Need to withdraw the case!

  • Hi all,

    Me and my husband had a fight last day. I got really mad at him, and I filed a case against him for domestic assault. Later on I understood that it was just a misunderstanding which lead to the fight, and it was actually not his mistake. And now I wanted to withdraw my case. I don't know whether it is possible or not. I did a small research online and found this blog [url] [/url] . I really want some advice. Whether withdrawal of case is possible or whether he will be taken to the prison.

  • For anyone in this position you don't need a psychic blog. If he was arrested go the the online facility he is in and all his info is up there. For records go the clerk of court in the county he's incarcerated in and that's were all court records show up. He will be arraigned before a judge who will decide bail and will be given a court date. You will have plenty of time to drop the case. If he doesn't have a lawyer he will be appointed one. That's the man to call. Or you can call the arresting officers and drop the case. They should have given you a card with an arrest number. Each state has their own rules so if you had physical evidence of injury and your husband was resisting arrest with violence or was visibly out of control the police can still press charges for that. If you lied about the assault you are liable for making a false report. I hope your post isn't real but answered it anyway because this is real everyday somewhere for someone.

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