Anyone else hit the Virus Warnig Ad

  • Anyone else hit the Virus Warnig Ad that tries to trick you into downloading a supposedly free trial? If you read it rather than clicking on it it is an Ad (or possibly the virus itself) but anyway, if you click close (x) it comes up with another warnig to "Run virus checker now" which is still a "webpage message" (not from your browser or your own virus checker) trying to get you to click okay.

    I did not, I just hit the close button again. So I can't speak for where it sends you or gives you.

    Anyone else run into this?

  • Oh no I belive, I had that problem and they will tell you to go into your computer and click on a removal program which only worsens the problem. Call someone who knows about computers before trying to remove it yourself. ugh I hate these people that do this. It is a scam and they want you to buy there software to remove the program. Call someone that knows whta they are doing before you attempt to fix it yourself or it can become very costly

  • Actually I hit it this morning and I'm trying to duplicate it so I can publish it on my blog. I've been warning people about this for months. This is just the proof I need! Thanks for posting this! Now I know what page I was on when I got it.

    And as long as you don't click on it, you're ok. The thing installs a Trojan Virus. I had walked away from my computer and my TrendMicro blocked the entire page. That's the only way I knew about it. When I cam back, the page was up to scan, the warning from Trend was on the page saying it blocked it, and was no where to be found!

  • Thanks,

    I don't think I have gotten anything as I did not actually click on the button however, my sister had a fit when it came up on her last night and we were trying to find out what happened.

    I thought it was a clitch with hers till I hit it myself and I remembered reading a post in the Cosmic Reporter on the New Look about someone who got a Trojan Horse virus while searching this site.

  • The following is from a post someone posted today as to where this malicious adware has been lurking. Don't go there!

    " my computer locks up when I click on the Pod Casts, I get a Malicious AddOn warning. Anyone else getting this message?"

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