OUTSIDE OPINIONS WANTED! Someone translate from your POV

  • A love Celtic Cross spread...(envolved relationship)


    Challenge/crossing- temperance

    The past- 2 of cups

    The future- 4 of swords

    Above/goal- page of cups

    Below/root- king of cups

    Advice- The devil

    External influences- 8 of swords

    Hopes & or fears- 5 of wands

    Outcome-8 of wands

    Info :

    There has been cheating in the past.

    Unloyalty & dishonesty. Sneaky & secretive

    Behavior. I feel as if theres a big secret

    being kept & a huge wall has been put up on

    His part.

  • What I can see in the cards you drew is that your emotions are running high and your thoughts are running away with you. You should just talk to him and clear the air. Don't hold the past against him. If he is cheating again, the signs will be there. Just don't be on constant suspicious alert as it will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once again, just talk to him.

  • That's my problem. When doing a reading like this one, I can't think straight and comes off more self-fullfiling. Then I read it different ways, confuse myself & make my mind race. Which I know helps nothing. Thank you so much though for your feedback!!

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