Please! Need Guidance.

  • Is any psychic here clairvoyant or a medium? I would like to know who my guides are and if they can give me any messages or advice? really in lost in everything right now. 😞 Please help. I really really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Mesmereyes,

    I do have these gifts.However your question is not one that comes with an answer from me.When one is feeling lost in everything it is the time in ones life they are being guided(the hard way) to make changes.If you wish to know who your personal guides are you must find your way to listening to them.They are full of the guidance you need in your life, they are with you at all times.They answer much in the form of gut feelings or intuition.It is not my place or anyones to tell you who your guides are and what they may advice you to do along your journey.To truly understand and accept the guidance and wisdom one must take the time to quiet their minds and search with in self .

    Guides can change from time to time as one progresses along their journey, As you find yours they will adjust out to who you are growing into.This happens as one spiritually grows.

    I understand your having some life issues and are seeking help.But to find what your searching for you need to make changes in your life that bring you to the point you find healthy way to reach with in and find your inner faith that offers guidance..You also must take the time to connect with who you are becoming .You seek to make changes,,but have been making them blindly..Be true to yourself and this will become much easier for you..

    Try meditation it helps one to find their inner self and with time their higher self ..With the peace that comes from that part of your journey you will be more able to connect with your guides.One has so much more understanding and willingness to listen and not question what ones gains if it comes from self.It is also the truest to what needs in their life at the time it is received.There is also no way think that a psychic or medium has misinterpreted,, it becomes ones personal understanding..

    I know this is not what you looking for..So often in my life I have people want answers to situations that are not mine to give,This is one of them..


    Miss ..

  • Who your guides are?

    We are here to help you. What is it that you need help with? You can ask us. I agree with MTW on what she says. If you are not receptive to what your guides are trying to tell you, try instead to get help from people - instead than from your invisible guides. I have received the latihan, and have benefited from that. says a bit about what it is. It is an exercise for the soul in surrendering to the light that created us. There is no mutual religion or dogma in this organisation, so no danger to be brainwashed there. Wish you the best.

    Hanged Woman

  • I found mine through yoga and meditation. Probably about 3 years or so doing the same routine. The same time I also started getting more visions. I really don't know if you can find yours that way, but there are a lot of free exercises you can get online so why not try them. I can suggest a website if you are interested. He is a very dedicated and nice person. I don't have to pay a dime for his time and he actually builds specific exercise for you if you really need it. I've done yoga for a long time but only the last few years I was doing it more often. You may not need that long to find a way to your spirit guide. I actually found mine shortly after posting a thread in this forum asking about spirit guide lol oh well I am just glad I found her again. She was my mentor in my past life.

    I was doing yoga when suddenly the room changed. She probably heard my endless calls and finally decided that it's time to guide me. I don't know if it depends on your spirit guide whether to come to you or you come to him/her. It's safe to say that when the time comes you will meet yours. Yoga and meditation are popular way to achieve balance and improve your psyche. But if you are afraid that sitting cross legged on a thin cushion will make people think that you need to buy some chairs, well maybe you can start looking for a spiritual mentor in this life time, a person not a spirit. There is no right way to do this, to each their own. You know what I do, you are welcome to try it or find your own way. I found my living mentor online about 3 or 4 yrs ago. I simply surf the net, read everything and everyone, and when I got to her homepage my heart just screamed: 'this is it, this is it!' we have been in constant communication since then. the only thing is she is always travelling. so it could take a few weeks for a reply. before I met my spirit guide I used to be worried if she travels, but now I have my spirit guide I don't want to interrupt my living mentor all the time. she is busy anyway, more and more people are lost and disconnected and they all need help from her or someone like her. just be careful with scams out there, don't pay unless you are sure what you will get. One thing to remember: finding a mentor or a guide doesn't reduce your life troubles. if you are haunted, you will still be haunted. if you are sick you will still be sick. finding them just helps you understand more. you still have to do the work for your psyche as much as you care for your physics. good luck!

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