• Hi BlMoon!! I happened to be thinking about you today. I left to deal with Logan and lauren's therapists today and here you are!! Wow!!! You have had either feast or famine out

    I've been working on my little garden. My fairy garden has a start. Was just outside and thinking I want to add to it.

    Yes. Tarot atmosphere isn't the same. It's affecting some folks negatively. I've been trying to lose the negative mindset. I've been listening to positive affirmations for a few days. Trying to raise my vibrations.

    I have talked to some members of my family about needing to go see our dad. I have been really concerned about him and hoping that kids and I can get down there in a couple weeks. I hope that call won't be bad news about him or mom.

    I hope your roses make it through this rough patch.

    Anyway, have a great evening and be Blessed.

    Thought about Michael and my ex lately. Wonder what's up?

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  • Hi BlMoon.

    I've been thinking of you and praying all is well. The spam is makung me mad. I've been working on my negativity.

    My Chicago friend is hravely ill and I'm worried about him. His extreme stress led to a falling out between us. I chose to step back and let him think about it all and our friendship. Men.....shaking my head. And my mom wonders why I am still single.

    Kids are okay. They are praying we are going south. They want to go so badly....

    I decided to ask mil what her issue is with me. I don't feel like there is any bad karma on my part. I think most of her isdues sre with sil, who is still abroad. I've encouraged her to move on and evolve. I think she's too angry and afraid.

    I'm trying to get to see my dad and stepmother in Fl this trip. Going to postpone moving from this house for a while. I haven't felt Alan around lately.

    There's been so much rain this year and it doesn't seem to be changing for some time.

    This site is losing it's appeal for me.

    Anyway, talk to you soon. Have a Blessed day!!! Hugs!!

  • HELLO! Still raining here. Glad I can get a word in between spam. Can you imagine spending hours on posting a bunch of nothing? Boy...makes OUR problems seem like nothing...hahaha! I went to play lotto sat. and noticed I forgot a scratch off from week before.......and it was a winner!!! 400 bucks.....I hope abundance blesses you too! I think you shouldn't bother with MIL. I assume you did throw out all her belongings? You are right about there being unfinished business between her and her daughter. The daughter can not hide and must deal with it. She has the power but is still stuck in that old pattern of feeling dominated. You have no responsibility in her choices other than to take care of yourself and honor your boundaries. The Chicago can send prayers but follow your original choice to back off. Sometimes you can't fix others and life is just tragic for some. Being a healer or empath is a strong energy pull. You can't fix this situation. Put your energy and thoughts toward heading south. Daydream about tropical flowers and spending time at the beach with your children. Where your focus goes grows. Don't daydream in a worrisome way....just dream! Daydreaming is leads you towards your heart's deserve it!!!! BLESSINGS!

  • Wow BlMoon!!!! A winner!!!!! Soooo fabulous!!!! I am really happy for you!!!!! I know that Really made your weekend!!!!

    I'm manifesting abundance too....and getting myself ready to accept it when I get it.

    I really have been praying K gets better, despite our falling out. We have been friends (not romantic) for some time. Should have listened to me when I first told him to go to the hospital, he was in grave condition when he finally went. I hope and pray my feelings are wrong and he doesn't die.

    You are right....sometimes this wanna be a healer/empathic side of me is hard to deal with. I'm beginning to come to terms and not fight with it anymore.

    Looking forward to the beach with the kids. As I'm a water sign, I love the ocean. And perhaps my class reunion. I sute hope I have time to fit this all in.

    I have a disability hearing on the 30 July. I hope it goes well, so, by necessity, My trip South of will be somewhat short.

    Keep thinking abundance, BlMoon. I feel us both poised to get what we want. The mindset is the key. Gotta remind myself...

    Hugs and great Blessings to you, my friend!!

  • Hi BlMoon!

    Took the kids to the zoo. Still feet were talking on high volume after that long day. But tje lids had fun and that's what's important. Planning to go south after the fourth.

    Did you get any crazy rain from that storm the other day? My family came out okay. Storm season is starting early it seems.

    Thinking about you!!! Hugs!

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  • Thinking of you BlMoon! Hope you are okay!


  • Looks as if my Chicago friend survived. It seems as if he is beginning to miss his friend, but is too proud (egotism) to say so. Normally I would have been the bigger person and made overtures....notin this case! The extended hand is in his court. But I think the close friendship is no least on my end. It seems I'm beginning to assert my determination to Not be treated anyone!!!

    Have a totally blessed day!!

  • Found another bat in my downstairs family room last evening. Luckily the kids were upstairs on the main floor watching tv, oblivious to it. I was playing piano and found him under the piano next to my foot. He was easy to capture and release. He seemed weak. I'm not sure if it was the light making him lethargic or if he was sick. It was still about 45 min until dark, so I put him inside the hedge. I hope he was fine. But no more bats inside!!!

    Hope all is well with you BlMoon. I'm still not sure about the trip. But I'm trying to visualize us down there. I decided to postpone my disability hearing to give me time to get the paperwork. Thus I will be able to spend another week down south. I'd have to stay in a hotel in Cocoa beach, so I'm definitely asking Spirit to help me come up with the money.

    How's your garden holding up under the crazy weather? I am going to work a bit more on my fairy garden before I leave and ask the fairies to guard the house while we're gone. I love fairies!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend!! Much love and hugs!!!

  • I hate finding bats! I have a fireplace and once in a while they get in an fly around. When you find them on the floor it's usually because they flew into the ceiling fan and got knocked out. When my grandaughter was little I taped a big garbage bag over the front of my fireplace (real attractive!) because I was told they carry rabies and little ones may not know they've been bitten in their sleep. The first time I found one she was napping and I thought a frog was dead on the floor but it was a was sluggish too and I used a fish net to take it perked up and started squeaking and showing it's pointy teeth.....creeped me out. Any way finally got the flue working and now my fireplace is shut! My garden is barely surviving....rain rain rain! I can't believe I prayed for it. OH...was at goodwill and found two old fashioned fairy prints framed in gold foil and ribbons attached for hanging! TREASURES! I thought of you. BLESSINGS!

  • Perhaps I should check goodwill...after I get over this horrid summer cold. Lauren goes to church girl's camp on wednesday toll saturday. It's going to be Mom and Logan time!!!

    Awww! I'm sorry your garden is having a roigh time

    I hope it gets better there.

    Except for the bat, it's been pretty quiet here.

    Just resting to kick this cold. Have a good one!!

    Love and hugs!!

  • Now that you mention it...I had the ceiling fan on. You could be right.....

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