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  • I am a capricorn woman who has been a widow for almost 5 years and have 2 small childrenn recently i have employeed a man nanny and I believe there is some chemistry between us but am afriad to pursue>.. any help would be benificial not for me but for my kids since they are involved and I have never involved another man in their lives since my husbands accident.

    Thank you for some clarity. I am trying to listen to my intuitve but feel that since i created the conciemceness of the problem I am too close to answer it.

  • Be light hearted in your dealings with this man; light hearted and friendly. Within three months, you'll know what to expect from this situation. What I get is, that it's all good 🙂 Don't rush it, just go easy. He's the one for you 🙂

  • On an unconcius level I feel that one of your children allready has felt the interest between you and this man.

    Even though this child might feel it as a "divorce" between you and the deseased father, this child will accept the relationship if it is a long and lasting relationship. Because your children are so young, they will project a father image on him, so it could be good if the relationship is a lasting one.

    If you feel that your feelings for each other are genuine, I think you might rather become depressed or rather burdened by not following your wish with this man. And that depression might be worse for the children than if he becomes their new father figure. If he is willing to be their new father figure, and willing to have a long lasting relationship with you, then I think perhaps it is even best for the children.

  • Thank you. This helps. I do feel I need to be patient. and continue as friends.

  • Yes, one of my children does feel this, but I feel I am to blame. This has been really difficult since he is close to the boys. the manny feels he would end up hurting me and the boys, if we pursued this. So i guess it is best we just stay friends even though I feel it would work. I am though worried about the boys getting too attached with him as a father figure and it hurting them in the long run because If I do meet someone else who wants to be a part of my life in a romantic, and accepting of my children.

  • I hope you do dont get depressed by playing the hanged woman. Because that is what you are doing if you choose to not be with a man because you feel it is the best for everybody. It is called altruism.

    But if you get depressed by the choice that you take, then the children will feel that, too. So that is why I said it might perhaps be better if you get together with this good man than staying single. But it is important that you know for sure that it is right before doing anything that affects the children, so I agree it might be smart to wait. And it sounds as if both of you feel that it is not the right time to make anything public. Since he and you both say that you are not sure for how long it will last. Since he said that he feels he would end up hurting the boys, and you say that it could happen that you meet another guy in future. So both of you should wait till you are both sure about how you feel and what you want.

  • Thank you hanged women. Yes depression is one of those things I try not to think about. I think that Is why i beleieve that it is time to let go and take that risk. I am still truly hurting and have had some issues during my lifetime with men and trust, even though this was not the type of trust that has been broken in the past it still was the trust i had had in him (my Husband) for being there for the boys and I. So for me to risk the trust I have for the manny it is very scary. And I do not even think he knows that he is ready even though I sense something, He feels he is too untrust worthy. because of his own insecurities, and he feels I am not the one! I think he is just fighting the energies. But like I said I am way too close to interpret all of this. My conscience omly wants to see what Ii am projecting.

  • Perhaps this just means that you are going to meet a man in the future who will become your next husband? This could just be you preparing for that. The manny could just be a projection of what might come. Since him and you both feel not sure about this. Perhaps this is just a sign that the right one is on his way? You must be aware that the universe reflects what realms inside of us. So whatever we feel, that will happen. If you feel insecure, then you get a man who feels insecure. Perhaps you are just getting prepared to let a new man into your life. Since you said: "If I do meet someone else who wants to be a part of my life..." This can mean that it in fact is going to happen. I dont mean to frighten you, but you are in fact the creator of your own life, attracting to you what realms inside of you. That is what Jesus meant when he said: "It will happen according to your faith" or something like that (I am norwegian and only read the norwegian bible).

    Check the links and

    So the reality is yours. The reality is merely a reflection of what realms inside of you.

    I am just saying that perhaps another man in fact WILL come, and that this is just a man who is helping you to prepare yourself emotionally for having a man in your life?

  • Dear hanged woman thank you for the insight. This helps me to manifest the beleifs that i need in my life currenlty. Sometimes i just forget to go and believe. Is just that this time it is somethign that i feel is still too painful, and my children I really do not want them to get hurt that is why i have not ever had a man in my life since my accident. I employed the manny since the boys had gotten to an age where I felt they needed a guy figure in thier life however i was not going to let one in romantically. And then the manny just got me confused, since the boys knew him and he is so great with them and me. and it was all on a subconscience level. I am glad he has gone back home for a few weeks so i can release alll energies from him.

  • I am glad you got use of my insight. Your sons are blessed to have you as their mom, since you now are not going to let circumstances control your (and their) lives. Let the secret become a practical tool for you and how you build your life.

    The secret explains that what is inside of us, is what we see and experience in the physical world. That also means that the more we surrender our will and soul to the Light (the Allmighty), then the more fruits of the light we will see in our lives. So that is why it is said in the Bible that our lives come out from our hearts, and that we therefore must surrender our hearts to God (the light and source of healing) in order to get a good life.

  • Hi Cris1962

    Back again and even more confused about the nanny. Over the past few months we have become close friends and he is even teaching me how to Kite ski! Ahh but now I am even deeper and I only know cause i over this weekend got jealous when he was himself and was just talking to girl.... Where in the past I did not care......

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