Anyone like a reading for feedback?

  • I'll take one sitter please.

  • may I?

  • I have a question regarding my love interests. Two guys. About the same age. early 30s. Both are very successful. Which one would suit me better?

  • hll. Celtic Cross

    1. 8W rx - Everything looks chaotic around you and at least one of the relationships you are coming out of in this spread. Your energy may be dissipating on too many projects and you're not making any headway in this relationship.

    2. Lovers rx - Taking the wheel rx/judgement rx/ace C rx into account, all express the ending of a relationship. Worried about making the wrong choice.

    3. 7P rx - Giving up on a relationship out of a sense of hopelessness and frustration, deciding not to persevere.

    4. judgement rx - A negative assessment of the relationship up to now and a split.

    5. Wheel of fortune rx - Chances are you don't know where you are with this person, dates cancelled and arranged at short notice, also seeing more than one person and or a bolt from the blue about to strike putting an end to things.

    6. 9C rx - not getting your wish and overindulgence.

    7. Empress rx - A promiscuous partner or sexual problems. Also mood might be low throughout this split and money may be tight, surroundings may be uncomfortable in some way.

    8. High Priestess rx - you may find this partner unreachable despite an emotional bond. Ambivalent one minute and openly loving and giving the next. He could withdraw for periods of time then re-appear as if nothing has happened giving confusing answers to any questions. This person may either be involved elsewhere or unable to surrender to you due to past pain and trauma.

    9. 3C rx - Sexual/romantic problems, there may be 3 in this relationship.

    10. Ace C rx - The end of a relationship, feeling used and manipulated.

  • Anyone else about who'd like a reading for feedback?

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  • thanks for the reading. its confusing though. i was asking for a choice reading, but what you did was just one partner reading? and i have no idea which one you were referring to. im not in a serious relationship with either of them,.

  • hll thanks for fb I didn't know how to best answer your question so I asked the cards to answer and that's what came out for you, sorry if I've confused you. Even if I did a choice reading I'm not intuitive enough to distinguish the men from each other but it'll be the one I've descried as the relationship progresses you'll leave which is pretty much a choice reading. l

  • would love a reading. general reading would be great. thanks

  • Hi bugatigirl Celtic Cross

    1. 2S rx

    2. Page P

    3. 2P

    4. Judgement

    5. 8S

    6. 3S

    7. Temperance

    8. 3W

    9. 6P rx

    10. 9W

    Nice healthy spread with positive influences. The 3W shows growth, expansion and self-belief you likely feel energized, and brimming with confidence about your direction/project/venture etc. You seem to be trying to leave a troublesome situation or painful past behind in 3S and 3W promises change and success towards that goal.

    Judgement points at self judgement, something you've been keeping the lid on in 2S is now venting so ability to face your feelings which is difficult in 3S and in the 8C shows a negative assessment has been made and there's dissatisfaction which has you activating your boundaries in the 9W against someone or something, the something could be a trait, tendency, situation etc.

    One such thing you're becoming more aware of is frugality in the page but crossing you there's a need to further cultivate this, generally money is tight but you're managing to keep your head above water in 2P and you may not be getting what you deserve in some way financially and also with credit for something, possibly your work. You may be owed money.

    So there's discontent with a situation or person (possibly involving a child or adolescent) that was preventing growth but judgement see's you taking responsibility and enabling a harmonious combination of elements in your life in temperance and expansion and personal growth are prominent due to the decisions you're making as to where you want your life headed. Anything here resonate?

  • Alenbrz I missed you sorry, you'll be next

  • Alenbrz C.Cross

    1. Ace W

    2. 8W

    3. Emperor

    4. 5P

    5. Lovers

    6. 4W

    7. Strength

    8. 5S

    9. Ace P

    10. 10C

    The lovers sees you facing choices and 2 aces in your spread points at a new home or new job or possibly both and also which job to choose. With the Emperor showing up it reiterates new job and with the 4W showing up there may be a choice of whether to move or where to move to??

    There also seems to be a choice around an important man in your life but there may be competing egos or lack of teamwork with this person and he may be sabotaging your efforts to get up and running in the 8W which sees projects coming together but is crossing you.

    These choices you're facing are sparking spiritual empowerment in the Ace W and you may be raring to go with a new project in ace P. Also new starts health wise with food and exercise and if you've been ill or run down or stressed lately that's about to change. Fulfilment and family joy is promised in the 10C so rest assured you will make the right decisions.

    The cards are quite powerful spiritually so sit tight.

  • Taking more sitters if anyone's interested.

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  • alenabrz

    how's the writing? did your novels go anywhere? Did you find yourself an agent? Don't give up! This is a very fertile time for you. If you do not subscribe, go online to POETS & WRITERS and look through their calls for submissions. BLESSINGS!

  • PS....Spirit shows me DISTRACTIONS in capitals so this fertile time does come with the need for amped up focus with PASSION. Following one's dream with great Passion often comes with others feeling you are being selfish and too distant. Sometimes it's your own sabotaging guilt that takes you from your true bliss. Really fight for your dream. Avoid pulls from others. Six months is all you need right now. Be very selfish in a good self loving way. Writing with full PASSION is a lonely not fear the isolation. It will pass and the independence on achievement will be delicious!

  • YES, my life is SO strange. Apparently my Exboyfriend was married during the time were dating.

    I had No idea! My question is did his wife know about me?

    Is the wife still alive?

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  • alenabrz it's much clearer now you've explained, thanks.

  • S.T. The relationship with you may have been the end of the marriage but I'm not sure, don't know if she's still alive sorry.

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