Love bottom line -interpretation needed

  • A few weeks ago I asked the tarot if I should pursue a relationship with M!. I got good answers and good interpreations. Now I learned some news that have me second guessing and I am confused. He has a girlfriend and now as I ask tarot, What would the outcome be in this relationship?

    Love Bottom line

    from left to right-

    the emperor, ten of cups, king of wands, 3 of cups, six of cups.


  • Hi,

    I am re-posting this, to see if I get any one to interpret them for me. This is mainly to see if the cards were rights in the outcome with my relationship with M

  • In this particular spread, with the 6 of cups as the outcome, it shows that you and he will separate but remain friends.

    To get a more thorough reading, you will need to do a Celtic 10 card spread for additional details. Use the last card, the 6 of cups, as the Significator. Then, post your question with the new reading.

  • thanks Firefly01, it wont be necessary because that was the outcome of the relationship, we decided to separate and remain friends. There is a lot chemestry between us, and passion, but for it is to remain friends than lovers.

  • Me and my boyfriend been together for 13 months now and he's 19 and im 17 yrs old.

    In about 2 months his family is planning on moving to Florida and we live in chicago.

    He asked me to go with him but im really confused.

    I wanted to know if its a good idea to move out there with him.?

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