Looking to "pay it forward"

  • karma coin thank you for this offer .i would love it , this is about love of course, my love and i have had some issues and at the present are taking space from each other, issues from past relationships have been coming between us , he cannot separate then from us(fear of repeating the past) i have no fear. what do you see for us? will we be able to reconnect? and are we meant to be lifetime partners? also if anyone else here can see anything about this feel free to jump in! many blessings, love and light to you!

  • Im asking the forum to help me pay it forwrd. If anyone needs anything I can help with, or any ideas please dont hesitate to ask.

  • awesome serious...Their are lots of wonderful folks who need readings and replys. I am not in a position of easily consulting my Tarot cards. As I live with my fam, and they do not approve. (even though my father and that whole side of the family is phsycic) Any way, if you read cards, or you have some gift of insight. It would be too kind of you to help some of those who have asked me for help that I have not gotten back to.

    Talisa I have not forgotten you. I think that the "change" that was spoke of was in regards to your late relationship, and I feel that if you havnt started to experience it yet, that soon you will begin to see wonderful things coming into your life...and perhaps maybe somethings returning that were lost.

    Serious. I hope you get to feeling better.

  • Hello serious7

    Thank you for your offer. I am looking for a new year reading. My D.O.B is 28/01/75.

    Thank you so much.

    Love & Light


  • What a great idea! unfortunately I haven't developed abilities that will help in this type of forum so I pay mine forward in general day stuff.

    I would love if one of you could give me some prospective on where my personal/love life is heading this year! The last few have been pretty rough.

    My dob is 19 Dec. 1970. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Love and light to all!

  • Hiya KC 🙂

    I didn't think you had forgotten me, I know life gets first dibs of everyone's time.

    Thanks for explaining things further for me. Hope things are starting to improve at home for you.


    Talisa xx

  • Hi. I feel guilty even asking but, I must. I feel for some reason I must be sort of generic so I will try, though I'm used to divulging everything at all times. LOL.

    I am in the middle of a nasty divorce, emotionally, no kids, from a man whom I've loved twice in this physical life. Other readings indicate we are Tristan and Isolde and love is undying etc etc. However, the reality of it is he pretty much thinks I'm a pathetic loser and kicked me and my kids to the curb and replaced me immediately, even though we'd separated.

    PAINFUL!!! We'd always treaded around separating, esp me, cuz I got so anxious and sick with his ex stalking and stealing and intruding, etc. I was awful, admittedly. Fine. I have PTSD... etc.

    My question is, simply, how did he really stop loving me so immediately? I honestly thought no matter what, being as how this wasn't our first marriage and we shared five kids (from previous relationships but half to full time)...? We were truly deeply in love and things intervened and I did wrong and BAM! Hates me. I've been crying and trying to heal (though alone and broke, sick and dumped!! lol....) for six months.

    Now the court isn't liking how he did things and it's not ending like we thought so he's withholding money and my ring - further evidence of not loving me anymore. Seriously? Is it really so over?

    Probably too many questions but I'm so .... from Tristan & Isolde to "good luck with the rent, babe, and I love someone else - you're pathetic"???? Uh....

    Thanks!!! I appreciate anything anyone feels or sees. I only see us together, frankly. 😞


  • oh!!! this was a long time ago. wah.

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