Nasty English professor

  • I recently enrolled in a community college, and my English professor is mean, unhelpful, and a tough grader (I'm pretty sure he's a Capricorn). I've always gotten A's in English and got a C in his class. I feel sorry for him because his wife divorced him (and she has custody of their kids), but he's bitter and sarcastic. I'm a Cancer. Any suggestions as to how to get on his good side, or is it a lost cause? Thanks.

  • He has deep seeded issues about women in general. So its going to be hard to help him "see the light". Try praying for him to heal and bring your light with you in the class. Bring your smile to. He is in grief and the bitterness and sarcasm is the anger stage of his grief over his losses. There isnt much else you can do as he must go through this process. Use a little humor when dealing with him and remember this is only one class so please dont become discouraged. Being that you are a cancer I know its going to be difficult for you to not take it to heart when he acts this way and is rigid when it comes to grading your papers. but this is not you, it is his grief.

  • Be practical. tell him you are very concerned that you grades have fallen from A's to C's and you'd like a tutorial or at least a brief discussion with him, to take you through the problems he sees with your work, and what he expects from his students. Then listen and take notes. Don't say much except thank you, unless it's clear that he's misbehaving in some way. Don't flirt or dress up or wear much make up. If you are normally dressy tone it down a bit - he's a capricorn - a goat and you are there only to ask his advice.

    If he's mean and unhelpful during the tutorial, make notes of that; unprofessional behaviour can be made know to the college authorities. He may just have very high standards but there are always known critieria for marking essays and he should be able to tell you what these are and how you can improve your performance. As a cancerian you should have some degree of rapport with him but don't take what he says personally unless, of course, it is personal.

    If this is happening to a lot of people, and you all think it's nasty behaviour, go to see the college authorities as a group. He may be depressed if he's just been divorced but he shouldn't be taking it out on his students and may need help himself, If he won't help you, again, look for aid in the college system; tell them your concerns - there is a higher authority than this man and he may already be known to them Do tread carefully

    Good luck - another female cancerian and ex-lecturer.

  • Thank you so much. Your advice has really helped!!

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