• @sunshine7959
    YES! Waiting for the crazy cosmos to calm down. Same here, energy is scarce. I have been mostly purging through STUFF. Donating. I go at it then the dust get's to me and my shoulder gets aggravated so it's work then rest . I am not happy with all the growth here in Florida. It's a building boom here and every empty space is being built on! I can FEEL it and so want some space. Nature is being hit hard. I do not understand how careless people building everywhere can be so ignorant about ignoring the connection between nature and humans. I just donated a keyboard to goodwill yesterday and prayed that you would find one! My husband has a very nice one and I have my own but my grandson is needing room so let his go. I did pick up health concerns for a family member awhile back but I thought it was your dad . My husband had three stents put in a couple weeks ago. OH yes the visitors are active! They are feeding off the collective high emotions going on right now. SAINT MICHAEL HAS BEEN BUSY! Hugs sweet Sunshine. The energy will change for us soon. AMEN♥

  • @blmoon
    Actually, both my parents are having health issues as is my youngest sister. The younger generation is so narcissistic, I'm really disappointed in most of them, particularly my oldest daughter. They don't have compassion or empathy for family in difficulties, but expect it from everyone when it's their turn.
    It's getting pretty tedious and draining kicking out the"nocturnal visitors" every night. I'm going to be salting and saging where I can, but my stepfather believes that is devil workings and would read me the riot act if I did.
    Praying for my own place!!!
    I do feel drained a lot no motivation to do anything, I knew you were probably feeling it too!! Please let it end soon!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

  • @blmoon
    Hi to you!!
    Just wanted you to know that you totally called it about dad. I found out a couple days ago that he's been in the hospital, because he fell. He didn't call anyone. My sister happened to call him. He and my stepmother are both in the hospital.
    Kids started school today. Love hand first day ever there. He didn't want to get out of the car, so I parked and escorted him into the school. I stayed with him for a while until he felt less anxious, then I left. Afterwards, he did better. I'm glad he is finally back in school. Lauren hopped right out of the car and ran to her class. She was ecstatic to be back. Hahaha!!!
    After the meltdown she had a couple weeks ago at church, I decided last weekend to take them to MS to spend the night at Peter's place. He enjoyed staying up watching Lilo and Stitch 1 & 2 with the kids camped out in their sleeping bags on the living room floor. The kids seem to enjoy being there, and it was a nice diversion from our living situation. It was nice of him to invite us over. I'm just taking it easy and one step at a time with him. Trying to keep it casual.
    Life is moving along okay, but still stressful for me, I'm keeping myself busy but I'm ready to either find a home or go back to PA. Something's got to give.
    I swept the house again to oust nocturnal visitors a while ago. I've noticed that when my great-nephew is away visiting his mother, or his father, Logan sleeps better....
    How have you been?? Have you been beating the heat over there?? It's been absolutely insane here. We've gone between heat waves, and monsoon thunderstorms. Last weekend when we left to go to Peter's, there was a drenching thunderstorm going on, and the street was flooded!! Water up to the floorboards up the street going away from the river. Many streets were under water, I hit a few touchy spots in the road going to the ferry. We've been totally saturated, so now even when we get a little rain, the yard has standing water. The mosquitoes attack in clouds!!! Can't go outside to sit in the yard without swarms attacking!! I'm ready for the fall!!
    Hope your gardens have fared well through all this weather, and that your creepy neighbor has been staying in his own place. I bought sage scented spray for the diffuser, in lieu of burning sage. Hope it works soon, but so
    Guess I had better clean my room. I did laundry and can't get into my bed.
    Have a really safe and blessed weekend. Hugs to you!!!

  • @blmoon
    Hi Lady!!
    I've been thinking about you a d wondering how you are doing? I watch the weather, I see you all are having the same sort of funky weather we are having in NOLA. The ground is totally saturated, and since it rains/pours everyday, just a little rain will flood the yard and the street!!! The bugs live me, Everytime I go outside, I get attacked in swarms. The bites raise big welts on me and I have to take Benadryl to eliminate the histamines from my system. But that stuff knocks me out, so I have to just itch and scratch until bedtime.
    You mentioned last time we spoke about your shoulder bothering you. I hope it's getting better. U pray you don't need surgery on it. The right shoulder that I had the rotator cuff surgery on has begun to hurt again. I knew it was a chance it would happen again, but I choose to not look in that direction as much as possible.
    The kids are in school today. I'm grateful for the sorta-kinda alone time. I've needed that time very much. I still can't do all the meditation I need, and grounding myself by walking outside barefoot doesn't fit well with Mom. She thinks I am ruining my feet by going barefoot so much, buy I really need the grounding to keep my sanity while I am here, so I try to ignore her nattering at me about barefoot.
    It feels as if the nocturnal visitors have become more frequent. My son is not sleeping well, and is tired I'm the mornings. I've considered letting him sleep in my room with me and seeing how he fares. I'm beginning to wonder if this house was built on a cemetery....
    Lauren is really missing Michael now. She spends a lot of time being quite Moody and sad. She has taken a liking to "Mr P", and keeps dropping obvious hints to him and me that she wants us to "get together".
    I'm sad that Michael's passing is just now beginning to have an impact on her life. Logan is less vocal but I'm sure his life is impacted as well.
    I'm not feeling like a good mother right now because of our living situation. My children and I need our own place. The negativity comes in the house from people watching horror movies, the depressing news, the other children coming in and out watch things and play games on their Xboxes that bring a lot of anger, negativity and chaos into the house, which I feel is causing a lot of the angst with me and my kids. I'm looking forward to and manifesting the peacefulness and calm of our own place. It'll come when it's supposed to, but in the meantime, we have to live with this and learn whatever lessons we're supposed to get.
    Enough about us!!! Tell me what is happening with you!!! I spend a lot of time going on about us....tell me what's up with you??? The heat is oppressive here, but you probably have it worse. Tell me what's going on with your head, your gardens, the creeper next door, the music classes you were teaching last year, etc.....C'MON!!! 411, Lady!!! 🙂
    The sun is out, but I see the clouds in the distance....guess I'd better get things handled before then.
    BlMoon hugs to you and have a truly wonderful day!!!

  • @sunshine7959
    Hello Sunshine! Going barefoot is a Fairy must! In fact there is actually a Fairy card that tells me when the earth and Fairies miss me and I need to go barefoot! We do receive necessary messages when outside barefoot. Look it up. Trust your KNOWING. It's truly dog days right now. Open the door and the muggy heat takes my breath away. My garden is sad. It storms at least once a day here and now we have two major storms out there. As always we never know for sure until it's at our door if we are going to get walloped. It's Florida. We get used to it. Things are in a stasis mostly.No, I didn't get a go ahead yet on guitar class. I am supposed to check in on the 15th but honestly, with this shoulder thing I'm fine withe waiting until next term. The creeper still visits and I just bought extra sage. If I smell her saging I sage! I don't know how she lives there. We don't talk but she's friendly and a good neighbor. When she sages even outside I know she's getting activity so I sage. I was out of sage last week and smelled her saging outside so yes I had him here and he actually was making noise in my room so I prayed to St. Michael and I commanded he leave and he did. He really doesn't like to be noticed because his intention is to draw energy so he can move about. I know he prefers HIS space nextdoor so he probably does get angry but then he loses energy. Since it was calm at my house and I wasn't scared he may have been hoping banging around would get some emotion out of me he could feed on but all it got him was the boot!. She invites me over but I won't go there. I went once and although she had saged I accidentally walked through him!!! He was totally still and seemed to be walled up in a small spot in her kitchen. The house is beautiful and she wanted to show it off. I got sick to my stomach and realized That her saging does not get rid of him all the time but it does wall him up in a small spot. Always trust your stomach when it comes to earth bounds. So far these neighbors are quiet whereas all the past people that went through that place always ended up fighting. I agree that the life style going on in your place would be a feeding ground. Using a spray bottle with salt water to wipe down walls and floors will help calm down that kind of energy residue.. Mt husband has the news on all the time!!! I hate that vibe and thank God I have my own room. My head is good right now but about 3 weeks ago when I was busy yes I had some symptoms return and it bummed me out! I don't think about it otherwise but when I get reminders it does upset me. I had a scare withe the dizzy spinning....just a touch of it for about three nights if I moved my head too fast in bed. I actually cried a bit just to even think that could come back. But it stopped and one night I took the motion sick tablets that I noticed were expired! It had been that long. I do have allergies and it is very wet out and I have been purging and donating so maybe it is allergies. Honestly, I don't know how I lived like that when it first happened. I bet you feel the same way. Like I can't believe that happened to me! The only real issue I still have is with walking. It takes so much energy to stay balanced so I do not get those long walks I love. I was always in love with walking. Love it but that is gone but it has improved. In a store I can last with a cart because holding the cart takes the work off my left side that must keep the right side going. We just bought an extra air conditioner for the back room so I can use my treadmill because I'm determined to get past this. I walk my dogs late at night up and down my block to build strength. Some nights I'm strong and other nights I could cry but I am determined to beat this. The doctor said it would be slow but if I was getting better it meant I would continue to be better. I have gotten better, mostly, I do not have to take so many naps any more! And I still lose words but I am used to it. I think we are both under the same cosmic stasis right now. Maybe September will get rid of his lazy heat! HUGS.

  • @blmoon
    I do still go outside barefooted, my problem is these mosquitoes!!! They attack me Everytime I step out the door. They're in the rosebushes, the grass, they come out of the trees, they artack me in clouds, and leave big welts all over me! New blood....
    I lost my Virtue angel cards she's ago, and I miss them. I need to replace them. I used them often when my kids were younger.
    I get you totally About dog days!! It's absolutely miserable here!! Rains everyday, it's like the monsoon season. It had flooded here and in the city a number of times. 😖😖the heat, the humidity, the bugs, constant sweating.... I already miss the snow.
    As for the hurricane, you might be getting a direct hit. I'm concerned about you and my dad. Please evacuate and be safe!! You can always rebuild a house, but not your life. Maybe Dorian will blow the creeper far away and he won't come can always hope. I can definitely imagine the icky feeling when you walked through him. Yes, let's hope the hurricane moved him along the somewhere else. I think we may have a resident here. Occasional sightings by various family over the years, can't tell if it's a man or woman. Logan doesn't sleep at night. He's stressed, because his shingles is acting up.
    The symptoms can be pretty discouraging, can't it? I am in the same place. The same symptoms. I also get that sensation of walking lopsided. Dizziness, the kids of words or even thoughts. Walking is almost non-existent. I loved walking.its too hard now. I just turned 60 last month, and sometimes, all these issues make me discouraged.
    You are right on it a out the cosmic stasis. I just feel like I'm spinning my.wheels and getting nowhere. Sometimes I just want to quit.
    I'm mulling over cutting Peter loose.
    House possibilities are looking better, I've been asking for God, the UN verse and even Michael to help me get what I need this time.
    Please be safe BlMoon. Get out if this storm gets too strong. We may still take a hit after Florida, I'm watching closely. I'm nervous about storms. Been through enough as a kid.
    Hugs and prayers to keep you and yours safe. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌹🌷

  • @sunshine7959
    YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thank you for the prayers. I feel your mosquito pain, they find me yummy too. I get big welts as well.I try and keep my yard in check for standing water but it's wet everywhere. They do spray sometimes here. Near the lakefront we get those crazy annoying blind mosquitoes. They don't bite they just swarm everywhere and are not tasty! That's awful Logan gets shingles! I got it after my son died and it was too late to get a shot so now anytime I get really stressed it flares. I can't imagine a child suffering like that. The flareups are not as bad as the first time. Taking Lysine helps, I got a small patch right now on my shoulder. That first attack was agonizing and I had no idea what it was. I thought I got bit by fire ants! The pharmacists told me a shot would still help but need to research that. That's funny about the creeper blowing away! If he survived Charley in 2004 he ain't going anywhere but it is a sweet thought! Charley was the only time I honestly thought we may die. We were in the bathroom with two dogs . The ground literally shook as trees fell. My big Aussie lost her mind and we had to let her out into the hallway where she ran in circles. Luckily it was fast moving. It was dark out so we could not see anything. I looked out my back window and shined a flashlight and screamed because for some reason the fence was up in the air and made no sense! When the sun came up and we could see it was surreal. We couldn't see past the front door as there were tree limbs and crazy stuff stacked to the roof. And out back yes my fence was in the air because the neighbor's huge oak fell over and the roots and chunk of ground lifted the fence into the air. . The whole neighborhood got out their chainsaws and went to work, everyone was so caring for each other. No phones worked, not even cell phones so for days I had no idea if my sons were ok. No electricity. No food or water for awhile. Debri had to sit like mountains by the curb for months because there was no where to take it. Everyone had a blue tarp on their house. I had a brand new Jeep SUV and a huge pine branch went through my windshield and flatted the top. I remember the first day word got around that Mcdonalds opened and there was a line around the building for coffee! I got two little cups and it was heavenly! People got ugly at the gas pumps and police had to be called. The first week you could not drive because too many trees blocked roads. Just weird watching dazed people trying to get somewhere. After that storm it took years to get calm again. Every warning was amped up. Mostly, we get warnings at least once a year and mostly they are not that bad. Not having power is the worse. My man is trying to get the generator going but it's old. Then you have to find gas because people go nuts and hoard. The store shelves are empty. I had just gone shopping so I'm good, thank you Lord. I always keep emergency instant coffee now! There's no bottle water to be had but I am going to start filling up my own jugs and also start freezing water. It's not a good idea to try and get out of Florida too many people get stranded on the highway. Gas runs out. Some coastal areas will be evacuated and it's not a choice so if that happens your folks will be moved to a shelter more inland. I don't feel scared at the moment. It is too soon to tell where it's going. Thanks for the prayers!☂ 😇 🙏

  • @blmoon I'm nervous about the storm. Having been through so many as a child has really helped me want to be elsewhere. Well, let's pray for the best. It sounds like Charley was a really harrowing experience for you. Hurricane Camille left a lasting impression on me.
    But yes!! Let's visualize the creeper being blown away by all the wind. It's a funny thought.
    Keep in touch please, so that I can know that you are all right with the storm. Living next to the river here has shown me some of the worries the residents have particularly due ng storms. I don't know if you saw the news or not. New Orleans has been having issues with flooding within the city, so they started tackling the storm culverts, and found a car crammed into one of them. Who knows what else is in there??
    Be safe and let me know how you are doing. Hugs to you and your family!

  • @sunshine7959
    So far no fears, in fact the day they gave the warning I found the most beautiful feather when getting my mail! The Fairies tell me not to worry. My intuition says it will move farther east and go straight up. Wherever it goes you will be seeing water rise. My first thought saw it cut a left across southern tip and sit in the gulf but now I'm feeling an eastern shift. BUT so many people here are praying for an Eastern shift away from land that it may be a collective thought! I hate the vibe when too many people are freaking. Last night I put on my headphones and listened to music because the collective vibe was too much panic. We are all going to see extra storm surge so you too will get wetter. After the last 6 months of rain, maybe we will start growing gills! And yes, around the cape they were evacuated and moved to shelters so assuming your dad? near the air base got moved? I will check in. HUGS!

  • @blmoon I get you about the vibes!! Crazy!!
    I'm calling my dad today to see what they are doing. Both he and my stepmother are so ill and frail, it may not be easy to move them. I feel like he should be moved up here, but I know my stepmother won't leave Florida. Her children are there.
    Well, let's see how the storm's path takes it.

  • @blmoon
    So far, so good. Let's keep manifesting turning that storm!!!
    Hoping all goes well with you.

  • @sunshine7959
    Praying in that direction Sunshine. Let's do it.

  • @radiantsun
    Hi!! How are you doing??? It's nice to see you!! Hoping all is going well for you.
    Yes, we will manifest that storm right out to sea and have it dissipate before it does any more damage!!!
    Hugs to you!!

  • @blmoon
    I'm glad you are okay. Dad is as well. Glad that storm passed by. Now if it just stays offshore, it'll be great!!
    I'm looking for a house in earnest, now that I have a pre-approval mortgage. It's about time!!!
    I hope that this hurricane season passes without further adventures!!!

  • @sunshine7959
    I am so excited for you! As you shop pray for protection as because of you and your son's abilities you may get many spirit calls from houses that want you there. Keep your attractions in check. Sometimes a house calls to you and you feel it but don't know why so keep your radar patiently in a space between head and heart. Happy spirits who have passed are ok to choose the right person to love what they loved but those earth bounds can be seductive and selfish in their desires. I think you should call on all your guides and loved ones passed to join you. Michael definitely will be helping! I'm getting PATIENCE again, so it feels like this will come to you and it's not anything you need to push for. I get a very good expectation for this and all is in order and just get out of the way and thank your helpers every night as THIS is already done, a given. All you have to do is accept this and deserve it! It is so beastly hot!!! I miss my garden! My Fairy visits! I am definitely making an extra special Fairy garden this winter. I did get my pond back up last winter and my fish are so fat! I love them. When I come out to feed them I call them and they get so excited. I am so happy in nature. I hate this heat. Grateful the hurricane missed us! HUGS!

  • @blmoon
    Thanks. I have had a couple of houses that are calling me. Perhaps I should just wait and keep looking. The branch president of our church is helping me with this. He set me up with the mortgage broker, and he thinks he had just the house for us. I have a few I'm looking at, but I'll see how they feel when we tour them.
    I certainly am expecting Michael to help me in looking. He knows what I want. We talked about it a lot while he was here. I'm sure he is also aware of our children's issues. Lauren had another full-on meltdown Sunday night. She's really getting out of hand, though on a brighter note, she also win a seat on the student council, so now she is both a cheerleader and a student council member. I'm really proud of her. She can put some of that orneriness to work. But seriously, I worry about her.
    I'm definitely going to set up a new fairy garden when we're settled. I love my fairies. I've never had a full-on view of them, just a quick flash here and there from my peripheral vision, but I know they exist. Someday, they will present themselves to me.
    I am so happy that you all escaped th wrath of mother nature and Hurricane Dorian. We've still got a month to go til hurricane season is over!! I'm going to keep manifesting the storms away from land and hope we get a reprieve this year.
    I hope your shoulder is feeling better, and you are getting healthier. We both have frustrating isdues.
    Have a great day, hugs!!! I'm trying to keep myself in one piece. I'm worried about my health, but not stressing too much.
    Pointless to cause more issues by stressing.

  • @blmoon just wondering how you are doing? Full moon weekend on Friday 13. Been a weird weekend for me. My youngest sister is having serious health issues that I feel are the results of her own disregard for her own health and the means to take care of herself. We're not close, mostly loggerheads, but I still feel some sorrow for her. Lauren earned student council and cheerleader at school. So glad for her, but she's having a lot of issues that could jeopardize this. Logan is making some overtures for independent care. He's doing well in school.
    House hunt goes on.
    Peter and I are at a crossroads, it's time he decides where his head is at where we are concerned. He unintentionally created the situation, that sparked this place were in now, so it's on him.
    My health is generally doing good, but some issues are worrying me, I'll need to get them checked out.
    I'm still there making about fairy gardens, I sure wish I could see yours. I don't have the same sort of trust in this site that I used to.
    I'm going to bed, thinking of you and wanted to update and touch. Hurricane season isn't over yet.....🌀🌊🌫🌪⛈🌩🌀🌬
    Be safe and well. Hugs!!!!

  • @blmoon
    Hi to you!!! Hope you are getting some rest from this infernal heat! It's awful here!!! It's making me long for PA again!!!
    Logan seems to be acting out lately. He's been disruptive in school. He refused to do school work, sasses the teachers, with the few words he has, and he somehow managed to bruise his left shoulder with his belt buckle while he was slinging it against the wall. He's mischievous, but This.....!!! I believe he's ready to be out of grandma's house now. The creeper in there is persistent. Inrun him out, but either him, or others replace it. I'm sick of it too.
    Ugh, I really did not want to get into all this!!
    I'm happy you escaped any storms this year, as did I....😰
    I hope your head is getting better! I'm tired of the neurological issues!!
    I'm sending you hugs and many blessings!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  • @sunshine7959
    Sorry you are being tested. You have been alone in charge of your home long enough to appreciate being in charge of the energy in YOUR home. That is so very important to em paths and healers and mediums. Now before you decide on a home this mess is bringing to the lght how important your choice is in regards to your sensitivities. Also, I got the message from Michael after last post about your man friend. Although someone laughs...calling him manchild. Spirit messages are not always the same as Angel or guides so wondered if Michael was just having an opinion. Maybe he is right. He says Logan does not like your friend and you need to distance yourself from him right now as he steals energy. During this next stage of your path you will be keeping track of energy. When does it go, where does it go? Where do you gather and where do you get drained. This is going to be a priority. Keep a journal for the little nuances everyday you may not notice. Also, there are many stages and signs of energy leaks. Obviously tired and depressed are pretty clear but what gets missed is the before signs which are opposite! When being in a crowd of energies or a negative place I will actually feel a buzz of energy and probably be unable to sleep. I feel energized but it is not real and once I learned that I could cut my exposure short or make sure the next day was a silent me only day. Keep meditating on your home. Ask for what you want and keep it to yourself. Don't include your man friend.HUGS!

  • @blmoon
    Michael has always had opinions and never had trouble letting me know what they were. 🙂
    I do have my thoughts about P. It does surprise me that Michael says Logan doesn't like him. Logan always seems pretty placid around him. It has actually been some weeks since we last saw him, so I'm thinking whatever is bothering Logan right now has nothing to do with him. I'm hoping Logan isn't having any issues in school, but I'm watching that situation carefully.
    But I agree my friend should be kept out of my home search. That makes sense, and I will do just that.
    But I see the south hasn't changed much since I was last here. The mortgage broker guaranteed me a loan for a certain amount. I sent in all my paperwork, including a picture ID, which he said was just a formality. Today, he called and reneged on what he had previously told me. He dropped the loan amount by $50,000, and changed my loan type completely, making it almost impossible to get a home in a decent, safe area. I'm going to keep manifesting what I want, and not going to give up. I'm going to keep my head up.
    It's finally feeling less ridiculous today heatwise. Mom and I went for a walk today for the first time since the beginning of summer. It was sooo nice!!! The air blowing off the river was refreshing and I enjoyed the walk thoroughly.
    How's your weather? I hope you're sending a cooling off as well. This heat is nooo joke!!!
    Keep cool and take care of yourself!!

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