Anyone like a reading for feedback?

  • Hey again headincloud. I got a general reading from you maybe about a month ago and would like another general reading if you're up for it 🙂

    I like to see what the cards say to get a little more insight into my life at the moment.


  • Hi headincloud, Thanks for the reading. Yes, alot of it makes sense to me. I am doing things differently now, taking the bull by the horns. I have been through a traumatic event which has led me to take every day and make the best of it. I do feel that i am perhaps owed some money, not sure that i will ever see that money.. but it would be nice to receive it! I do feel that i have "owned" up to something very personal, that i have been struggling with. I also know what you are talking about with the situation with a teen/child. You are very good, keep it up! Thanks again!

  • Thanks for the kind words bugatigirl.

  • Hi Jackie, there may be immoderation as far as spending goes and how you spend your time. You may be keeping yourself busy in order to distract yourself from your problems or issues, hoping they will sort themselves out. Your mind seems focused on regrets and memories of the past and you may find yourself dragging your mind back to the present, or you may be studying your past I guess.

    There's a lack of self belief around a creative project which shows promise and the beginnings of success but you seem to have been sabotaging things for yourself, there's also a sense of excitement around this venture and things are changing for the better, there's a brand new sense of self esteem and self love coming in for you if you can master the imbalances in emotional and physical life. Hormonal issues could be a possibility.

    You seem stressed in a confined situation or negative pattern but your worst fears are unlikely to materialize. There may be anxiety tied to the end of a relationship or having to make a choice between or about a partner. There may be a re-occurrence of past difficulties in a relationship.

    Also a change of environment eg job/home/holiday.

  • Thanks for the reading headincloud 🙂

    There is definitely truth in my spending, as I have been spending much more money lately than usual, but i'm not sure about the time part. Maybe its talking about how I have much more time to just relax.. I have been watching a lot more tv and relaxing now that i dont have too much work in school to do. I have also been trying to be more involved in groups and clubs to get my mind of off certain things, but I know that the resolution to my issues are just being patient and waiting. The past thing is pretty accurate I'd say.

    For the lack of self belief, I'm not sure what that could be referring to. The only thing I can think of is that I didn't think I got a job that I interviewed for last week, but I actually did. They let me know the same day, so maybe your reading is pointing more towards the past. But i am definitely excited for this job as its in a location I think I'll love and the job is exactly what I've been looking for.

    And as far as my fears, I guess we as people are always fearful of something... I think I've been trying to think about some decisions i might need to make in the future regarding a past relationship. I really hope there are no re-occurence of past difficulties though... I need a break!

    Thanks again! Hope my feedback helped

  • Thanks jack the reading is obviously way off, come back and I'll try reading for you again sometime if you wish.

  • Jack the new sense of self belief is because you got the job, not that you were necessarily lacking before but it's gone up a notch. The excesses with time may be because you would benefit from spending more time with other people if possible, as you've explained.

  • Anyone like a reading for feedback?

  • headincloud, I was wondering... my son needs to find a girlfriend so that he wont be so lonely. I think he likes one of his friends, and she requested to be my friend on fb, do you think that she is interested in him and since he doesnt have a fb - she requested me? Do the cards show anything about that situation? Thank you !

  • Hi BG I've done a relationship spread

    Him - moon rx

    Her - Tower rx

    Relationship - Wheel of fortune rx

    Your son seems to be lost in his own little world, there's much confusion and he seems to be unable to view reality clearly atm.

    Tower rx is symbolic of imprisonment, she may be trapped in a negative situation or cycle and would need all his love and support to escape.

    Should a romantic relationship evolve it would likely be disruptive as both seem to have their own set of problems and may be quite needy in their own right in different ways.

  • thanks i appreciate it. it makes sense.

  • Anyone like a reading for feedback?

  • Hi Headincloud,

    May I join?

    My current job provides the flexibility/finances that's necessary for my home/personal circumstances. Totally grateful for that. However, employees are not valued here, and sometimes treated in callous/reprehensible ways. I feel complicit, and I'm losing my nerve to tolerate it.

    Just wanted to get a reading/advice into my general circumstsances, as well how things may play out here in this particular area. Want a job opportunity that suits my need and is more aligned to my values.


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  • Hi, it's no bother I'm grateful to learn. For some reason your friend is unable or unwilling to do this job, he may be incompetent and you are being treated unfairly, seems you're not getting through to him.

  • alenabrz.

    A no show is not a good sign. It's not unusual for work like that to be backed up but no calls is not a good sign.The job is complicated......he dreads the work. He is swamped at the moment but mostly he doesn't really want to do it . Bottom line is no he dreads it.......he can get enough easier work and make more. Did you sign an estimate for work? If not start calling for another plumber. If you signed an estimate for work and he doesn't answer send him a letter with signature request that you are moving on.

  • Hi danceur,

    Most certainly being put on at work but you do have the ability to carry the load. Your cards are a mixture of downheartedness and excitement in equal measures. Everything you've explained as far as being at the end of your tether is bringing you to the realization of just how dissatisfied and burdened you are and uppermost in your mind is a new job, which you are shortly following through with.

    Your worries seem to be poverty whilst your wish is to get what you deserve which you are not.

    There may have been or will be an incident that sparked or cements your way of thinking involving a dark haired man likely in authority who is extremely tight with money and a very distrustful, crude, plodding character, there is or will be disruption at work due to insights on your part.

    You may be suited to a creative job or anything involving the psychic arts or channelling and there may be a young creative idea that will be met with success. There is a move tied into your next job which sees you getting what you deserve, you seem to be a high achiever.

    There seems to be frustration around your love life and the relationship may be unstable, are you perhaps stressed due to his hot-headedness, it's not plain sailing and there may be a split.

    Are you an unconventional or slightly eccentric in some way, an individual?

    You're in the process of setting long term goals mentally and are having trouble because there are sacrifices to be made to accommodate this growth and expansion towards your dreams and, there's an immature man around you causing you some grief but could be home or work, you have a victory over this.

    There may be a lack of structure or order around you or a need for more.

    Fulfilment of goals but you seem to know you can't have it all.

    Social life is picking up.

    Anything resonate?

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  • HI Headincloud,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time.

    I am most certainly unconventional and slightly eccentric 😛 LOL

    But I'm curious as to the suggestion of the psychic arts/channeling as a job. Can you tell me more? I don't have 'skills' in this regard. I'm slightly empathic and sensitive to energy, but that seems to make me prone to depression when paired with injustice, either to myself or others.

    Yes I do possess certain strength and will to cope with adversity - I can compartmentalize - but I'm starting to feel the deficit from doing that when I have a sensitive nature. The duality hurts. I do not belong in places or with people who don't value others. Such as my workplace, and many corporate environments. I'm in Personnel, and I feel badly that some co-workers are going to be let go on the spot, before the Christmas holidays, alongside other resignations this month. I want to be in an uplifting environment and doing meaningful work.

    I'm not in a love relationship. That immature man causing grief at home is probably my brother. I don't how to cope being around his selfish and inconsiderate behavior anymore. Also having issues with dad.

    I am trying to work on long term goals mentally but there are blockages right now, and I can't move forward - so I'm trying to pull back a bit. There is structure in my life, but it's restrictive. Necessary for the current scenario but not the kind that I want, ultimately.

  • Danceur, thanks for the help. I read your home situation as a love relationship hence my confusion. I didn't state it but your cards show a tendency towards depression and anxiety especially at the moment, but this is a pattern, there's insecurity around your job and this may be why right now. Your work load may be about to increase even more, a resignation or dismissal could be on the cards and there seems to be premeditated malice or revenge around the situation. There's also a man contributing to your stress either dad or your brother or both.

    In contrast to the oppression above there's an equal measure of sunshine seemingly tied into a new job if I'm correct. No idea what it is or when it will be.

    Sorry this is random but someone is playing on your emotional weaknesses probably at work.

    I think the lack of structure thing could be your company disintegrating, or your sense of structure with your work load, you could be carrying someone.

    The only way out of this situation is significant change and the job may be the first sacrifice and your living arrangements the second possibly, amongst others, a relationship for one.

    It seems circumstances have intervened and are sweeping things away for you in the tower but ultimately there are wonderful opportunities on the horizon if you can go with the flow as you very much become more of your own person in the world through the emperor and there's expansion and personal growth in 3W. There's a wish to further mature and accept more responsibility for yourself and this is where the sacrifices come in. Self respect is important somehow. There's emotional instability up ahead which may need to be dealt with.

    As for job I can't give you further insight because I don't have any. The ability may be there if you wished to develop in the realm of the high priestess, I don't feel you're currently in the right field, although scribe, secretary, attention to detail are talents so I can see how you got there. Keep your feet on the ground when setting goals. best wishes.

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