• A love Celtic Cross spread...(envolved relationship)


    Challenge/crossing- temperance

    The past- 2 of cups

    The future- 4 of swords

    Above/goal- page of cups

    Below/root- king of cups

    Advice- The devil

    External influences- 8 of swords

    Hopes & or fears- 5 of wands

    Outcome-8 of wands

    Info :

    There has been cheating in the past.

    Unloyalty & dishonesty. Sneaky & secretive

    Behavior. I feel as if theres a big secret

    being kept & a huge wall has been put up on

    His part.

  • If you provide your birth date and your partner's birth date, I will compare your personalities and compatibility.

  • Dec. 11 . 91

    Aug. 24 . 89

  • Mines December, his is August . Thank you so much !

  • The circumstances and feelings involved here can be quite ambiguous, and are never as simple as they seem. Perhaps both of you appear to be on the same side when in fact you are rivals or even enemies; perhaps you seem to be combatants when in fact your very existences are interdependent. This relationship is concerned with the theme of power - with whether the baton of authority, when it is passed from him to you or vice versa, is handed on or taken by force. No matter how sensually rewarding the relationship is, your partner can often feel misunderstood and unappreciated by you, as you are the more dominant one. His self-esteem is likely to sink to the point where you may have to deal with his depressions. You will need to be more sensitive to his needs and wants, as you can be stubborn, unsympathetic, and unyielding at times. You also need to lighten up more and have some fun. As a perfectionist, you demand a high level of commitment and dedication from others. Being around someone so serious, intense, and with such high expectations all the time can be tough. Yet you can also be charming and seductive when you relax your guard, and few can resist you. However, you need to ensure that you don’t abuse your magnetic power to get who and what you want. You can be drawn to ambitious, hardworking individuals like yourself, but you may feel happier with someone who has a more spontaneous, relaxed approach to life. Your partner is more adaptable than you, but often because he is so insecure and hungry for love. This is what makes him stray - when he feels unloved by you. He can be very demanding of attention and affection. Intense inner forces may cause him to alternate between extremes of uncertainty and a sense of being special. If he can cultivate positive thinking, trust his deeper intuition, and learn to manage worry better, he will become a better partner and person. Unfortunately, he is always interested in new people and new places, and he struggles with routine in relationships. However, when his relationships are based on mutual affinity, they can be successful. The right partner for him will be someone who knows how to inspire trust in him, teaching him to listen to his heart as much as his mind.

  • Thank you! I will really have to read this a few times to fully grasp it all. I have some areas of confusion. Like for example-" As a perfectionist, you demand a high level of commitment and dedication from others. Being around someone so serious, intense, and with such high expectations all the time can be tough. " In a relationship I definitely expect a very high level of commitment and dedication..What's confusing is HE is the serious one, with what seems like no expectations , while I'm the one WITH expectations (possibly too many) while being less serious. Especially since I can barely get him to communicate with me. He randomly puts walls up. I can seem very pushy when he does this and I will at times try harder than I should to try & get him to open up to me.

  • Instead of communicating with words, why not try affection and loving gestures, instead?

  • Captain, after reviewing this on every level and changing things within our communication, gestures, etc (taking your advice) , things between him and I have became SO MUCH better!!! I thank you! Would you mind doing an updated read for me ?? To see how things are going with us now and so forth . Thank you again, much appreciated.

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