Anyone like a reading for feedback?

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    his friendliness was fact that's why he hates to disappoint you and puts it off. He should have been honest but he is handling it wrong. He is very busy and your job is a big one and more expensive than he wants to admit. Underground pluming fixes are expensive and harder to locate. You just caught him at a bad time. When you speak to him again you need to speak up and say to him....I think I caught you at a bad time and I wish you would of told me. I would not have been disappointed in you and I just want to get this done....before the holidays.....just like everyone else!!

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  • Hi Headincloud,

    You are right about the structure thing. I do feel insecure because it feels like the company is disintegrating. Do you feel as if I'll get asked to leave in the near future? No one is safe it seems.

    I am 'carrying' my boss. She's nice, but very manipulative. Made to do extra without appreciation or recognition - because it's convenient or to save costs. Not what I want, but I'm not in a position to fight back.

    Could i trouble you for a further read into my home situation? You mentioned the Tower and the Emperor - I feel like I want to break away from my family entirely. There's been too much unhappiness and bad blood. Being around them incites chaos and ill feelings in me, and I hate the person I become around them. I want to find my tribe and my own way. I'm not ready to do anything yet, and I don't want to hurt anyone, but it feels like the right step for me.

    Does this shows up as a necessary step, and how does it unfold in the year ahead, and any advice?

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  • It certainly looks as if you're about to loose your job but fore warned is forearmed and there's a great lifting of pressures but dread around finances, it's a very bitchy atmosphere. I wouldn't be surprised if you took an educational course after that as there's teaching around you unless you're interested in teaching perhaps. Although this loss may seem disastrous the outcome is promising though I can't nail it for you. There are opportunities up ahead, travel is a strong possibility for you and seem to be leaving home though I doubt you were ever happy there anyway, outside of your family I mean, you may feel you never fitted in. Issues around emotional and mental health are strained, physical health is suffering too but there's a brand new start around health and self respect as you take charge of the reigns. All I can really say is there's the beginnings of a new enterprise or job which is promising or has the potential to bring financial security in the future. Sorry it's vague, let me know how it plays out.

  • alenabrz

    you are right and that's why you should tell him next opportunity in a neutral way that you wished he'd just be honest. Short of being in a coma not calling is not professional and rude. I think you will hear from him. Speak your truth. It's good for you.....we all need the practice! In the end it will get done just fine. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Headincloud,

    I think this situation may relate to my cat.

    I've been caring for him closely especially since January when he had a sudden illness.

    The physical, mental and emotional stress are separate, yet closely linked with this, as I'm the primary caregiver. I've tried so hard to mitigate where his physical faculties have declined.

    He's taken ill again yesterday/today, and it looks and feels more serious than January.

    I've always deferred to him about whether he's ready to go. Thus far, it seems like he wants to still be here with us, even though he's depressed. We comfort him I think. I don't want him to suffer needlessly but I'm afraid of deciding something before he's ready.

    Clinic mandates that we have to exhaust all options, which is costly, and difficult to manage. I don't have enough help at home.

    It feels like the loss could be this as well - in a form of a decision - if we're allowed to, that is.

    If I lose the job too, I wont'

  • surprised, as there's restructuring going on.

    I'll be relieved to get out of there - but worried about finances.

    Going to the vet soon. We'll see how it goes.

  • Everything you're saying resonates

    About unhappiness and not fitting in. And I always wanted to move away.

    I did want to go back to school - just that there are blocks in my life, including my physical health, finances and care-giving. But I think things will get clearer, though not without suffering. I think that's what I find hard to deal with. Already been through a lot.

    It will take a lot before I can break the surface for air. So it depends how I deal with it I guess.

  • The cat situation fits lets hope for the best, thanks for feedback Danceur.

  • Hi Headincloud,

    My name is Jen...been have a very spiritual and in tune weekend....wondering if you could do a reading for me....general info..single 36 year old kids but don't know if classroom will be in my future for the next 15-20. I don't want to give you information you may not need, but her is my general info:

    Jennifer Ann McDonough

    Born Feb. 15, 1980

    10:05 am

    Newark, NJ

    Presently live in basking ridge

    everyone calls me Jen...

    IF you are up for it, I would sooo appreciate it...I have never done this on the forum...

    sooo cool!

    Thanks again!

    Peace and Happiness always!!

  • Hi Jen,

    you may be feeling very downhearted about your job things aren't running smoothly for you at the moment and you may feel there are too many pulls on your time and attention to keep up with it all.

    For some reason there's a lack of achievement around work, you may be under or over qualified or not receiving the guidance you should be or it could be read as unemployed I guess. Team work may be lacking and there's a sense of not fitting in.

    There's a lack of spiritual and emotional fulfilment tied into your work situation and also a feeling of tension, slight chaos, loneliness and claustrophobia around you.

    You may be unhappy at home or in the community, a feeling of not being settled.

    You may be undertaking an educational course or have an idea for one rooted in a project which may have evolved from a hobby or working from home.

    Is there a man around you from the past who you've activated your boundaries against because you were living in the past? And one who you're hoping for a relationship with? The former may be about to disappear from your life. He was likely an immature man who was a burden.

    On that score you are independent but seem to be struggling with a sense of incompleteness as far as family go, your wish does seem to be for a relationship and there's also a wish to travel.

    You are persevering with your job and getting what you deserve.

  • Hi Headincloud,

    I just want to say thank you.

    I know I asked a lot there 🙂

    Too many issues to deal with, but your advice is helpful.

    Will let things play out as they will, and check back in with ya at a later time.

    Take care 🙂

  • Awww Thank YOU!

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