Looking to "pay it forward"

  • Allright sorry folks, I'v been a little down and out, and busy as always. But! I'm feeling much better now and I am determined to honor my word and I hope you all enjoy your readings and that they are accurate and helpful. Please let me know.

    Also after Talisa72 I wont be doing anymore for a while I have a lot on my plate, school the baby and trying to keep up with correspondance between my lover and I, and his mother... lol : )

  • I will take you up on that offer...

    What should I do? I am married and in process of divorce. Should I stop the divorce and go back to my husband who is begging me to come back or should I get the divorce and move on?

    Your help is appreciated.

  • For Wenchie:

    The Chariot, The five of swords, The wheel of fortune, Four of wands reversed, and The page of wands.

    The partial renewal of the relationship this past year, came about atleast in part because James admitted to some mistakes, and personal faults. (maybe he was too work oriented, or not considerate of Maria's desires in certain areas)

    Maria is holding back on jumping in all the way agin because she dosnt feel that James is truley ready to change his ways. Also did he cheat on her? if not then I think she has someone new on her mind or on the side.

    They are both constantly trying to hold one another to a pre established personal Ideal (how very virgo of them.) Their future togethor depends on their ability to both forgive and truley atleast try to just accept one another. Dont worry about your brother he is a charming smart guy who enjoys life, and he will be fine whatever happens.

  • Hiya KarmaComa,

    Read your post and saw you can do a reading for me. Thanks so very much for your help.

    my dob is 26 feb 1972 and his is 2 jan 1977. we have had many outside factors add pressure to our relationship while we were together. We split in april this year, but I don't believe we are totally finished with things. What can you find out through your cards?

    I would like to offer you a absent reiki healing for sharing your gift with me hugs

    T x

  • Thanks Talisa, I will get to you as quick as I can. A reiki healing sounds soo nice, lol I will accept your offer, and I hope I can help you.

    Twisted fish I will do one for you as well. after that though I am all done for now.

  • For Shatz:

    Two of swords, The Hermit reversed, The Lovers reversed, Two of pentacles, Queen of pentacles, Three of cups reversed.

    Well shatz I see that you have a decision to make...And that finaces are playing abig ol role in things at the moment...

    Your partner is perhaps somehwat Jaded, stuck in his ways, maybe even boring. He is happy to be with you, but he lacks passion about "your love" He dosnt talk much, and he watches alot of TV?

    Shatz it would appear that you see these problems. But you are not talking about anything either. Your afraid of being of alone. The two of you need to try and talk about things. You are not happy.

    If your planning to move in togethor you should wait...you need to try and examine your partners true motives first, so that you are not explioted. Is their an economic inbalance? Do you make more money than he does, or the other way around? Their is a danger that someone is being used for finacial security. This is the wrong reason to be togethor.

    I hope this helps, and that I'm not completly of base. I understand about asking for help my fellow fire sign. But I'm glad that you did. : -)

  • For Danceforever:

    The eight of cups, The four of pentacles, The king of cups, and oh you lucky girl you! The two of cups! my favorite card! Oh how I love, love! usually to my detrement...

    The two of you have lived apart, youve both changed and you dont pursue any common interest anymore...Your individual expectations in life changed as well this is why you broke up. One of you is trying very hard to control the other and neither of you will get or recieve the lover you desire in this manner. Your ex is very silent, he does not talk about how he feels or what hes thinkning...I get the feeling that youve been doing the controling...but try to relax, he loves you. I think the two of you will rekindle your old love! youll find yourselfs hanging out agin and just enjoying one another.

    Good luck!

  • Okay thats all iv got in me for tonight, Ill be back tomarrow though!

  • KarmaComa,

    I love your picture.....you're GORGEOUS!!!!

    Thank you so much for the reading, I will keep my fingers crossed that things work out for them both, I know how much my brother loves my girlfriend and I know how happy she was with him too. He didn't cheat, but did have a rebound relationship with someone else a couple of months after she broke it off with him for all the wrong reasons.

    I think his job got in the way of their relationship a lot, he should be free of that soon and I also think he let her down by going off the rails and gambling.

    But you know, he is a really good guy and totally devoted to her. I guess if it's meant to be, it will be. My girlfriend has really not been seeing anyone else since, (she's been tied up with issues with her ex husband and kids), and I'm dreading if she does meet someone in a way, knowing how it will devastate my brother.

    Anyway, thank you so much again, I've let him know what the reading came up with. Take care of you and your gorgeous baby.


    Wenchie 🙂

  • Hi KarmaComa.... this is interesting I would like to know what's in the future for me in all areas of life....I'm from kansas Deborah is my name and my BD is 11/30/53....let me know if you need more info.....



  • Thank you, you are right about our situation. I am going to be patient, just hope we can sort things out soon. Thanks again. x

  • Hi, My husband walked out on me three years ago. I've been divorced for two years. I want to move forward in life with my soulmate. I have a friend whom I met almost two years ago. I love him. He says he loves me. I don't know if I should trust him. Sometimes he's a no show for dates,then has these pathetic excuses. Do you see love in my future and do you see who he is, or what he looks like, anything?

  • Hey KC, thanks...You are right about the financial part.I'm on disability and my partner works,

    BUT IM THE ONE!!!!!! that supply's dinner,lunches,breakfast even the food he likes when he comes over.He is tight with his money?

    There is a but to this story maybe I'm in denial...He and I have soooo much fun together and loving words. But again I have to talk about finances, I don't want too be used and he knows I only have my income to support my daughter...My husband died three years ago, my daughters daddy so why would he use e, Its a good question though.

    Thank you for your time and energy, take time for yourself and your new family.

    sheila xo

  • Do not forget about me Karma Coma. I posted on Sunday November 1st.

    When you are not busy with your family please respond to my post.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Im sorry that I didint make it back as soon as Id like...its just hard for me right now for lotsa of reasons A: an infant, and B: Turmoil...demanding in laws...But I think im all caught up now...I havnt forgotten and I will get to it.

  • KarmaComa, Please do not apologize. You have offered to share a gift and when you can you will. Life in general these days is hard and keeping up with all of it is hard. Thank you for letting us know you have not forgotten. I am sure we will all benefit more if you do the readings when you feel you can. I do see that you have put your infant as the top priority and that says a lot about you. Love and light, light and love.

  • Hey KC~

    You take whatever time You need to take care of yourself, your baby & things that are important in your life! Balance...that's something I have to remind myself of at times! I have a giving nature, always wanting, needing & having the desire to help people. So much, that at times those closest to me take advantage, and I know it but I find myself being drawn, called upon to help with whatever situation they are dealing with at the moment, to be a positive presence to help them on their journey. At times though, it can be overwhelming, demanding & draining and I have to take a break, (what some think is selfish time), a day, sometimes longer, to isolate myself from exterior and/or negative influences & focus on finding my inner peace, doing what I need to take care of me & the most important person in my life, my son. I'm a cheerful, positive, patient (well most of the time, lol!) giving person who is always there, no matter what, for my family & friends (even strangers at times), but it's a struggle at times when people expect too much from me. I cannot give them what they truly need when my own scales get tipped too far in one direction. I'm working on trying to learn to really listen to my intuition better, to keep a more even balance between my own need to be giving and what I need to do for Me to be able to give without it draining & unbalancing my own life, if that make sense. Lol!

    Anyway, you have been very generous in your offer to pay it forward but you take whatever time You need to take care & focus on You, that precious baby, school and the things & people that are important in your life. You will know when the time feels right to go forth in your calling to help others through your readings.

    To the others that are waiting for answers, a response for a reading, (I too have requested & am waiting for a reading & seek answers), as hard as it may be, and trust me, I do understand that sometimes it's very difficult when you seek answers, but please just be patient because the answers will come not necessarily when you want them but when the time is right for you to receive them.

    Sending wishes for peace to all and a beautiful life 😃

  • For Olive Branch:

    "The Pisces and The Cancer O' what beautiful melancholy" Thats how I remember Linda Goodman describing it.

    Death, The Four of swords, The Six of swords, The Ten of swords, and the Queen of pentacles reversed.

    Well friend the first thing that jumps out at me is that we have lots of swords. In regards to relationships, swords wich are the "mental" suit show us how our thoughts shape our love, keep us togethor, or seperate us.

    Did this relationship start out very, very well? did you feel swept off your feet? were your previous relationships difficult? did you feel "young" again when the two of you 1st met. Did you meet in October, or November? Face the problems in the relationship with confidence! ( To much stress, to much work, not enough time for each other) They are solvable, and you know how to solve them! Have a heart to heart...If you have kids maybe the two of you should spend a weekend away togethor, and reignite that old flame. Try to shake of that rigid feeling thats been accumulating.

    While the two of you certaintly do love each other, is money creating problems for you? Olive does J have a problem with the way you spend? Do you perhaps not feel that he is making enough money? Either way try to remember that money is not everything.

    It is time for forivness, you both need to let old wounds go, and time for I love you's.

    Good luck Olive!

  • I almost forgot! Wenchie Now that you say that James's girl is going through a nasty "divorce issue, I think the five of swords was for her, nothing to do with his rebound at all. I'm rooting for them! nothing better for a virgo, than another virgo! lol

    And Sheila, dont fret to much about that reading, Tarot is always subjective, and I may not have covered all the bases with my litle spreads.

  • For Pilot ( The Bull)

    Three of wands reversed, The Ace of Swords, Page of swords, nine of wands,

    Your Ex is a sneak, and a formidable opponent, He has become bitter toward you becuase of weather their imagined or not past wrongs. Also be on the look out for legal disputes. Pilot continue to stand your ground, and soon this stressful period will end. you are confident, and secure, or you soon will be. Be patient and vigilant, although youve grown tierd of waiting and watching you must continue. If you are being overly stuborn in some area of your life, you need to rethink it. I think you will only get what you want through makeing some comprimises. You must be firm and self aware at the same time.

    I hope this makes sense, I know its a little unclear.

    I wish you well.

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