Bimoon, please help with your insight & knowledge.

  • Dear Bimoon,

    I am going through some very troubled times for a long time now- for nearly 8 years now. I have been so badly off because of this long drought, that I feel that this is what the future will be. I don't want it to be that way and want to fight to make it right for my family, my immediate family and myself. However, I am becoming weary.

    Nearly 14 years back we migrated to a new country as a family. I went back to our earlier country for a more senior position and stayed there, away from my family, for 5 years. I believe I was really good in my profession and reached great heights. 8 years back I changed course and decided to give it all up and join my family. For 8 years I have been trying my hand at different things at the self-employed end with just meagre returns. The job market continues to elude me in this country, despite my very successful international career record. I am desperately trying to remain sane and keep things afloat for my family. Professionally and financially I am at my lifetime low. It looks like the 25 years of hard work and career success was all for nothing- these 8 years have rolled by and there seems no light at the end of this tunnel. I believe I have been a conscious, caring, honest person for my family, my immediate family and the community all my life and this period of turmoil is even testing my values, beliefs and faith as a person.

    I have this feeling deep inside me that the tarot has some very valuable insights and advice for me as to where I am headed. But I don't understand it enough . With 2017 bringing in change, I was hoping to have a better insight on what is ahead and I picked a set of cards. This was the pick:

    _Celtic Cross

    Self- The Empress

    Situation- Knight of Cups

    Challenges/Opportunities- Wheel of Fortune

    Recent Past- Five of Swords

    Higher Power- Three of Rods

    Near Future- King of Cups

    Blockers & Inhibitions- King of Coins

    Allies- The Devil

    Advice- The Hermit

    Long-Term Potential- The High Priestess

    Will you, please, please take a look at this spread and help me understand the message and insight?

    Since my understanding of Tarot is very limited, it would be a huge help if you can explain in as much detail as possible. Sincere thanks for your insight and time. Bless you.


  • I am familiar with Tarot basics but I am a psychic medium and I read cards mostly psychically. What I see is you being reminded your happiness is under your control ...the Empress controls your perspective, self judgement and it is within your power to choose happiness and self worth. Knight of cups as well confirms what you attract is your choice even if you are blind to that. Wheel of fortune is the realistic universal law of life......the up and down that is not a sign of failure but just is. Sometimes we are on top and the wheel turns and we are down but up will return if we are on turn of the wheel and we are stagnate and all progressions, challenges to keep learning stop. The five swords of your past is an uneven number and a reminder you have lost your sense of balance and balance protects you from fearful have a lot of all or nothing thinking going on....this was also evident in your post with language like saying you think 25 years of your life has been wasted. Three of rods is also an uneven number but as in the divinity it echoes the power of the Holy Trinity. Your mind busy with fears, regrets and distractions is cutting you off from Spirit.. Answers would come to you more if you can still your fears. King of coins encourages you take the advice and your reward will be a stronger connection to your higher consciousnesses and Spirit help. Your blocker is the king of cups.....the opposite...the coins represent earthly influences and false focus that distracts you from receiving your own good guidance. The devil can be your alli when you can recognize the truth...see the flaws in your thinking. Know your own dark side.....we all have a shadow to manage. The devil can also represent the lie of your self talk and encourages you to see the truth in it's power to that way the lie serves you to work on awareness as to how you diminish your power and self worth by listening to your shadow side.In this way the devil is helping you by resisting it.. Advice...the hermit is is encouraging you as well to remedy this habit of living in your head with no room for stop as well distracting yourself with too much action. The hermit says LET GO. Stop grasping. Your self worth is not about you needing to prove it. You are safe and worthy even in stillness. Live in the moment and you will gather guidance and your potential is the high priestess who hears the wisdom that was always there and has been returned to power. Spirit adds that if you do not take some time to rest mind body and event or illness in life will force it on you. I feel you already have a sense of this can't go on any longer. You must be feeling the exhaustion. You can't go on monitoring your life so closely and judging every move for mistakes. Nothing is a waste. There are only lessons. Regret just keeps you stuck. Raking over the past steals from you the opportunity of a wiser future. You can't go forward facing backwards AND you can't live in the moment if your looking fearfully to the future. Trust in your future but understand it is reached only by living in the by day. Fulfill your day with the right sense of gratitude, self love and trust that you are safe and the future will take care of itself. There is something you fear in the silence and lull of your being alone. Find that truth and it will set you free. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to forgive yourself. You deserve to be worthy just for being silent and sitting still.....BLESSINGS!

  • SORRY...i am tired and mixed up your king of cups with king of coins...but you should get it.

  • Dear Bimoon,

    Thank you so much for your interpretation of the spread and its relevance to my life. I get most of what you are saying and all of it is valuable insight.

    I would like to read it couple of more times and grasp the meaning of all that you have said. I do hope it would be okay with you, If I write back if I need any clarification.

    Sincere thanks once again,


  • Yes....I I don't mind . You are in a place where change is ready. You can do this.

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