Where am I headed in my profession & finances?

  • Appreciate if I can have an expert's interpretation of this spread that I picked in response to the above question.

    Celtic Cross

    Self- The Empress

    Situation- Knight of Cups

    Challenges/Opportunities- Wheel of Fortune

    Recent Past- Five of Swords

    Higher Power- Three of Rods

    Near Future- King of Cups

    Blockers & Inhibitions- King of Coins

    Allies- The Devil

    Advice- The Hermit

    Long-Term Potential- The High Priestess

    Since my understanding of Tarot is very limited, it would be a huge help if you can explain in as much detail as possible. Sincere thanks for your insight and time. Bless you.


  • Here is one of my own advice cards from my self-created pack.

    The Card of THE LAW OF ACTION

    In this situation, you are called on to move more actively into life. Vision isn’t enough unless it is combined with venture. It’s not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the stairs. Action brings results, manifesting different results, depending upon our thoughts, dreams, emotions, and words. Therefore, we must engage in actions that support those thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. Words may be cheap, concepts and philosophies may be elegant, ideas may abound, and good intentions may sound impressive. But no matter what we feel or know, no matter what out potential gifts or talents, only action brings them to life. The Law of Action states that it is better to do what we need to do than not do it and have a good reason. Many of us understand concepts such as commitment, courage and love, but we truly know only when we can actually do something. Doing leads to understanding, and action turns knowledge to wisdom. The Law of Action teaches us to overcome both inertia and impatience, to get past fear and insecurity, and to hurdle self-doubt, lethargy, apathy, excuses and a hundred good reasons not to rock the boat by acting out of courage, clear intention, and commitment. Action alone brings potential into reality. Dreams, thoughts, good intentions, commitment, courage, love remain good concepts - however only action brings them into being. Action is stronger than judgments based on individual personal impressions and feelings and opinions rather than external facts. No matter what you feel or think, you can still act. To turn ideas into action requires initial discomfort, effort, intention, strength, commitment, movement of energy, and courage, because to act is to take a risk. We only grow stronger from our own action - we have to be proactive to determine our growth. Being reactive is fear-based defensiveness. Being proactive is having the courage to commit to change. Act or be acted upon - it's your choice. Don’t wait for permission, motivation, or approval. Wait too long and fear, inertia, or ‘reason’ will take over. Fear is not a good reason not to do something. The only time you have to bring out your inner courage is when you are afraid. Just do it. Even if you fail, you learn something that will help you next time and it’s better than never trying at all.

    Fbyt, I feel that you can act impulsively at times and need to listen as much to your head and intuition as to your heart. Often regarded as a trendsetter, you are at your best when performing to an audience. You can however come on a bit strong to other people and may put them off as being too eccentric, superior, or bossy. Once you have learned more self-control, you can influence and inspire other people. You have great vision and dreams but you have to learn to be practical and apply yourself in the present, not in the future. You need freedom most of all in your life and to be challenged. You have a love for variety, adventure and acclaim, together with the versatility to handle sudden changes, so you are ideally suited to the world of entertainment. Other careers that might appeal to you include astronomy, meteorology, aviation, scientific research, or teaching. Your ability to charismatically lead campaigns could also draw you toward politics and social reform, or setting up your own business.

    This year you will have to be patient and work on yourself, becoming more practical and less of a dreamer. You may feel a bit lonely and left out in 2017, but 2018 will more than make up for it as it will be the best year for a long time regarding your career and material interests. This year, it is a time for inner healing, and you need to take more time out for introspection and thinking about what you really want, not what is best for other people. It is a time to go within and seek answers. You need to slow down and be honest with yourself. You need to learn to take things a little more steadily and to remain calm in difficult situations. You would benefit enormously from mind-body exercises such as yoga, tai chi and meditation techniques. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding yourself with shades of blue and green will help you to handle challenges with calmness, objectivity and optimism.

  • Furthermore, your innate perfectionism and an acute sensitivity to the pain and suffering of others can lead you into disappointment and dispiritedness at times and to expressing yourself in negative ways, such as through criticizing and complaining, which doesn't help your situation at all. You can turn this around into positive and uplifting expressions of joy, praise and appreciation. Positivity will attract all manner of good luck for you. With your talents and abilities, you can help to uplift and nourish others around you in your immediate environment or in a larger arena. You may be drawn toward artistic or scientific fields where you can receive acclaim for your efforts. You would be a good salesperson, writer, or lecturer – any role that reminds people of the feeling side of their lives. You have inherent gifts in any form of teaching, counselling, healing, performing or creative expression due to your ability to tune into people and subtle dimensions. You may choose to follow a social service path and can be a good manager. In addition to your emotional sensitivity, you have a superb depth of intuitive intelligence that can cut to the heart of some of life's core issues. Therefore, you would thrive in any field that involves clear logic and reason. You can do well in any career, but will feel most fulfilled if your work offers you opportunities for self-expression. Any lack of money relates in some way to self-doubt. If you use your gifts and expression in positive ways, money will follow.

    Essentially, what you really want is to be your own person, to be the centre of attention, to discover yourself in different life situations, and to surround yourself with people who feed you energy. To achieve this, you need to refocus your attention away from yourself and discover the nature of the people who have been drawn to you. Once you discern which people truly admire you and want to support you, and once you begin to feed them energy, the energy that comes back to you will create the situation you want.

    Your Achilles' Heel is self-centredness ("My survival depends on looking out for myself first, and others should make sure my needs are met regardless of anyone else's concerns.") But if you feel that others have to constantly fill your needs for you to feel safe and connected, you will find you need even more attention and energy just to feel OK. You need to find people and partners YOU can give to, individuals who will feel so energised by you that they will naturally fill your cup in reciprocal appreciation. Satisfaction lies in connecting with those who see you for who you are, appreciate you, and want to give back to you. The trap you fall into is an unending search for independence ("If I can just be self-sufficient enough, I'll have the confidence to relate successfully with others and I won't feel so lonely.") But you'll never feel a strong enough sense of self to become part of a team that way. Take the risk of losing yourself in supporting others, and you will feel the joy and glory of your true self shining through.

    It is your destiny to learn to mute your ego drive so that you can become a part of what goes on around you rather than forever demanding to be at the centre of things. You must learn to care more about who you really are than in your public image and what other people think of you. You are here to develop a greater understanding of, commitment to, and concern for others. You are gifted with the ability to implement your visions and, by developing a deeper compassion, you have the potential to create a better world, working towards a greater good - whether for your family, your community, or society in general. Learning selflessness may be difficult for you, entering the world as you do with a radiant energy that attracts attention and inspires admiration. But in order to grow spiritually, you must learn to direct the spotlight away from yourself and onto the more important concerns, ideas, or causes of others. Your core lesson is to place the good of the group ahead of yourself and release the need for ego and vanity affirmation. Your goal is to be worthy of the trust of others, using your innate gifts of a goal orientation, vision, the ability to recognize new trends and innovations before others do, courage, and idealism to achieve success and happiness.

    You are an energetic person, Fbyt, usually up for most anything stimulating, within reason. You seek out exciting events and yourself enjoy being in the spotlight. In fact, you could qualify as an outright exhibitionist. Even if you don't seek the notice of a wider public, you may still command a great deal of attention in your family or social circle. You tend to be emotionally demonstrative, wishing to share your feelings, whether joyful or melancholy. As a volatile individual, you may find it difficult to keep secrets or contain your thoughts for very long. Indeed, your frankness and emotional spontaneity can land you in plenty of trouble, particularly in regard to matters of love and career. You generally believe in letting it all hang out, but sometimes you do so in only one or two specific areas of your life. In those particular areas, there is little chance of holding you back or bringing you into line. Your rational side is actually well developed, and your mind clever, but sometimes there is an apparent split between your brain and your body, your head and heart. Thus, you can be quite disconnected, failing to apply the brakes to your feelings or, on the other hand, failing to bring some emotionality into your detached mode of thinking. Your psychic abilities are also valuable - use them constructively.

    Spirited, uninhibited behaviour is not uncommon for you, and for the most part that is healthy and expressive. However, you can tend toward the violent or self-destructive side (or both). You are not easily satisfied and often get bored. Cultivating calm without being overly cool, learning to limit spontaneity without repressing it, and remembering that not everyone can stand up to your demands and criticism are crucial to your growth as a human being. You must also realize that, by being so demonstrative, you might be inhibiting the people with whom you are involved, who probably wish to be more free-spirited themselves. You have to locate and remain in touch with your centre, and dig deeper into your complex personality if you wish to move along in your personal development. You must work to better understand the thought processes of others, and be more responsive to people’s fears, needs and wishes. You sometimes make the mistake of expecting a kind of instant recognition when it comes to interpersonal contacts. You may assume that others are as secure and trusting as you are when such may not be the case at all. It is understandable that you wish that those you talk to or deal with intimately be on your wavelength, but you must not grow impatient or irritable when a block to understanding arises or when what seems perfectly obvious to you is not so clear to others. But beware of allowing rejection to lower your self-esteem. Making plans and resolutions of all sorts for the future will enable you to get through trying times. Above all, you know that no matter how bad things get, tomorrow is another day. In this respect, you can view the future as potentially positive and self-renewing.

  • Wow. Captain, thank you.

    I have just read your two part post in response and am overwhelmed with the wealth of feedback, reading and interpretation. I am even more overwhelmed by the amount of thought, effort and time you have invested in this response.

    With your permission, I'd like to take in all the thoughts and dwell on them a bit. Once I do this, I will get back to you with questions, if any. And my response and further feedback to you.

    Sincere thanks once again,


  • Sure!

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