Life is one fool thing after another...

  • Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other.

    • Oscar Wilde

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  • I had The Fool card today for my love question. I was asking if a guy would ever be interested in me ir not. What does the Fool mean about such a question? Is it good or bad? I need to know what to do as it isn't good for my mental health not knowing. I can't be just friends with him. If he isn't interested I need to forget him. Thanks xx

  • Have you asked him if he wants more, BWB? The Fool represents someone who does not play games or fool around, but is straightforward and uncomplicated. Just do the simplest thing and ask. At least then you will know.

  • I have asked, he says no. The answer I got from the site was 'under consideration' which could be rubbish. The site seemed to imply the card applied to me. I have been told that he is frightened of being hurt as he has been in the past (which is true) and I don't want him to get angry at asking me again. They say he's like this because he's defensive, I think he's fed up of me hanging on to hope and annoying him by asking.

  • The Fool in answer to your question implies that the person you asked about is young and more interested in going on his journey - his path of life discovery - than in getting "tied down" in a committed relationship. Also, if you have already asked him this direct question and he said no, then you have your answer and do not need to consult a psychic, tarot cards, etc. What you should ask is why you are in resistance to the reality of his answer.

  • Thanks, I just need to forget him and move on. I can't but I have no choice. I will just have to break the friendship off. Time to grow up I suppose.

    Happy New Year.

  • I know it's tough but it's the best thing for you. I've been there - we all have at some point. I know you have - or think you have - feelings for him, but somehow this turned into circular thoughts for you and emotional angst instead of love. The endless thoughts and going to psychics all turned into an addiction so it will take some time to break yourself free completely. You will break the friendship off, but when the addiction pangs set in you will find yourself faltering and wanting to reach out again. Don't! Channel that energy into something that uplifts you instead. Lose yourself in a good book or a creative outlet if you have one. Go to lunch and window shopping with a friend. Soak in a bubble bath with candles. Just be good to yourself.

  • Thanks. I don't see how being good to myself will help. It won't take the memories away. I will still feel the same. It certainly isn't worth feeling the way I do over it. It has driven me to wanting to commit suicide. That is not good. I don't think I could but I can't get the feelings to go away.

    Thanks for your help, I won't bother the forum again.

  • Badwolfbabe, why do you take our help as rejection or criticism? you are not bothering us.

  • I don't feel welcome here and I get that feeling from the spiritual community. It's only the phone ones that charge money that seem to be friendly but of course they are happy because I am paying them lots of money. No one ever takes this issue seriously with me at all. The psychics who charge are the ones who confused me because all but one that I spoke to said he was interested in me. But as I say they are being paid to tell you what you want to hear. I think everyone else sees it as a joke and I just need to snap out of the way I feel.Maybe it's because the charging psychics pretended to care about the problem that I kept going to them.

    To be honest there are not many places I do feel welcome so I wouldn't take it too personally.

  • I've sent e mail, it's done. Thanks for all your help.

  • He never got back to me. I did tell him he didn't have to. But it says it all about it. He never cared.

    I am just wondering how you delete your account? Does anyone know?

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