• BEEN THINKING OF YOU! Hope it cools down for your Florida visit. We broke a record Tuesday. I waited till 7:30 at night to cut the tall lawn and it was still in the 90's! It rains everyday so the lawn grows like crazy. I feel like pioneer woman plowing the fields! Feels good to get my strength back.......BLESSINGS!

  • I was planning to bisit on Tuesday in Fl. Dad is acting rather ambivalent about it, since I have to stay in a hotel anyway, I am rethinking dropping visit to one day. Sometimes he is sooo wishy washy. Seems to ne the sum of the .men in my life. Michael must be refereeing around fussing or fighting around here. The mosquitoes have eaten me alive!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, BlMoon. Hugs and Blessings to you!!0

  • Hi BlMoon.

    Been thinking about you, too much spam so I haven't posted.

    Not going to FL. Had it arranged with Dad. But he called mom and said my stepmother had a death in the family, so they are going to Miami. It could be true, but I suspect dad could be a little ambivalent about us visiting. Oh well. Shaking my head.

    Lauren got her wish to go to the beach today. Tried to take heron a pier, she freaked out. She has love/hate issues with water. I wonder if it is past life issues.

    Lpgan is enjoying his cousins and my mom.

    Lauren got her hair cut and her ears pierced. She is happy now. She can't stop looking in the mirror. 🙂

    I think Michael has kept it peaceful here. My oldest daughter, my youngest sister and one of my nieces has not been around much. So I haven't seen much of my grandson. Oh well.

    I have started seeing some abundance manifesting. Nice.

    Anyway I hope that all is well for you. I hope we van meet on my next trip down. We picked some nice shells from the beach for our fairy garden. Maybe I will bring them some sand too. 🙂

    There is a sweet little gecko that keeps coming into the house. I've talked to it and explained that if my family finds it inside, they will kill it. But he's persistent. I catch him and take him outside, the next night he's back. He realizes by now that I won't hurt him so he sits on the paper or in the bag until I release him outside. I hope he doesn't meet my unenlightened family after I leave. 😞

    Have a wonderful day and we're sending you many Blessings!!!

  • Back home. It was quite a trip. I enjoyed my reunion, though it was quite tiring. Three days of activities!!! I saw many friends and I guess maturity has changed enemies into acquaintances. I was surprised at how many still lived in the same town we, our parents, grandparents, greatparents and great great grands lived. The history of Pass Christian is deep.

    I saw Peter during the reunion and because he wanted to see the kids, we stopped in for an hour on our way back home. He's too funny....perhaps he is rethinking his situation. However, I am just going on with my life. Zachary is off to the sidelines and will probably quietly disappear. Right now, I am more concerned with myself and my children. I am building myself up and looking for ways to help them. If I am meant to have a mate, the Universe will arrange for us to meet.

    I hope you have had a great summer. I know it was hot!!

    Didn't get to see my dad. I think I alteady mentioned. He didn't seem too enthused anyway. Oh well...

    Fairy garden got some sea shells. It looks sp nice!!!

    Have a great week!!! Many blessings to you!!!

  • Kids start school on Thursday!!! Yay!!!

  • did your home welcome you back? Glad you had a safe trip. Too bad about your dad.....he's been influenced in a way you can't undo in a day. He would have enjoyed the visit had he not been encouraged to fear your motives. Your gesture was loving. He will realize that from a distance. BLESSINGS!

  • I did feel like home was glad to see me. I asked the fairies to look after it while we were gone. I did thank them afterwards and gave them the seashells. I promised them a much nicer garden when I find a newhome with a fantastic yard. I don't see them yet, but I'm patient. Soon, I guess.

    I think my mother twisted dad's arm to ask for money for ne that I didn't need to get back home. He calls her a lot these days. Mostly for assuaging guilt over how he conducted himself during their 32 year marriage and realizing she was his true love. She can be a bit of a bully sometimes with all of us. My stepmother could be helping his uncertainties where I am concerned. Since I have never ever asked him for anything one would think he'd know better.

    I think Zach got the clue that I think too highly of myself for a onesided relationship. Perhaps my telling him that pointblank finally did it. 🙂

    Peter hasn't given up yet. He seems to be doing some thinking about things. But that's on him. I'm going to concentrate on my music now that the kids are going to be in school. And looking for a new home for us.

    I'm tealizing just how many domineering people I grew up with. My parents were totally domineering. Accounting for many issues I struggle with still. My other mother, Irene , is domineering too. She's been pushing mehard about moving. She wants to will me her home and worldly goods since she has no children. I wonder how much this was an incentive to encourage me to move to San Antonio. I've had enough bullies in my life. She's alone and needs someone so I feel bad. I just need to get past all my issues about dominating people first.

    Anyway. How are your gardens holding out? Summer will be over soon. At least for us. You stay warm mostly year round.

    Lauren poisoned our food plants by watering them with the lysol water I was using to wash down the walls in the house.

    Ugh that kid!!

    Hope your day is great. Thunderstorms here today. I hope next trip I get to see you.

    Be blessed and lots of hugs.

    Been Missing Michael the last few days. 😞

  • Michael has been around his sister and his mom. He is trying to heal them and is hoping his mom will stop hanging on to earthly attachments. His sister runs from her past and constantly lives in a state of unfinished business. She likes to think of herself as a free spirit but makes choices otherwise. Ironically, she is more like her mother than she knows! She hangs on to the past. She gets karma situations that try and open her eyes to past judgments on her brother. She runs from those bits of regret. She has to be right about the past or it would be painful. Spirit finish her karma she is destined to fall in love with men like her brother. Anyway, he is always busy being the Angel. You will be feeling his presence. I have been getting church references for you....some kind of opportunity to meet or do something new. It feels positive. As for your dad....someone fed the fear of losing his independence. Elderly folks often fear relatives taking over and forcing decisions. I think it was more the female being paranoid you would intrude on HER ownership. Too bad but the fact you did not get pushy on him at all will have him wishing he had welcomed you. Let him be and hopefully another opportunity will come. BLESSINGS!

  • Unfortunately, he has already lost his independence. He and my stepmother are living with her daughter and her husband as neither of them xan adequately care for each other or themselves. Zola, my stepmom has had a series of strokes and ge is always in the hospital for something or the other. He says hecwants to move closer to mom abd my siblings, but no one is feeling it. He wasn't a dad to us growing up. Noone wants him now. My stepdad has been rather accommodating in regards to dad calling so much but he'll eventually lose his patience.

    You are right about K. She has nursed that hate for her brother for so long, she can't and/or won't change it now. He's been the excuse for her not having contact with me and the kids all their lives. It's been quiet here, so I'm not sure if mil is still hanging around. I cleared ourcspace and hung chimes in the house. Still lookibg to move to anew place.

    I figured Michael wasn't around. It feels quiet. The kids always include in their prayers every night for daddy and thw angels to stay with them while they sleep. I have come to realize that Michael was autistic, albeit high functioning. Lauren is a lot like him behaviorwise and high functioning like him. Logan has some of Michaels repetitive behaviors as well. Logan looks so much like him.

    It puts Michael in a whole new perspective for me. I'm glad he is doing so much good now.

    Someone approached me at church last sunday and voiced a wish to have me moved out of the nursery and into the adult women's relief society. They need a pianist and a chorister. That might be it. I've been with the children in some capacity for well over a decade. That could be it.

    I'm feeling good about Lauren and Logan's new school. It feels so positive and caring there. I feel they are safe there, not like it was in the Gateway school district schools. This is a charter school for autistic kids and despite my wishes for them to be mainstreamed, I feel they are better off here.

    Perhaps I can make some time for me and make positive changes in my life now.

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  • I hope Michael can help his mom and sis. But they have to want it first.

  • Hi BlMoon!

    Hoping all is well with you and yours. I've been thinking about you .

    It's cool up here. It already feels like fall.

    I'm enjoying my time while the kids are in school. I have started workinf on my music more and listening to positive things on youtube. I will try to make good use of my time. But sometimes, I just feel like vegging.

    Hope you are feeling well. Lol. I'm being placed on medicare as of 12-01...guess that places me in senior citizen status. 🙂

    I'm feeling more upbeat and positive. I know Michael is looking after us and helping where he can. The four year anniversary of his transition is coming up. I'm sensing that Lauren has anger issues about him. I know she's feeling jealousy because the other girls at church have their fathers and she doesn't. She says that dad is in heaven, but she talks sometimes as if he is still here. I am really going to need to wlrm more with her to ease her negative feelings and behaviors. Logan just goes with the flow.

    I am still wondering what it is about that Archangel Michael church that is significant. You've mentioned that Michael has referred to it a few times. Everytime I pass it, I try to think about it and see what' comes to me. I live less than a block from it. Perhaps one day it will come to me.

    Anyway, just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know I'm thinking about you.

    Have a fantastic day. Lots of hugs!!!

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  • Hi Blue Moon. I hope you have been able to get youtself and your family evacuated for the storm, and you are safe. I am worried about you!! The news is so grim! . This storm is so big, I'm not there, but it scares me. Please take care and be safe!!! I really pray that it shidts out to sea and spares so much misery and damage to so many people.

    My father is being foolish and stubborn and has chosen not to evacuate! The daughter in law and her family fled and left my stepmother and my dad behind! I'm flabbergasted, to be honest! These folks are in their 80's and not able to care for themselves adequately!!! Now all we can do is pray they are okay. I wondered for a moment if he was trying to get a rise out of my mother. She banned him from calling her all the time, out of respect for my stepdad, and now she's upset, but refusing to call and talk reason into him because she thinks he is trying to force contact. That would be so childish if he were. He's not answering calls and texts from me and my siblings. Grrrr!!!!!

    We are okay, but worried and praying for everyone.

    Please let me know that you are safe!!!

    Be Blessed and safe!!!

  • Thanks for your prayers. .....HUNKERED DOWN! How many Yard Fairies does it take to turn a hurricanes?

  • Not enough, apparently!!! Perhaps I will ask mine to help!!! Be safe!!!

  • NlMoon! Are you okay?

    Dad is okay. No power though.

  • BlMoon! Are you okay?

    Dad is okay. No power though.

  • Hi BlMoon.

    I'm glad to see youare posting. I am hoping you fared well through the storm and afterwards.

    We're all okay here. Hoping you are all right.


  • Hi BlMoon.

    Just wondering how you are doing. I can imagine you don't come in here often because of the spam. I have cut it down myself. Perhaps things will get better here.

    Things are okay with me andmine right now. Hopefully Iwill talj to you soon.

    Hugs to you!!

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