Looking to "pay it forward"

  • Hi I have recieved alot of really nice assistence and replies from alot of fine people. I would like to try and give back by giving a few tarot readings...I do best with love and relationships. Also I have a four month old, and Im living with the rents so I cant just wip out my cards! and get too it anymore...but if anyone would like a reading...the more descriptive you are, the better. It helps me to respond to you in the most effective way. - D

  • Hi KarmaCorma

    Nice of you to offer. I wish I could do readings for others. I only use the tarot.com on the net and pay about 6 USD per celtic cross reading. But then I do them myself.

    I live in norway, and I am an isolated member of subud. www.subud.com. In subud we do a spiritual excercise that is called latihan (means excercise). The purpose is to become a healed soul, to cleanse the soul by surrendering to the light, to God or what ever name we would like to give that healing energy. I have since 2004 felt that God is sending me people who can be my spiritual family, my friends for life whom I can do this excercise together with and also have as friends. But what I truly seek is eternal divine peace and clarity, to become a fully healed soul. I dream about also becoming a healer myself (would heal people for free of course) and help many people throughout my whole life.

    My question is: Wich way do my efforts to achieve inner peace seem to be heading?

    Hanged Woman

  • Hi Karma,

    I don't have anything specific to ask, but I would like to know what you see coming up for me in the near future.

    Thank you

  • The Hanged woman,

    What you seek is with in you,LOL you know this already. Slow the ego,,,do not try so hard to seek ,,listen to the light ,,Feel the love ,,,,,and realize you are a healer in your individual form !!



  • MTW: Yeah, I know. I seek too intensively instead of just letting it arrive. I mistakedly believe that there is something that I must do do achieve it. I know that. But I have difficulty accepting it even though I wish for it to happen. I fear the responsibility because I fear to make mistakes. I really know that. I agree that it is allready within me. But I kind of work against it at the same time. A part of me does not want full healing. Of course. I identify myself with a looser who should not or can not be part of anything that is a blessing. And at the same time I identify myself with a winner who can have it all. It is a fight against my lower self.

    Thank you for your wisdom, MTW. It is true. And that is what I keep saying to people again and again: That we can achieve anything that we want if we truly believe in it and simply accept it as true. I must practice what I preach. Totally.

  • I will do both of these readings sometime tonight. ...Sorry ya'll : )

    (Yes I am from Texas) : )

    Later tonight then


  • Thank you. That is very kind of you.

  • Okay! first let me say that I read Tarot in a very erractic kind of way. I tend to just pull cards and asign their positions as it comes to me to do so. Also I havnt really done alot of readings for others...and I worry that my deck may need to be "cleared" of my "stuff". Any good ideas on how to do that would be much appreciated. Also if im way off base with these just let me know, and im sorry, also I know I cant spell...I have never been able too, sorry about that too. : )

    For The Hanged Women:

    Is there something looming over you? A sadness over some setback, maybe involving love or the end of some kind of important relationship? A very sorrowful situation that you may be carrying blame for? You are dissapionted with yourself, and you are very hard on yourself.

    You have great capabilities within yourself, and you wield a great power because of those capabilities. You are very Eager and Hell bent on accomplishing your goals! but if you are not patient, and kind to yourself. That very zeal will undermine you because you will get so down on yourself.

    I think you may feel that right now you are burdened with 2 many "have to's" and that you can not devot yourself fully in the way you wish, too your "want to's". Is their a physical burden of some kind? are feeling maybe a slight blow to the "ego" over something. Just continue to carry the "load" and eventually you will get closer to things that you want to do.

    Five of Cups, Ace of swords, and the Ten of Wands.

    For Manifest Dreams:

    Some one around you, a women. Is very narrowminded and enjoys gossiping about you, and hopeing that you fail.

    You may continue to be thwarted in your desires. A dream may fall apart at the last minute, but all is not lost as of yet. Your coin is still spining! because you want this dream very, very much indeed. You are not put off by impending respnsibility, and you have the chance at success!

    The Queen of Swords reversed, The Chariot reversed, The five of swords reversed, and The Knight of Pentacles.

    Okay, let me know how I did. : )


  • I have had a enourmous setback in the past, and I am still being healed from the impact it had. I was like dying, then like being dead and then I got a clear message from God that I must continue to live. To put it short, that was how I experienced it from within.

    I have a physical burden in the sense that I am married and have a child who is 3 years old. And my husband and I are running a company together, where he does the physical work and I do the paper work and send out invoices. At the same time I have a daily job from 8AM-4PM. And a 3-year old daughter. That is a lot of responcibility.

    I am not worried about anybody gossiping about me. I have much more important things to focus on: My own healing. But it is likely that there is a woman gossiping about me. But I will not fail. If I do, the ending will still be good for me. Because I have allready become healed from a lot, and if I stop continuing my self healing today, I still am better off than I was ten years ago. It was ten years ago I received the gift that has healed me (the holy ghost that I have gotten through receiving the latihan in subud).

    I understand that the more I try, the less likely it is that I will have a subud group here where I live. Because impatience is due to lack of faith in God. I must never believe that the healing can come from me, and the group of people who might join me, is also because of God, and letting God "do" and letting God give.

    Ok. Five of cups is about loss. Yes I have lost. And that is perhaps also why I am so blessed, because I have lost so much that only God can build me up again. And I have let the healing come to me for years. And it takes a loooong time to accept the healing and ressurrection until it is completed. It demands patience and faith in that inner help.

    Ace of swords should be about my determination to become built up and healed. And to have a spiritual family around me.

    Ten of wands is about hard work, heavy demands. And great rewards. And great rewards there have been for me and my husband.

    The queen of swords reversed has to do with people who are narrowminded. The reminder that this card gives, is that I must trust myself.

    I think the chariot reversed means that I have stopped struggling so much and began giving up the vision. This is a good thing, because my vision is perhaps even preventing me from reaching it. Because, the more I think about it, the more I prevent it from happening. Because it is from God it must come, and I must let God do it. Instead of thinking that I must do something for it. Then I in fact am blocking myself from receiving it.

    Five of swords: I feel defeated, that my wish perhaps will not come true.

    The knights of pentacles: If I am persistent, then I will see the fruits of my labout. If I continue to believe in my vision, it will come true.

    Thank you for your reading.

    I think it looks worse than I had hoped for, but the last card is saying that I will get what I wish for if I truly surrender to God and am faithful to what I believe in. I think the reality is much better, but I might also be overly optimistic.

    But I will not give up, since I dont see a meaning with life if God does not support my plan. I must continue to let God heal me, so that the outcome will be good for everybody whom I encounter in my life.

    Hanged Woman

  • I think I should have poseted these diffrently...

    sorry for the confusion

    The Queen of Swords reversed, The Chariot reversed, The five of swords reversed, and The Knight of Pentacles. were the cards I pulled for Manifest Dreams...sorry.

  • Thank you Karma.

  • Hi Karma Coin,

    How lovely of you to offer readings, yes it is always good to give back in some way.

    Are you still giving readings? I would like to ask for one, but will wait to hear if you still have the time and energy to do more.

    Thank you 🙂

  • sure wenchie.

  • Hello Karma Coma,

    I do appreciate your kind offer to do some readings.

    My dob is 07.25.1957.

    Please provide some guidance on my employment situation timing and if it involves relocation.

    Thanks a lot and God bless.

  • Hi Karma Coma,

    Thanks for the offer. I have decided not to ask you the question I wanted to ask you for myself because I believe that deep down inside I know the answer already and I need to trust myself and have patience and faith and things will unfold as they are meant to.

    I was then going to ask you another question in regards to my brother but after typing nearly everything out and then something weird happened and i lost it all, I've decided that perhaps I'm not meant to ask that one either!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you anyway, very sweet of you and much appreciated. 🙂

  • Reselience, I will do your reading tonigh when I get home from school. Wenchie you have the right state of mind. and what you describe is really what Tarot is all about. I would love to do a reading for you about your brother though if you like. I love my brother dearly and you have piqued my curiosity. : )


  • Alright Ya'll! Im going back into my lair! (my babys room...awwww hes so cute : ) ) lol any way Im going to go do some readings. and I'll be back later tonight. Please give me some feed back and let me know how I did.

  • Okay For Reselience:

    Three of wands reversed, Nine of wands reversed, Judgment, and Death Reversed.

    ( I dont know how familar you are with Tarot, but I dont want the Death card to panic you. This card is simply about the ending and beging of the cycle of change.)

    : )

    It seems that their may be an inability at this time for you too face facts? or cope with these difficult changes, that have befallen you. You are depressed and anxious. You refuse to accept your current situation, you may be prideful, and stubbornn ... These are hard times for you. But you must tell yourself that you WILL make it through.

    The three of wands reversed shows the delay of good fortune, in your case employment and business prosperity. It is however only a delay!

    Here is the bright side! You couldnt ask for a better card than judgment! you will recieve what you seek because you will deserve it! It marks the end of one cycle and the beging of another! Just hang in their reselience! you got it in you.

    Good Luck


    I inquired into relocation and just ended up with more "talk" about stubborness. Sorry.

  • For Taurus.

    The Chariot, The Hanged Man, Knight of wands, and The Five of swords.

    The chariot represents the contrasts in your relationship that you can bring into a harmonius whole. It may be important for him right now to recognize the mistakes he has made, and truly see what he has in you. Both of your individual desiers must be considered. You should talk and define both of your wishes and hopes.

    You are prepared to commit even if it means a sacrifice. If formerly you were unwilling to be tied down, you are now ready. This decision is made freely and gladly. You would forgive him almost anything, he is charming, a lover of life, and full of interesting ideas! He loves love, but not responsibility. He is very appealing to other women and he knows this.

    Their is the possibility of feeling being toyed with, and even infidelity. Continue to tread lightly for now.

    Good Luck! with catching your fish Taurus!


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