Would like a reading regarding personal situation

  • My fiance has had several falling outs with my mom and sis in past 5 years. Right now my mom has given him another chance. He has way of upsetting them without trying. He opinionated and sassy type at times. And family can be very sensitive. Anyway my 26yr sis has mile learning disability that can make her full of attitude. She feels too hurt from my fiance's mouth in the past that he hates him now. He made comment the other day that my mom may want to consider getting rid of one of her cats cause she was upset that this cat keeps bullying one of the smaller cats. My sis went off and cursed badly to him about he don't live there and to mind his own business. We were all my mom's during this so my fiance got up and went home cause he said it was either that or he would speak his mind. Which I'm glad he didn't! Anyway he don't want to go back to my family's cause of her. I want to know how this will play out this time around. What will happen? I don't want to have any more drama. I just want peace between all my loved ones

  • Well, there's speaking your mind, and then there's being rude and butting in to other people's business. Your family is not at fault here - your fiance is. You need to tell him to be more considerate of other people's feelings or just not visit your family at all.

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