noticed any improvements with your injury? It's slow going isn't it? I think back to just how bad it once was for me and how long it's been. 4 years!? I have stamina now and less down time. I still have balance issues and it comes and know...the weeble walking....wondering if folks think I'm drunk!. Also, do you get foot pain from forcing a steady gate? I struggle with that. Apparently, it's not the brain getting healed as much as just your muscles trying to compensate. I'm hoping my feet will just become muscles of steel eventually. I walk my dogs after dark so I can just let my drunk walk fly! So I don't have to be self conscious. I am most grateful that the spinning thing is gone...that was the worst. I still have issues with speaking when I'm nervous or tired but yet when doing Poetry readings I'm just fine. A lot to be grateful for! I now see your son as a young man! Like bam....he woke up one day all grown. I'm sure some days it feels hopeful that he is outgrowing some childish issues but on a low day you find it scary and weigh yourself down with worry for he's going to navigate the manly world of normal challenges. I know your burden is heavy even for a being of SUNSHINE like you! Spirit says your safe place is in the NOW. You can only survive his challenges a day at a time and just savoir the special side of his innocence. Pray for a family of others to help create a circle of can't do everything alone. You do attract the good in others despite your "bad luck" ; ) in men. You get back from good souls. Accept the help offered. Your son will have a bit of a transition anxiety about his close connection to the Spirit world....versus what the outside world finds acceptable. But you can be his guide and safe place with that and nurture the spiritualist way of life. He may get moody for a time as he trys to control that but it will pass and he will understand that he just feels better if he doesn't fight it. I sense that Laura has discovered boys....but it is a love hate relationship....she is feeling the attraction yet her strong free spirit personality doesn't like feeling captured or controlled by anyone! Michael fiercely watches over her and he talks to her when she sleeps about the dangers of boys. It's a bit funny to hear him don't want a man like daddy was.....just the good parts but no no no.....I was not good enough! I hope you are still making time for is very healing for you. I know you struggle with financial never know when your money will come or be enough but I feel that will ease up in the near future....I'm seeing the number thinking a 6 month window. I think after November some change comes that makes you feel more you can breath easier....a feeling of being HOME and having room for more dreaming and goals versus the daily surviving you have for now. I also feel that Michael's Mother has moved on. Was it you? Or some other effort of group praying? I feel there was some kind of effort to pray her to move on. Of course she can still visit but she is no longer a haunting threat. Anyway, let's catch up! Sending you a red rose! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Hahaha!! I can hear Michael whispering in her ears about boys!!! 😄 That was always his greatest fear while he was here. It's funny to think he still feels that way,!!! She's not listening....
    I do love the fairies!! I'm planning to work more on my garden. I keep seeing shadows and flitting things in my peripheral vision. I think it might just be fairies.
    I haven't been doing as much on my music as I want and need to. I need a new clarinet. Mine is ancient and in need of a lot of work. I still have my dreams however.
    I do try not to worry about finances and caring for my children, but it is so hard not to. I try not to get obsessed by money. I know that perpetuates lack. I have been doing meditation and sometimes I talk to Michael as well. Having trouble with social security and Dow about kids benefits and my disability, but praying that works out.
    Yes, I kept telling Snow Queen to move on and take her frustrations out on her real subject...her daughter. However, someone is still here. They are making it obvious that they are here. Making the walls and floors creak and footsteps. I'm not afraid. I just place protective bubbles around us and the kids ask Michael in their prayers to watch over them. I also clean and smudge when I can afford to get the ingredients.
    Yes, I still have issues with dizziness and walking like I'm drunk too. I am also still having synchronicity issues with playing piano. I don't want to, but I may have to think about my dreams of participation in amateur piano competition. I really want that, but if I can't get my head and hands together, it's a wash. I still have speech issues too. I can write pretty good, talking is difficult, especially if I am under stress.
    Thanks for the insights. I am going to get on track with all that.
    I'm glad you are doing better, but yes, we both know about those hidden issues that people don't see, and think don't exist. Keep up with your poetry, and I will not give up.on music.
    I dislike this new format in the forum ,but I will try to adapt. 😞
    Hope you are having a great time in the sun!!!

  • @blmoon I didn't say it in my last post. I do stress a lot about Logan. He still fears animals and going somewhere strange. He still can't or won't do basic stuff like dress himself, brush his teeth or put skies on the right feet. Can't tell if he really can't or just won't. He seems to be withdrawing back into himself more. I know he likes to go to bed early most nights. I know he's with someone, because he's not sleeping. I believe it might be Michael, but someone else is here. I'm praying that it is his guardian angels, but I don't think they would deliberately try to disturb me with creaking noises and footsteps. I also wondered if it is the resident spirit that I call Alan. I do worry about both my children in regards to their lives in adulthood. I talk to Michael and hope he can help us as possible. He promised he would take care of us, and he certainly has so far.
    I really hope that we can both keep healing and recovering , albeit slowly. Let's not lose touch.
    Sending you hugs and light. Sunshine

  • @sunshine7959
    Yes it's Allen. He means no harm but you can ask him to please not startle your son. You must be firm about your right to live there in peace. Unfortunately, Allen had a very troubled life and an abusive childhood. Your intuition about Logan being obstinate is part true. His refusal to do basic things is his way of acting out. He feels so out of control....specially his inability to shut out his close tie to the spirit world. As I already mentioned...expect some revolt as he grows more towards adolescence....childhood allows more for magical things but as children age they do not live in fantasy mode.....they sense from their peers what is acceptable. Part of him wants not to grow up. There is great advantage to being helpless for him in that it keeps you fussing over him and it eases the reality that so much is out of his control. That anxiety is eased for him every time your focus is on him. You should sage your home often. At least to settle down any activity Logan attracts. Spirits visit him. I think it would help you get past this tug of war with Logan if you used your gift to communicate visually in meditation after Logan goes to sleep. Attach a visual cord from your heart to his and speak to him any thoughts you wish to get through to him. Same from your head...visualize a cord from your head to his and express the advice he needs to hear. Reassure him that if he takes care of himself it doesn't mean that you will disappear. Pray for the right words! Let me know how this works for you. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Poor Alan. I really feel bad for him. No child deserves a bad childhood. I wonder why he doesn't move on....
    Anyway, I told you in my posting before last that I had told Snow Queen to go take her anger where she really had her issues. K seems to have dropped out of sight, no communication in well.over a year.
    I have been talking to Logan and reassuring him that I am not going to abandon him just because he is growing up. I've also talked to him about the spirit world and how he can tell them to leave, or ask AA Michael and daddy for help. I also told him to call me. Strangely enough, I woke up this morning feeling all groggy like I was drugged
    I could barely get my bum in gear to get the kids ready for school. I do need to sage the house again.
    I am still laughing about Michael whispering in Lauren's ears. I told you in two posts ago that she isn't listening, but he already knew that beforehand. She's got both our stubborn streaks, she's a doozie.
    I had dizziness the other day. It's frustrating. I'm resigned to the fact that it may be as good as it's going to get. 😞
    I'll send you a pic of my fairy garden soon.
    Have a great weekend!!

  • @sunshine7959
    you need to sage and do your protection rituals. If Alan is being very active he's getting energy from someone. It's a sticky situation dealing with unwanted Spirits and mostly I would advise moving. I have one that lives next door but comes here as well. He's not nice and will instigate arguments and high emotions to feed off of that energy. I sage but not everyday. I've been here over 25 years and have almost moved many times just to be rid of him but the reality is that as a psychic medium I know finding a place with no spirit imprint is very slim! The house next door has never had anyone stay for long. That's a good sign a place is negatively haunted. When you do hunt for a new place find out the turn over rate. I also noticed that nice young couples would move in and within 2 months the fights and arguments would start. No one stayed past a year. The hardest times was when the house would be empty because that is when he would move outside his area to find energy. It was rough for 3 years while that house sat empty and I used to sit outside on the swing at night and pray to the Yard Fairies to keep him away. The thing about negative Spirits is dealing with them without connecting to them so I try not to give him much thought and would forget him for awhile but then the signs would come.....waking up very extra tired and feeling drained....headaches that are felt in the back of the neck. The house suddenly looking dark even though all my lights were on. I love lights! AND the worse is my man started being very irritable and there we'd be bickering! Also noticing clutter....negative spirits like clutter and avoid airy high energy rooms that are too positive....a well kept house or room has love energy....the act of caring for a space is a love energy. I had the most unusual full manifestation concerning that house! I was getting tired of that house...the visits.....and I prayed for a month straight that Please either heal that house lord or burn it down!. night I'm outside about 1 am. on the swing saying my prayer and as I went to get up OMG I saw a glowing white butterfly hover in my garden! It was so real! Then it disappeared. Next day I go out to check the mail in the afternoon...unaware that painters had been next door all morning and that big old Spanish stucco house had been painted white! Over the next month the house got nicer and nicer with repairs until new owners moved in. Thank God I thought yet I was not totally convinced it would stick so waited for the fighting to start. I started having more visits from the creeper so had to sage more. Then it dawned on me....if the new neighbor is keeping it away that means he is going to wander. Anyway...the neighbor finally approached me and she was a bit puzzled that no neighbors came by to welcome her! I said....well your house has a interesting history. I'm careful about introducing my psychic beliefs on strangers. She said yes she heard some stories in fact she said as she was trying to hire workers for repairs she had many refuse once they got her address. For the last 25 years that house is always falling apart and so many repair people have been in there. She invited me in to show off the house and I honestly did not want to go in but was beautiful! I did notice she had a sage stick in a bowl and I said something but she acted a little nervous. So I'm thinking...yes...she's met the creeper and deals with it. When I stood in a certain spot in her kitchen I felt very sick to my stomach and left. I realized that he had a retreat spot there but all the saging in the world is not going to make him disappear. So on the good side finally that house is not a total ugly dump of icky energy but now that she makes the house less inviting for the creeper he visits here more if I let up my defenses. A few weeks ago she caught me out front and she wanted to talk about how it was so magical how attracted she was to that house....she saw it online sight unseen and was so drawn to it. I told her how I prayed for a month solid to bring someone to heal it or burn it down and seeing the white butterfly which she validated was about the time she bought the place and started the renovation process. She also showed me a picture a magazine took of her in the house for an article and there was an image behind her in the pic....she said people were telling her it looks like a Spirit! She gave me a copy and after I was home I turned the pic upside down and there he me....plain as day. Well, personally I am tired of this trouble maker and now that she sages and keeps her house too loved he visits me soon as I get complacent! UHG. I am thinking of moving even though I love my house. Here's the thing, Just about everywhere I've lived I have encountered a negative although this one is a real pain. Also, I live in an area that has a lot of native American history....lot of wars and burial grounds but those Spirits have never been negative. Anyway I know this was a long story but thought you'd enjoy and you should do a loving cleaning of your space and Sage. Also, I picked up that he Spirit tapping into you lately is attracted to the space because of's a very negative spirit associated to his life....possibly a father figure....step father? Alan's trauma leaves him haunted. Do your saging with love love love for your space proclaiming only love can enter and all negative energy MUST leave. De-clutter. You know the drill!!! BLESSINGS!

  • I do vaguely remember you telling me briefly about the spirit from next door some years ago. It's interesting that someone else came in and keeps him at Bay. I know how hard that must be having to keep constant vigilance to keep him out of your space. They are totally exhausting to deal with!!! Thank you!! When you mentioned the other spirit, I knew you were right. He hasn't been here for the last couple of days. The house is quiet at night. I put black obsidian and rose quartz around the kids' beds for protection. I have noticed that on the nights of manifesting, I am trying to clean and can't. I'm going to keep some good meditation music playing or positive affirmations going while I clean. I baby-sit a 14 month old baby for a church friend a couple days a week. I put him down for a nap in Lauren's bed. I heard him howling an hour later. He was terrified! I'm sure it was someone frightening him. Also, Logan woke up with a bump just inside his right eyebrow this morning. I think I will take your idea and purchase some sage sticks and keep in the house. I do need to move, and am still looking for something to pop up. I'm planning to move closer south in a couple of years. But I will deal with the folks in here until I can leave. It's still quiet for now. But I think I will get some bells in the bedrooms and ring them often to keep negativity out. I have a mess going on in here, trying to lose excess papers and I'm calling my Christmas stuff. Time to let it go!! I'm going to go online and see about getting the sagesticks this week. Will putting a hat on Logan at night keep him from drawing spirits at night?
    I'm going to ask the fairies outside to keep watch for us as well.
    Thanks for looking out for us. I'm going to clear all this laundry out of my room right now!!
    Keep taking care of yourself and when I clear my space, I will send positive vibes and thoughts to you too!! It's cold here again. I need some of your warm weather!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  • @blmoon Hi!!
    Guess both of us have been busy. Hoping you are well
    Bumped into Poetic on fb. She asked me to tell you Hello. There's a few I keep in touch with on Facebook.
    By the way, I have a new granddaughter, born last Tuesday. She's beautiful. Wish you could see her, but I'm not going to post any here. She was overdue, and showed no signs of being ready to come out, so after being 8 days overdue, doctor had to induce labor. That kid came out fighting. She was furious and howled accordingly. I'm expecting to get down there in due time to see her.
    Today is kids' last day of school. They're out all of June, but have summer school all of July.
    I hope you are having fun this summer. You need something you like to do to change it up and have some fun! So do I. That's my goal to do something fun and not stress so much about trying to keep the kids occupied all summer. I may try to get into a meditation class or something. They have them around here.
    Have a fantastic day. Many great blessings to you!!!

  • @sunshine7959
    hello from soggy Florida! Congratulations grandma sunshine!. I was so thinking of you. We are on the same page about adventure and fun and just plain getting out of the rut, yet safety, of same ole same ole. I have started going back to the Spiritual camp here. Cassadaga is a very old historical special place. I have been going to the wed. healing message services at the Temple. And went to a group event few weeks back on remote viewing. The facilitator was a very interesting man. He is a psychic as well living in the camp. It's called a camp but it's just a neat neighborhood of old houses with history. There's a lake there called Spirit lake that is very peaceful to sit near. There are little shops as well with all kinds of neat things including many stones! I went for my birthday and bought some jewelry. There is a very old hotel there with an awesome restaurant. The food is yummy. It has a Victorian decor. Tourists come from all over to stay there. SOMEDAY we will have to go there together! I feel a tired peacefulness about you. Meditation sounds good. Music always is good as well but meditation is a tool we both need to master as a habit to survive being caretakers! Not to mention just being so sensitive. I wish you had access to healing services to help with your head injury. The ones I attend are so others pray or meditate others take turns sitting in the back a few chairs are set and a healer stands behind you and silently does a healing moving their hands over you. I can often feel the warm energy! They also do group prayers for others you can put on a list. I have put names on the list. You know, spiritual churches are often not advertised much. Cassadaga is a national landmark but most areas have spiritual meetups or shops. Unfortunately, like any business or group they all aren't great! I've visited some stinkers! The groups that turn me off are the ones were the so called leader has ego issues. It's almost cult like because you feel like you can't ask "certain" questions. You should feel safe to be yourself. Do you have in your area? They often have meditation groups etc. OR even a group of others dealing with special needs family members. You can start your own support group! I often scan those meetups but again finding a good fit is not always guaranteed. At the healing services a camp psychic gives out short messages to each of us. I love observing how each different one works. Anyway, you definitely should follow your urge to reach out for all the self support you can find! It really is timely for many of us. As you know we all have personal journeys yet as well we are all following a cosmic trend as well. Tell Poetica I miss her greeted me outside my door today! OH ask her what color running shoes is she buying? I vote RED! 😇

  • Hi BlMoon!