Looking to "pay it forward"

  • danr I posted your reply to one of your other threads. Katz and Talisa and I think 2 others...Ill be around tomarrow night. Night all!

  • I will wait with anticipation 🙂 As I do understand a very busy life, I've always seen my life like a big back yard that I have spent all day making it neat, serene and calming, only to find some one has thrown their trash in it, and some times in my haste to get it back to normal I have thrown out some thing I may have needed........

  • Thanks Karma Coma!!! Yes I am confused a little by your answer.

    Please tell me, what exactly is my Exboyfriend being sneaky about?

    When you say because of their imagined or not past wrongs who are you refering to? Him and his employees.

    Legal disputes( between his employees)? Could you describe whether this person has light or dark hair that is suing him?

    Will my ex ask me to help him in this legal dispute or matter? What will he ask me to do?

    Thank You in advance,

  • Hey KC

    No stress - I appreciate you doing my reading so will wait til it suits you to do it.

    Love and light

    T 🙂

  • lol Katz the backyard analogy is great! that is exactly how I feel!

    Here is your reading, I hope it makes sense to you please let me know.

    Queen of pentacles, Two of cups reversed, The Star, and The fool.

    It would seem that you are a sensible down to earth women. And that you know your way around handling finaces. Are you or were you a working mother? It would seem that you are a little moody now and then, but no one blames you for it because you work so very hard, and you have an infectious sense of humor! You also havea taste for the finner things, and when the occasion calls for it you know how to enjoy yourself.

    Are you dealing with seperation and or loss of some kind in your love life. Divorce? or are you and your lover seperated for some practical reason? Im not sure what but their is some kind of disconnect going on in your love life?

    I can see that you have a open mind, and a readiness to expand your mental, and spiritual horizons.

    The star is a wonderful card, she promises new oppurtunites, hope, the renewal of faith, good health, improvment and sometimes unexpected gifts. since you didnt actually ask me a question I dont know to wich area of your life she apllies but I bet you do. : - )

    Whatever new journey you are embarking on, mental or physical, it is a good one. You are maybe even blindly confident! you are exuberant. and the experience that you gain will be valuable.

    Good luck Katz!

  • Sorry talisa it'll have to be one more day. their was a foot ball game on tonight and long story short the Fam didnt vacate the living room until much later than usual. It's 3 in the morning right now and im beat. but tomarrow I promise.

  • Good Morning KarmaComa.....your are one busy lady...take some time for yourself my Dear. I'll await your response. Don't stress yourself....

    Have a Blessed Day,


  • Hi KC,

    I see you are very busy. I would love a reading when you get a chance. I posted a few days ago. Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • all good KC, when you can - I appreciate you doing the reading for me 🙂

  • hi karma coma...i like your name! it's cool... so, i was so touched to see how kind you are to help so many people who are going through hard times.

    i would like a reading if you are not too busy!

    this past year or so, i have been trying really hard to get over a man who i had been in love with for several years. he stopped talking to me when we got too close, and it really hurt. for me, i knew i was flirting with disaster because he is much younger than i am, but i just loved our time together and i tried not to worry about the future. anyway, i am doing better with it now, but i am just really lonely.

    do you see anyone coming into my life?

    i feel i am ready to meet someone who will be good to me and love me. don't misunderstand though, i don't feel that i need to be with a man to make me a whole person, but i am just ready for affection again.

    so, my question, is, what do you see for me as far as a romantic relationship goes?

    thank you so much karma coma...

  • What a wonderful reading, you seem to have hit the nail on the head with me. Yes, I am a working mother, and I do work not only hard but long hours. My love life ugh I dated this GI for about 5 years we kind of drifted apart when he was stationed else where, but never had any hard feelings on either side, he got orders to go to Iraq back in May and came to see me before he left. Out of the blue a few months ago he called I could hear his buddies in the back ground yelling woohoo the future Mrs Kitchens, but I acted like I didn't hear them, not sure what he told them, well he called again at the beginning of the month and said he is taking leave(coming back to the states) the end of the month and asked if we could get together I said sure that would be fun so we will have to see what happens, he does have to go back to Iraq until May 2010, but he did tell me he asked to be stationed at Ft Hood when he comes back which is where he was when we met. I just don't know. Most times unless some one hits me over the head with some thing I rarely see it

    I am 100% up for new journeys and beginnings mentally, physically and emotionally it would be nice to take alone a partner for the ride.

    Thank you so much I feel renewed

  • that was supposed to say it would be nice to take along a partner for the ride hahaha no wonder I'm alone, and yes I do have a great sense of humor I have a blind cat that I named Seymour

  • Hey KC ~ As I am thinking & preparing my home for the holidays that are quickly approaching, I am reminded and give thanks for how blessed I am. Thought I would drop in to say hello & hope that all is going well in your life. I remember the anticipation, joy & excitement that I felt 13 years ago when I was preparing for a Thanksgiving & Christmas that would be my son's 1st and you came to mind. You have been blessed with the gift of a child that will make this holiday season like none you have experienced before and I wish you all the joys of sharing your 1st Thanksgiving & Christmas with your precious baby!

    Hey Everyone ~ At times we are faced with periods of trials, difficult times, tough decisions & circumstances that are to make us stronger and we can sometimes in the uncertainity of these times lose focus on what is truly important. As difficult as it may seem when we are faced with difficulty or longing for something better, we need to remember that these times shall pass and ultimately open possibilites that we could not see before, making us more appreciatative & thankful for of all the good & wonderful blessings in our life. Bringing us to where and/or with whom we are supposed to be. When you change how you look at things, the things you look at will change. With Thanksgiving approaching, I know that although my life may not be exactly where I envision it to be at the moment, it's in the acceptance & faith that I am where I am supposed to be at this point in time that I give thanks for all the good in my life!

    Hope all is going well for everyone! Wishing ya'll much peace, serenity, strength and success in all your hopes, dreams, desires & endeavors 😃

  • Thanks Danr! So im making a mental list of what I can do to help others! No matter what my financial capabilities are atm. Ask For prayer for everyone that needs help in any way. Most people are stubborn and wont ask, So I pray for all who need, all that are to proud, and all that are in hard in difficult Times. Its time to come together. We always forget n matter what everyone is someone, and forgiveness and peace are one of the ultimate gifts anyone can give.

  • KarmaComa can you please do a reading for me?

    I am a Virgo, 46, and I have a broken heart that I am trying to get past. The guy is a Libra.

    I was lied to and cheated on. He is with her now. Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.

    Other info: he was the only man that ever said the words "I love you" to me. He kept telling me this and even in the same sentence that he dumped me in.

  • Sable,

    I am so sorry. I feel how very deep your sadness is, like it goes all the way down into your depths. All I can tell you is to MAKE yourself pick up and move forward. Little by little. He is in your past, He does feel badly about what happened, but that is all. He didn't dump you,hon. He moved on. Not in the right way, but that is HIS path, not yours to worry about. Holding on to those thoughts will hurt you and impede your healing.

    You weren't dumped. You were loved and you loved in return. It didn't end the way you wanted, but you were and REMAIN worthy of being loved. He may have been the first to say he loved you, but he wasn't the first to love you. He WON'T be the last.

    I feel like, in a few weeks, not too long, the clouds will part and things will clear up for you. This relationship was a stepping stone, a building block for you, to get you to the next phase of your life. It WILL be good. Lots of changes and adventure within you and in your world. I see you busy and surrounded by people ( family, friends) and growing as a person very much.

    You will find and keep your happiness.

    I wish you peace and send you love:)

  • well carmacoma, that was an intersting blog. for i seem to find myself going through some majar changes and i am sure you'll want to hear of them. well my dear i am apparantly very intuitily gifted but i need to let the process happen instead i just want a man and i haven't had a real relationship with a man 4 about two years. this time i want more cuz i believe i can have more. more of everything in life. so that is what i need is structuere how do i get there or that?.....juls

  • hey KC

    hope life id being kind to you

    Talisa xx

  • Hisbabylove:

    thank you for doing that reading for me.

    You wrote: "He does feel badly about what happened, but that is all." and that means?

    Do you mean that he no longer has any feelings for me?

    He was cheating on me but telling me constantly that he loved me... he gets around the lie by saying he loves me as a friend but not until I asked him what was going on.

    He made a fool out of me for at least a month.

    Even at the end he lied by saying nothing was going on.

    There have been a few manipulative women that have caused issues between us. I feel that the one he is involved with now is also a manipulator.

    The last relationship I had before him.... there was a manipulative mother that caused the breakup.

    I AM finally getting better...

    You wrote: "Lots of changes and adventure within you and in your world."

    could you elaborate on this for me?

    Right now I do not have much going in this world and I need to find employment that I will ENJOY... (important especially because of fibromyalgia.. if unhappy in job then it physically hurts)

    I am volunteering.

    Thank you again and I hope that you can clarify things for me :0)

  • Sable I don't know where your living but I understand that people who have fibromyalgia that swim don't have as much pain if they are getting that kind of exercise. Do you swim? Voice of experience on a partner in your relationship being unfaithful. It takes two to make a relationship and two to break one. If he is happy he won't be looking. And if he is a player then the manipulator has done you a favor cause you don't want someone who isn't faithful and who doesn't really love you. I was very hurt till I found out I was being lied about and then I got mad. It helped me get over it very well. And he ended up with a supposed friend of mine. Well with friends like that I didn't need any enemy's. If you don't have trust then you don't have a relationship.

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