• now I have three rose bushes that are sticks! Still haven't given up on them. Maybe the Fairies will save them! Hope your cold is gone. My allergies have been extra annoying and getting headaches, which I assume is from all the storm changes everyday. Otherwise my head issues have gotten better......I am able to work harder now without so much backlash. When is your disability hearing? You deserve this!! Be gentle with yourself. I see you traveling or moving in September. Hang in there! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BlMoon. I'd started answering tjis morning, but Lauren left for camp, and I found another bat in my laundry room. I went to the and raised heck. I made the maintenance guys come get it. Apparently I killed it trying to catch it. That made me sad. I just wanted to catch and release it.

    I hope the september move is me getting out of here into a home. I'm ready to get out of apts and townhouses.

    Talked to my mom. Apparently, my oldest daughter still has bad feelings towards me for her father's issues. Mom gave her the what-for about being disrespectful. I have resigned myself to the fact that she will always blame me for his problems. I don't even waste time on only hurts me to think she resents me.

    My disability hearing is for July 30. But I'm thinking I will postpone it because I need time to get the documents I need. With all the issues with these apartment peopleand car issues and.....I am being positive that things are turning around!

    I am so glad your head is better. I know how disconcerting it can be to deal with. I hope your garden is turning around for you.

    Added some new gnomes to my fairy garden. It's coming along nicely!!!

    I'm worried about Logan so I am taking him to the pediatrician. He's not himself and no appetite. As he won't/ can't talk, I have to rely on mothers instinct.

    I hopeyou hada wonderful 4th.

    Have a totally awesome evening. Hugs!!!

  • Hi BlMoon.

    Lauren comes home tomorrow. I have to admit it has been really quiet....and clean. It's apparent who keeps me on my toes cleaning....:) I haven't had to clean since she left. Hahaha!!! The living room anyway....she is having fun!!! Logan is missing her, but he's also enjoying the peace and quiet, and having command of the movies he watchesl for a change. No bats today. But I can smell tbem in the laundry room and when I turn on tbe air conditioning.

    I'm going to get my fairy garden together. I'm just wondering if it will survive the hard winter up here. It's coming together nicely. I'd like a home with a nice yard to put it in. Looks like we are going to get another shower today. Itloured yesterday and this morning. Now it's getting cloudy again.

    Tool Logan to the doc yesterday. He's got a sinus infection and is on antibiotics. She's not worried about his passing out. She feels it was momentary dizziness from the sinus infection. I'm going to watch him for a few days and see.

    Today, I noticed that Logan is beginning to resemble Michael a lot more. It was startling.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs!!!

  • I wanted to post a picture, but I don't trust the trolls and spammers.

  • I don't post pics either. Wise decision. Sounds like your place is not allergy friendly. A musky smell is not good. Since you are stuck there for now change your filters more often. Bats spread bacteria with their feces. Your landlord really should take care of it but I know how that goes! When I bought sage last week I saw a deck of Fairy Tarot cards.....I was tempted but I really am ok with the cards I use and got enough to keep myself busy without studying Tarot cards. The Fairies must be around you...I notice the energy difference from what it was. Logan needs to drink more water and keep his congestion from making pressure on the inner ear. It causes dizziness. Menthol would help him as well. Still raining here everyday and mostly in the nineties. Too hot to do anything outside. Welcome to Florida! It still beats snow and ice. Sounds like Logan is growing out of his little boy stage. Physically, anyway. Can you imagine Michael at that age? What his life was like? He just don't go there! He is right. Happy Fairy Thoughts! I'm off to bed and I will call on them to dance hand and hand around my yard......singing happy songs. BLESSINGS!

  • I can easily imagine Michael at that age!! Mil had pictures that she showed me many times. However, I don't think sil kept any....considering how much she detests him even now, she'd have handed them off to me if she had them, I suppose. She really has turned out to be a piece of work!!!

    Getting Logan to drink can be a struggle. He'd rather fill his belly with food as opposed to drink. I try to make him drink whenever it crosses my mind and feeding him water rich veggies and fruits. He seems to dislike watermelon, so I don't give it often. His appetite has dropped off. He's beginning to get really thin like his dad. Michael was extremely thin, and I think that is part of why Logan is reminding me more of Michael. But his facial features are changing drastically. I still keep Michael's portrait in their room. It's one that mil blew up off the family portrait I posted for you, with my daughter Crystal and Michael was holding infant Lauren. I think those first few years of us being together was the happiest he had been ever. Before we got together, he worked at the Waffle House next to the bank I worked at in Albany, GA. My ex hubby and I ate there often, so I saw Michael quite often, but we were never formally introduced until my husband and I separated. He always looked angry, or sad. Never friendly. I was drawn to him even then, and wondered what his story was. I found out soon enough....I can imagine him glaring at me with that side eye that I am now seeing in Logan's arsenal of looks, and telling me not to put his business in the street!!!! Hahaha!!! It's funny how the Mormon church says that whatever you become here, you take with you when you leave. Your knowledge, your memories and beliefs, your all is part of you even in the afterlife....looks like that is mostly true. Guess I will always miss him.

    I am imagining the fairies are around. I am also changing my own energies with listening to positive affirmations daily. I'm even playing some children's affirmations I found on youtube for the kids at night before bed. After the story and prayer time. I'm hoping this changes their mindsets for tje better as it is mine. And the beautiful music is calming.

    You were right. I need this disability, but I think I will be better postponing the hearing.

    Looking like rain again!!!! We have had sooo much rain this year!!! Guess I shouldn't's green and beautiful instead of dry.

    I hope you have good fairy dreams and I'm going to ask the fairies to help save your garden, as well as help me find a great place for the kids and me.

    I ssw Logan looking up and smiling at something or someone while I was in the kitchen yesterday afternoon. I hoped it was Michael, or Alan. Someone or something is around him. He still fears animals, but he seems to be warming up to cats a little. He did well at the zoo. Except the bat exhibit. He refused to go in. He also did well with fireworks. Some progress!!!

    Great blessings to you, my friend!!!

  • I am so proud of you for making such energy progress. It's a constant vigil! I promised myself last night to get back to space clearing energy. after the latest rest. Woke up with a headache! And my back feels like a stiff rod. If I was paranoid I'd think my body is sabotaging me! I am going to warrior myself along anyway. I know Spirit's advice for me a few weeks ago was to invest energy in my space and it will keep me energized and it will positively affect those who distract me with their energy needs. I think you have the "care taker" of energy needs as well! I don't think you need to put off your disability hearing too much......try and not schedule it during a no moon time. Take the Fairies with you! BLESSINGS!

  • I see there is really some type of delay between you posting and me seeing it. I was on the forum twice today andnever saw your post!!! I even sent admin a post about the spammer. That's so odd!!!

    You took the words right out of my mouth!!! I have been visualizing myself healthy and trim with the positive affirmations and subliminals, but it seems my body is trying to sabotage me!!! I was thinking that this morning!!! I have always thought of myself as an earth angel type of person. I looked in the mirror and looms as if I'm gaining weight and still no voice!!! My class reunion is on tbe 21st. I am still trying to even get down there, and wanting to see my dad. I santed to be thete already, but car issues and money is trying to dampen it. I had a friend give me $100 for my birthday last sunday, that made my day. I am praying I get that money from the kids' trust before we go so that I can have money for expenses while we are there.

    I am trying to invest more in myself. I am working on my energy and feeling that I deserve to be happy. Last week, a high school classmate lost her husband suddenly through an accident at work. Having been working through tbe loss of Michael, I know how suddenly your life can be altered in an instant. I feel so sad for her loss" but it reminded me how fleeting life is. I'm stressing and feeling like I didn't get all I wanted out of life. I don't invest in me with the dxcuse that it's more important to make sure the kids have everything. It Is imortant, but I need to invest in myself too. Hence the efforts to change my energy and circumstances.

    Anyway, guess I'd better put my kiddos to bed. Hoping all is well and you have a nice day!


  • I've been looking at other places outside of here...have you found any place interesting?

  • Why would admin allow someone to spam 500 + pages of spam on this site without doing something about it??? Then not nlock the spammers usernames?? Something seems wrong about that!!!

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  • Making some changes in my mindset and my life!!

    So be it and so it is!!!!

    Thinking about you BlMoon!!!

  • Well. I'm going full speed ahead and starting the trip south on Wednesday!!. Going alone. Praying for the Angels and Spirit to keep me safe on the way down. I'm totally going on faith that I will get there in safety. I'm going to charge up my crystals and take some with me and some in the house for protection. Say a few prayers for us please.

    Hoping you are well. The spam is too much. I am thinking you have a lot going on. Just a hunch. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers..

    Me and my Chicago friend haven't spoken in literally a month. Seems as if that really close friendship is over. Perhaps it wasn't a friendship, just me yet again providing someone with emotional, mental and moral support to someone not able to be grateful. Smh

    I haven't told Zachary or Peter I'm coming. Not planning to interact with either one. Going to the reunion and see what happens. First night is a meet and greet at a casino. Wonder who I will meet there? I'm not attending the dinner on Saturday but I will take the kids to the picnic on Sunday.

    On my way back home, I'm detouring to FL and see my dad. It would be nice to see you while I'm there, if possible. 🙂

    Anyway. Gotta get some shut eye. Tomorrow is a busy day.

    Have a blessed day!!


  • Going to pray for our spammer and her followers. I'm so sorry she feels that way. Perhaps my prayers will help turn her wrath. Now that I am aware, my anger has turned to sorrow. No one should have such a big grudge. Now I will pray for our protection on the forum.

    Treasure within the spam, I'd wonder?

    Shielding might be in order....

  • I knew if I posted that reveal the spam would explode with a vengeance! Being psychic I know a lot more but that is not my intention to use my gift at that level. The assault here is annoying but we are still with gratitude under Saint Michael's wing and under the laws of energy......what you put out in the world comes back. Karma. I am so excited for you! You need this adventure! You need the beach.......altho double dam it is molten hot in Florida!!! Did you say you will be here? Coco Beach? Near the big air base? Or closer to Orlando? We should ALL deflect every spam assault...return to sender ; ). HUGS sweet Sunshine!

  • Dad lives in Cocoa. I am actually going to Louisiana first. My high school reunion is this week end. I am planning to visit dad on my way home beginning of Aug. But since I will have to stay in a hotel, I won't stay more than a day or two. Yep, the two L's want to go to the beach. They'll get their wish.

    I can see where I can be so meek at times. Too many bullies in my life want to run mine. Sheesh.

    I decided to invoke violet flame decrees on site. Transmute all negativity with white light and love.

    Have a wonderful day!! Hugs!

  • Hi BlMoon.

    Thinking of you. My La visit is ok. Enjoyed my teunion. Only a few days left. Hope all is well with you!

    Hugs and Many blessings!!

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