• @blmoon I love hearing g that you're keeping up with the poetry!! It makes my.heart happy to know you are busy with something you love!! Hopefully I will be able to read some of your poetry someday.
    Unfortunately, I am missing my piano so much!! I listen to music a lot, but not making my own music leaves a void. I am grateful for all that I have and for life. I do want my space and privacy back, as do my children. We love family, but we need peace and quiet. My mother lives close to the Mississippi River, so I can see water often. I am looking for a house near the river. Being a water sign, water is an integral part of me.
    We're still adjusting to the heat and humidity of the south again. Pittsburgh is still relatively cool so far. The elevation is hard too. We're used to 3,000+ above sea level, now we are 10 below sea level. Feels like the air is so palpable, and I am constantly hot and sweating.
    I enjoyed hearing a out you redoing your personal space. Going to work on my bedroom here in my.parents' house, but when I get my own place, that's the first order of business. I know how frustrating that must have been during the process. But I bet it really feels great now.
    I still get the head zaps too, and the headaches and the sense of my body being out of balance, but I work through it. This is part of my new normal, so I keep it moving.
    I think we both have come to accommodate and deal with our issues.
    Yes, the chaos, energy and the noise in the cosmos is distracting.
    I wish Michael could really see the children now. 😕
    You have a Blessed and peaceful day!! 🌹😶💛

  • @badgerwoman
    Thank you for the advice. I was surprised to know someone was actually following our conversation.
    I'm working on my issues, but I don't click on sites that I know nothing about, though I appreciate the gesture.
    I hope throughout your sojourn on this site that you can find much to help you in your awakening and development of your skills.
    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

  • @sunshine7959 I understand,I think I sent her email to you. I did not see her site either, just saw her comments on another site about being an advocate for this issues and she was so compassionate about it. She did email me back and say she is limited to number of clients and the service isn't free, which I didn't know, so maybe its best you didn't contact her.

    Yes, I am following! Ya'll stories and issues caught my heart strings. Keep posting!

  • @badgerwoman

    Hi ...this message is for you and Blmoon ...for the "writing project" if there is time and if you can obtain use JUNIPER OIL ...a drop on feet or in shoes will make the thoughts/words flow easier and get the project done!

    MONEY ... put a drop of DATE OIL on every dollar bill you spend and think about 10 more coming back with each one.

  • BlMoon!!
    Hello to you!! Hoping your summer is coming along nicely. The kids are finally settling down and assimilating. Getting kids ready to start school.un the he fall. I have lots of ideas to get all of the kids here going, puzzle competitions, trivia games, etc... They are having fun and learning at the same time.
    I'm doing virtual practicing on piano, I have a specific piece of music that I'm working on right now. We'll see how that works.
    How's your garden going amidst all the heat? And your earthbound neighbor? I keep sending the resident earthbound here into the Mississippi River quite often. Eventually they will get the message. Hahahaha
    Just checking on you to see how you are doing and say hi!!!
    Have a totally Blessed day!!!

  • @sunshine7959
    was thinking of you! Your energy feels more settled. Every time you ask about the creeper next door you are right on! I had to sage last night! My husband said he was outside two days ago and the neighbor was sageing bigtime! I had saged two days before her. I just knew he'd be over here! I like your idea about sending him to the river. I live near the ST. Johns river. It runs North! I bet your vibe increases when you are creating music. I have an extra keyboard here. Wish I could send it to you. I will pray and visualize a piano or at least a keyboard to come your way. Visualize it at night. See one just coming to you. I wanted to tell you last post that I felt you were worried Michael was not around but wanted you to know that he is very close and always will be. He is never far. As part of his choice to be a guardian helper for those on earth struggling with mental illness and drug addiction he still never strays far from you. He promises he "OWES" you a house and he hasn't forgotten! It's been 100 here so not much gardening! We started getting thunderstorms past week but I'm kind of enjoying them. Michael says you may be hearing news about his sister but says he prefers you keep safe distance. Also, not sure which one of your past men friends it is but I think it was the one "attached " to his mother? He had a big life change. But again, it doesn't concern you. I get a good vibe for you right now as if things are falling into place and your next chapter of life has begun and you can relax for a bit.. Closer to fall expect a health change with your father but again. It is not your burden and it will work itself out. You have a blessed day too! HUGS!

  • @blmoon

    Hopefully Michael can whisper in Lauren's ear and help her with her issues. She causes ruckus and isn't endearing herself to the family.

    I figured sis would pop up eventually, it doesn't surprise me. No problem keeping my distance.

    I trust Michael to keep his word. We are ready to have our forever home. It's long past time!!

    I went to a piano store here some time ago I was actually looking for piano books, and fell in love with a Steinway piano there. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! I do miss my piano very much. I am appreciative for what I have right now, butIt's time.

    I will certainly look for the things happening in the future.

    As for our respective creepers, yes, picture holding him by the collar and seat of the pants and throw him in the river and then visualize a giant hand shoving.him down the river to the Gulf of Mexico and drifting out to the open ocean. It looks hilarious, but it works. I'm not sure if it is the same one or a different one that keeps coming back here, but I'm going to stop him from bothering Logan.

    The weather is incredibly hot here as well. The humidity is awful. I always look like a shrinking violet instead if fresh as a rose. Hahaha

    Keep doing your thing, my friend, and I will keep doing mine.

    This Oct will be 6 years since Michael transitioned. Sometimes it still seems so fresh, other times, it seems like a lifetime ago. I Don't doubt he's here, I hope he is helping me kick the stalker out. 😃

    Have a lovely weekend!! I'm planning to, me and the kids!!