Anyone like a reading for feedback?

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  • Hello, i will be really grateful to receive a reading from you. Thank you so much for the offer!

    I've been worried lately, and I really want to know this to ease my nerves.

    I want to know if Timothy will try to contact me / return back into my life / try to reconcile with me

    Thank you in advance for your honesty, offer , and time.

  • Hi Firesoul, Tim may be enigmatic and elusive, slipping through your fingers time and time again yet it seems you are being invited to share with fantasies and become involved yet he's unreliable, forgetting things said at romantic times. You may never truly know this person and the moon rx can sometimes warn of alluring illusions or even indicate we are being deceived outright. A lot of energy is being directed towards the past and past regret on your part. Sorry it's gloomy but best wishes.

  • That's not to say he won't get in touch because the cards show you getting your wish around the lover, unless ultimately it's your wish to be out of this relationship.

  • Feedback: Timothy likes to run away from his problems... this is why you felt as him being slippery. He is also forgetful as you say. He can be untrustworthy at times because he doesn't fully tell you the truth. He likes to keep things to himself, especially when it's the actual important thing I asked, to begin with, as well he will try to find a way to avoid saying it / run away. So far in the first paragraph, you got the gist of it all, you are on key. It's been a gloomy time between us recently.

    Second part.

    I will be willing to forgive him and regain trust towards him if he comes back to me and proves himself to me. I am Open for forgiveness and healing.

    This is what I really want to know. I want to know if he will try to contact me one more time / reach out to me. It will help ease my tension / worries. Do you feel anything else revealing this?

    Also, thanks again or the reading, like I said above... you are so far

    correct about what you have said about Timothy. accurate reading far.

  • Yes he is around you and there may be an invitation from him.

    I'm not doubting your capacity for love and forgiveness I'm doubting his ability to hit the mark, could well be a cycle or will turn into one.

  • Alrighty, thank you again for your insight! As I stated on my feedback, you are so far accurate. I hope it was helpful for you in anyways.

    take care and god bless!

  • Thanks for the exchange catch up later.

  • Headincloud,

    I would love a reading too. I have a situation very much like Firesoul. A man who comes and goes. He's very slippery and I'm not sure he is always honest. Actually I think he is not honest with himself and his feels scare him. We have been completely out of touch for a few months now. I'm curious to know what he is doing/thinking and if I will here from him.


  • You may a tendency to over analyse things and worry too much.

    There is a long distance relationship in your cards where he is struggling with being tied down, doesn't like restraints. You also have moon reversed in you spread which can well mean deceit but exactly how I can't see. At the very least communication is fluid between you and there are negotiations around a visit or get together which is coming through as a homecoming, is he away somewhere?

  • Thanks Headinclouds,

    You have certainly tapped into some of the truths of the situation.

    He is not out of town, that I know of. We have been split up for a while now but he has been dating someone who lives out of town. That is his preference because he does fear being tied down. We have talked about that many times. I don't know if he is still seeing her. He usually keeps his relationships pretty short, typically a few months.

    He has been with me (off and in) for over 5 years. The breaks have typically just been a few months and he does not date. This time is different. That's why I am not sure if I will hear from him. We have nothad any communication because I told him to leave me alone when I found out he was seeing someone else. That may be the deceit you saw. We were seeing each other again after a break up, doing our typical dance of getting back together when I saw him on a date with her. He had been seeing me again for 2 months at that point. That's why I broke it off with him this time. I'm not even sure I want to hear from him, I'm not sure I can forgive this and yet I can't seem to break the emotional connection. If we do meet up to talk it will feel like a homecoming because he has always felt like home to me.

    So Headinclouds your reading is right on for the current situation except that the communication is not fluid. What will happen next and when it will happen is still unclear to me. I guess I would like the opportunity to talk even if we do not get back together. Did you get any indication of the timing of any communication between us?

    Thank you for the reading. Well done.


  • Thanks for feedback sadsag. I don't want to get your hopes up too much because firstly I'm a beginner and secondly even if there is a reconciliation either the timing is wrong or he's the wrong guy because wheel reversed rules out a stable relationship with him, best wishes.

  • Thanks Headinclouds. That's good to know. I really don't have high hopes for a stable relationship with him. He has too much fear and is not brace enough to face his feelings. He has choosen a life of superficial relationships rather than risk living or being loved. I do t expect that to change. I'm not sure I could ever trust him anyway. These are the feelings I am struggling with. Letting go has not been easy but I am working on it. I do appreciate your reading though and you were spot on as far as the situation goes.


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  • I'm sure it's not boring to you! I waited 2 months once for a new electric box! It rained everyday pretty much so no getting around that. Where are you getting your list from? Do you have an Angies List near you or something similar.? I just got a new chimney built and I got the company approved by Angies List. They actually came earlier than expected. I used Angies list for a plumber as well. These kinds of listed approved companies that do repairs know they have to get a good rating so they try harder to get your approval . Also, try and relax and consider whatever delays are happening right now may be blessings but you don't know it. It's not unusual to make a few calls before the right one comes. Most good companies are quick about at least sending out for an estimate. Don't even bother with anyone who can't come out for a week. Don't give up and say a prayer before you start calling. Do not wait more than a week on anyone or you won't get it done by holiday. BLESSINGS!

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  • I would love a reading. I feel stuck in a rut again and some insight would be awesome. I've let years of being angry turn me into a very bitter, closed off, suspicious person. I used to be so happy and I feel like that light has been snuffed out for the past 6 years. I've used that anger over the years to start a fiction novel and now all of my crazy scribblings and notes are starting to come together and I would like to know if that is the path I'm supposed to be going down or if anything will come of it.

    And I am getting help (in the form of therapy - a first), which is the reason why I recently feel like my head is above the water again, and I feel hopeful enough to ask for this. I haven't had any goals or dreams for so long and it's nice to look forward to something again, like a nice person offering to give readings online.

  • alenabrz

    you must be a bit psychic! I wanted to ask you if you live in one of those areas that people don't like to go.....that is what I was hearing but didn't know how to say it without insulting you or sounding like you live in the hood! haha! Sending you a "getter done prayer" BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Aries,

    There may be mood problems/depression/anxiety tied into hormonal issues, cyclic.

    There's disruption behind you so things will have been unsettled in the recent past, structures breaking down but there's also been a sudden insight into the self causing this.

    Not sure if a relationship has run it's course and you may feel trapped and frustrated, possibly thinking about a split and a house move but are sitting it out a while. A lot of difficult emotions coming up for you as relationship issues go unresolved, seems you're being treated unfairly. The situation is coming through as voluntarily staying in a rut or foolish satisfaction with present.

    There's close attention to emotional issues which may be highlighting therapy and you have a victory over your troubles through this. Nothing in your spread reflects you as a bitter, closed off, suspicious person at heart, that's not in line with truth. Yes you're struggling with the past and there's a need to come into the present but the present may be uncomfortable especially your emotional life.

    There's a rejection of tradition/ a traditional family situation, perhaps you've new age beliefs.

    Are you in a situation where gossip and rumours are rife perhaps community or work?

    You may struggle socially for some reason, besides being withdrawn and dissatisfied atm.

    Does cherry picking mean anything to you?

    Regarding your book there's expertise so go for it though there's frustration around it atm.

    You're on your way to a victory over your troubles and things are starting to come together for you up ahead, change and sacrifice is the flavour of your reading, best wishes.

  • alenbrz,

    After much frustration and disenchantment you have a victory before the end of the year over this pipe problem.

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