• Been thinking of you SUNSHINE! Sending hugs!

  • Hi BlMoon!!

    I have been trying to answer this for a while!!! So many site issues!!!

    I have been thinking about you too! I'm hoping all is well with you and your family. Have you recovered from your concussion?

    We are doing great. The kids are growing up!! Lauren is 16 and Logan is 12. Logan looks and sounds like Michael more and more.

    I still miss him, but it gets better.

    As for me, I am still struggling with some things, but I believe that it will get better.

    I miss talking to you a lot!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!! xoxo

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  • WOW a sunny day! Hope you are being good to yourself. I felt like you were praying a lot the last few weeks and you were feeling the weight of uncertainty....yet as usual you were fighting hard to be your best foot forward and your sun shiny self. You think of others first. I see a picture of surrender......Jesus in his humble robes....standing arms out hands hanging lax and head bowed and all around him people with love in their hearts reaching towards him. Are you about to attract a village of support? I hope so! Easter Blessings in the distance? YOU ARE LOVED!

  • You are right BlMoon!! I have been doing some praying. I'm still trying to climb out of the financial quagmire and find a less expensive, good place for me and the kids to live.

    Mom is going through health issues and I am concerned for her, and my dad as well. As they live in different states, itmakes it hard to see them both.

    Yes, I still do think of others first, but I am feeling the need to have something good happen for me!!

    Peter is supposed to be coming to visit us in a couple weeks. I'm expecting that this visit will determine for us where this relationship is going. I'm praying it works out. He seems to be open to being together, distance is a problem. However, Mississippi is not a place I want to go. Perhaps he will move....

    I am happy to hear from you! I am hoping you are recovered.

    It's getting more exhausting and harder to raise these two myself, especially with health issues getting me down.

    I'm going to stop before I spill it all.

    Hugs and much love to you!!

  • Happy Sunday to you, BlMoon. Have a great week!

  • Hi BlMoon,

    Just checking on you. I have been thinking about you a lot. Hoping all is well. However, I do envy you the warm weather, particularly since we have snow on the ground again!!

    Kids are doing pretty well, and especially Logan. I think being up here is the best thing I could have done for them. They are doing so much, but has come at a price for me. But seeing them growing and developing has been the payoff for me.

    Hope all is well with you!

    Many blessings to you and yours.



  • Hi BlMoon.

    Just want to ask you please if Spirit can give you anyi formation about the spirit hanging around us. I spoke to it and asked it to leave. Who or what is it?

    Thanks so much!!

    Love and Light!!

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  • Sorry to not answer son and grand kids were in town plus I have been sick with allergies.Have you recently moved to a new place? How often is this spirit visiting? Describe how it shows it's it attracted more to Logan or you? Do you ever feel it could be Michael's mother? If you recently moved it may be a spirit who lives there. Since I'm tired it would help if you can tell me something I can pick up on.

  • Still in the same place. But I have been feeling it here since we moved in.he seems to like Logan. That's why I put hom back in with Lauren. It seems to be hanging around me at night. Making the floors creak. Doors open. Stuff drops on the floor . I had smudged in here before. Might be time to do it again. I'm not sure who it is. But it is keeping me from sleeping. Lauren doesn't seem to be affected. Only me and Logan. I don't think Michael would be trying to create anxiety in me. But neither Logan nor I can sleep well. I'm thinling about moving. I do have some of Michael's moms stuffin here. His sister Kristen asked me to stash it for her as she has no place for it. I think I may need to get her to takeit all with her.

  • I am so glad you got to see your son and grandkids!! That was nice!!! Allergies get the thumbs down!! Is it warm there?

    Finally got some warm weather today!

    I hope you feel better rsoon.

    Love and light to you BlMoon!!

  • I do remember you moving there and saying you liked the place yet felt an uncomfortable presence there. So you are saying the presence has amped up recently? Michael would not disturb you unless you are making a bad choice he doesn't agree with. He would use your dreams first or bring people into your life. I don't feel it's him. I do think you need to unload your mother inlaws stuff. Be firm when telling Kristin she needs to come get it .You can say "I'm donating stuff to the church" It's been you want me to donate for you?" You really should not keep it around you. I remember how you hated the way Michael's mom hoarded STUFF! I feel you are dealing with two spirits at odds with each other. There is the Spirit attached to the place.....who is noticeable at times but has accepted you....and then there's the mother-in-law who wants her claim.....and they are causing a ruckess. I do believe Michael intervenes at times but only wants to make them stop so he backs off not to make it worse. Go over your dreams lately that stick with you cos Michael would be trying to give you advice on this. Because both Logan and you are sensitives your mother-in-law could drag other spirits through as well but they have no reason to stay or care. Do command all negative energies they must's your space. Be firm! If the spirit who is attached to the place doesn't really bother you than you can tell them you just want peace. Your mother-in-law must go. Definitely use sage and salt around your doorways. Before sleep use chimes or a bell....I set off wind chimes after arguments. A hand held bell works. Go through the rooms before bed....ring the bell with a prayer of blessing your space and commanding all negative energy to leave. If you do move be aware that Logan is an open vessel at times and often Spirits will attract you and him to a place......I am like that too and attracted to places with activity. Do not be afraid of the night....if it gets too active...get up and ring the bell. Or hang wind chimes in every room and set them off ringing by hand.. Put your mother-in-laws stuff in a bin or bins and put salt with it. If it is furniture do a sage smudge with a prayer. Let me know how you are doing. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BlMoon.

    I was wondering if my mil was around here, but I have been wonddring if Michael's dad is hanging around too. He died when Logan was only 18 mos pld. He always said and so did she how he wanted to take Logan fishing. Did I tell you that after mil died, Kristen found Michael's ashes, her dad's ashes and her maternal grandmother's ashes in the room where mil was sleeping? She had all that around her and now I feel that perhaps she has dragged all of them sith her. I feel sapped and tired all the time and I have to admit...the family room and laundry areas are starting to look like her house. I also wondered if there was some opposition to the man I am getting involved with. His name is Peter and I. Think we were going to discuss him just becore you got your concussion, but never did. He has expressed a desire to get serious and wants to come visit. But everytime he schedules a trip, something causes him to cancel. Zachary, whom we Did discuss but initially rejected is still on the periphery. I wondered if Michael or his mom are trying to come between us. I won't go into too much detail. But Peter and I have history, like Zachary and I. We went to school together, our parents knew each other. We connect on many levels. He also lives in MS but unlike Zachary, he is willing to move somewhere else. He likes the kids too. I have garbled dreams due to my head issues so I can't make sense of any of it. Is all this connected or am I just letting my imagination take flight? I feel like the kids are a big part of whatever's going on in here, and I want it to Stop!!! I do want to move...just not sure where.

    Thank you BlMoon. Many blessings to you.

  • The mil is the problem and you need to deal with it because she can follow you even if you move. Spirits need lots of energy to manifest movement and mayhem. When I have a visitor attracted to my light and energy I get tired....have pain and stiffness up the back of my neck and head. I will feel better if I leave the house for a couple hours. Also, I will notice my house starts getting cluttered. The best remedy is to push through the heavy feeling. Music helps me. Then you must clean house....throw stuff out....donate. Low energy Spirits do not like airy places.....they like stagnate air flow.....stuff placed with no sense of order. This is hard because you do not have the energy....your house will fight your efforts. I think your dreams are chaotic because the energy around you is chaotic....too much activity and a sign as well that you need to clear your actually washes away the energy by spreading your own energy......your space is being taken over. I deal with this as well. I do not feel the grandfather in this mix. Take care of cleaning and decorating first then I can zero in on Peter. Spirit says dealing with your pushy unwanted house energy is most important right now. Push back with divine will. Pray to ST Michael to protect and also ask the Fairies to help....they are powerful healers of spaces......see them dancing and joyfully spreading energy....I see them holding hands and dancing around my yard fence lines pushing negativity back away from my space. I often sing prayers to them. Go sit outside.....and ask for answers. BLESSINGS!

  • My pains are in mylower back and migraines. I can't sleep and even the simplest things tire me out. I'm stressed and short-tempered. I stopped losing weight and am gaining back what I lost. Someone keeps touching me...sometimes on the shoulder, sometimes on my arm. My ankle got grabbed one night. I'm going to go get the sage tomorrow. I javethe windows open even though its cool outside. I need to clean. I believe that though Lauren doesn't seem to be aware of the drama going on around us, shee is being influenced. She likes clutter and mayhem around her. I'm always trying to make her clean up messes everywhere, to no avail. The fresh air blowing through the rooms feels nice.

    I will work on clearing my space.

    Blessings to you. !!

  • I was going to tell you to open the windows but remembered it was chilly there! I feel like that when I get head symptoms. I still get episodes. Stress or doing to much sets them off and all I can do is rest. I hate it. Mostly, I'm getting better but when it is back it is such an effort to do anything and at it's worse I can't stand noise and can't get comfortable and I sleep yet do not feel like my brain really slept! I get head zaps.....little electric jolts. I switched my magnesium source to Magnesium CITRATE . I take two at night and two in morning and that has helped a lot. Before that I was having so much muscle tightness and headaches. I do have a lot improvement and feel bad for you. I only have spurts of bad times and always because of some stress happened or I was feeling good and did too much! I hate the depressed feeling because that is not really me! But it is the head injury. That week visiting with my son and grandkids at the beach did me in. But it was worth it! I needed a week to recover. Just now feeling myself and did some gardening....but I have to force myself not to overdo. Brain injury has changed my life. Three years in April. I take a lot of breaks when busy in the house and make my goals small. Like.....ok today I get rid of the newspapers piling up. I do a little....sit a little with a treat. Do more and celebrate. I was never a napper but now I need one good nap a day. I literally fall out. It's strange to get used to. I can't imagine how you get by raising kids! You can not have all this activity around are long past being exhausted and your mil is taking over and the spirit who came with the house is not happy. Also being in a weak state invites negativity. You need joy. To surround your space with things that only make you smile! Your weight gain is trying to build a wall of protection around you. I am hearing that you do not drink enough water. Right now clearing your space and getting rid of your mil is an emergency. Get rid of as much extra stuff as you can. Get rid of your mil's stuff immediately.....if you don't think her daughter will come get it then you must be strong and get rid of it. You can get past this. Pray and use the house blessings and protection rituals. You are in my prayers!.

  • ps. don't worry too much if Lauren's messes are happy messes. If she is being joyful and being creative it brings good vibes to your space. It's not little bits of living clutter that moves about. Bad clutter has a stagnation to it that piles like a wall.....looks like it grows and you avoid it. I call it the wall that slowly is trying to swallow you up! If you don't have strength for too much....just dust off your favorite things. Loving things is a very good will give you your space back. happy new moon!

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