What am I?

  • Hi there 🙂

    I have a bit of a strange problem....I've been blessed and managed to find my Prince. We met in a strange way, I knew of him before he even knew I existed, and I felt like Cinderela when we first kissed.

    We only met in July this year, but had been chatting since October 07, and have always been very honest with each other, and he knows how I feel for him, and I know that even though he is distant there are certain things that he does or says that have that extra special meaning especialy coming from him, since he doesn't want a relationship. He doesn't even live in the same country as me, he travels bewtween cities, which obviously makes the whole thing really difficult for me.

    I guess I keep holding on to the fact that I'm more than a friend and not just a booty call...but then I just don't know what I am.

    Maybe I just have to let things take their natural route, but it is so dificult since I only get to chat to him a lil every day online...and he insists on keeping me oblivious in relation to how he feels, and why he wants me here waiting around for him. Because he does, he's not asked me to, but was happy when I told him that I would.

    It's complicated hu!? 😞

  • Hi, Happy Halloween and also a very happy Holiday season. These are waters I would not even tread--so don't know what to suggest.

  • Thank you Dalia...you are not the one one to just not have an answer....my friends don't know what to think either...thank you for trying anyway 🙂 much apreciated.

  • Hello catta420,

    Though your current situation seems quite wonderful when you actually do get to see one another, you are definitely running the risk of seeing more 'commitment' to the situation than there actually is.

    From a guy's perspective I'm sure that he really does care for you and loves the times that you do spend together. I'd imagine that he does see your 'relationship' as more than just a "booty call". However, guys tend to be much more 'logical' about situations than most women are. He travels from city-to-city and you don't live in his "home" city. Seeing you whenever he is in town is an ideal situation for him. You both get to "live for the moment" sharing all the love and affection that goes with that moment, meanwhile not having the 'burden' of having to think about 'commitment' and "where this is going".

    Generally if your not 'talking' about "where this is going" then that is because he's viewing it as not "going" anywhere. Rather, he'd most likely just want it to stay exactly as it is. Him not addressing that issue or giving any 'commitment-type' comments about the two of you also suggests that he feels things are 'perfect' just the way that they are and would rather not talk about it and risk 'upsetting' the current balance.

    One more thing to note, seeing I have been involved with "long distance" relationships in my past is that if he did want it to go further than it currently is, then he'd probably be writing you LONG emails and spending hours online trying to get to know one another more.

    I'm just speculating based on my own experiences, but you may be setting yourself up for quite a 'dissapointment' by committing only to him when he verbally has stated that he will not make the same commitment.

    On the other hand, it does sound like a wonderful time when you are together. Is it so bad if you guys continue to only "live (and love) for the moment" rather than needing it to "go somewhere"?

  • wow Dreamer...it's strange how you understand what I mean so well....and you are right too....although the truth is that I can't help how I feel...with this I decided that I will wait around on him...he says that he knows how difficult it it for me that he is never around, but there is nothing that he can do about his life-style....I know that he feels the same for me...and since I can't belong to any other man...I'm gonna carry on being his...this way, like you say Dreamer ''living and loving for the moment''.

    Thank you so much for your help 🙂

    Take care

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