Anyone like a reading for feedback?

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  • HeadIncloud: May I have a Celtic Cross reading please? ?

    I would like one in regard to my Exboyfriend. His name starts with the letter (G).

    Basically, will I get closure or communications from him soon?

  • Hi standing tall

    This looks to have been a long term relationship and there seems to be an incompatibility on emotional and/or sexual levels therefore your chances of remaining friends are high. The spark between you has died and although there's a short lived sadness there's no crippling heartbreak, pain or resentment. There's a calmness around the situation as if the parting is inevitable and possible something on which you both agree.

    I don't see a reconciliation, you're a strong person and the situation is empowering you, some great memories to take with you. You're under the influence of the hierophant so the need for formal structures will rise, you may re-organize everything and establish new routines. Your wish for a long term stable relationship and future may surface now and in every aspect of your life you seek definition and shy away from chaos and confusion hence the split.

    May I ask if his family accepted you?

  • His daughter likes me now. She saw that I really loved him, and also looked out for him.

    As for the other family members. ...I honestly do not know if they accepted me.

  • Hi Headincloud,

    I'm trying to effect some change in my work circumstances to help cope with care-giving concurrently, as I'm starting to buckle under the load. I was wondering if you can do a reading to see what may transpire.

    I've casually mentioned to my boss about reducing my work days (5 to 4), and to allow me to come into the office only once a week - down from the 2 days (current arrangement). 90% of my work can be done on a laptop, but she prefers me around so I can assist with various admin things. We need a third person in the team, but there's no budget.

    I've coped as much as I can. I need this job but I also need a reduction in responsibilities. I'm finally ready to accept a lower salary in exchange for more breathing room & flexibility.

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  • Hi Headincloud,

    Thank you for the reading, a lot hit close to home. I do feel bitter a lot, because I feel like I have to be guarded. The most prickly people on the outside are often the most sensitive, loving people - we just have more to lose if we show it because we feel so deeply!

    Perhaps I could be doing more for myself but it seems like everytime I get close to pulling myself out, a bout of depression hits and I'm back to square one. I will take that into account, though.

    The rejection of a traditional family setting is probably highlighting the fact that I'm a single mom.

    And I definitely feel like circumstances surrounding this are not fair, but that's life and it's not fair.

    I'm not sure what context you mean cherry picking in. Is it possible to clarify?

    Thanks again 🙂

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