• @sunshine7959
    YES! Waiting for the crazy cosmos to calm down. Same here, energy is scarce. I have been mostly purging through STUFF. Donating. I go at it then the dust get's to me and my shoulder gets aggravated so it's work then rest . I am not happy with all the growth here in Florida. It's a building boom here and every empty space is being built on! I can FEEL it and so want some space. Nature is being hit hard. I do not understand how careless people building everywhere can be so ignorant about ignoring the connection between nature and humans. I just donated a keyboard to goodwill yesterday and prayed that you would find one! My husband has a very nice one and I have my own but my grandson is needing room so let his go. I did pick up health concerns for a family member awhile back but I thought it was your dad . My husband had three stents put in a couple weeks ago. OH yes the visitors are active! They are feeding off the collective high emotions going on right now. SAINT MICHAEL HAS BEEN BUSY! Hugs sweet Sunshine. The energy will change for us soon. AMEN♥

  • @blmoon
    Actually, both my parents are having health issues as is my youngest sister. The younger generation is so narcissistic, I'm really disappointed in most of them, particularly my oldest daughter. They don't have compassion or empathy for family in difficulties, but expect it from everyone when it's their turn.
    It's getting pretty tedious and draining kicking out the"nocturnal visitors" every night. I'm going to be salting and saging where I can, but my stepfather believes that is devil workings and would read me the riot act if I did.
    Praying for my own place!!!
    I do feel drained a lot no motivation to do anything, I knew you were probably feeling it too!! Please let it end soon!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

  • @blmoon
    Hi to you!!
    Just wanted you to know that you totally called it about dad. I found out a couple days ago that he's been in the hospital, because he fell. He didn't call anyone. My sister happened to call him. He and my stepmother are both in the hospital.
    Kids started school today. Love hand first day ever there. He didn't want to get out of the car, so I parked and escorted him into the school. I stayed with him for a while until he felt less anxious, then I left. Afterwards, he did better. I'm glad he is finally back in school. Lauren hopped right out of the car and ran to her class. She was ecstatic to be back. Hahaha!!!
    After the meltdown she had a couple weeks ago at church, I decided last weekend to take them to MS to spend the night at Peter's place. He enjoyed staying up watching Lilo and Stitch 1 & 2 with the kids camped out in their sleeping bags on the living room floor. The kids seem to enjoy being there, and it was a nice diversion from our living situation. It was nice of him to invite us over. I'm just taking it easy and one step at a time with him. Trying to keep it casual.
    Life is moving along okay, but still stressful for me, I'm keeping myself busy but I'm ready to either find a home or go back to PA. Something's got to give.
    I swept the house again to oust nocturnal visitors a while ago. I've noticed that when my great-nephew is away visiting his mother, or his father, Logan sleeps better....
    How have you been?? Have you been beating the heat over there?? It's been absolutely insane here. We've gone between heat waves, and monsoon thunderstorms. Last weekend when we left to go to Peter's, there was a drenching thunderstorm going on, and the street was flooded!! Water up to the floorboards up the street going away from the river. Many streets were under water, I hit a few touchy spots in the road going to the ferry. We've been totally saturated, so now even when we get a little rain, the yard has standing water. The mosquitoes attack in clouds!!! Can't go outside to sit in the yard without swarms attacking!! I'm ready for the fall!!
    Hope your gardens have fared well through all this weather, and that your creepy neighbor has been staying in his own place. I bought sage scented spray for the diffuser, in lieu of burning sage. Hope it works soon, but so
    Guess I had better clean my room. I did laundry and can't get into my bed.
    Have a really safe and blessed weekend. Hugs to you!!!