• St. Michael, please lend us your power. With shield raised we are protected from all negative arrows sent from a place of dark intention and they will be deflected and will return to sender. AMEN.

  • Nice prayer. Wonder if it could be used for other situations when you feel a need for protection..

  • YES! Usually, I avoid negative and vindictive people but they do cross our paths and when you are sensitive and open hearted their thoughts and poison arrows can affect you. Words are powerful. They do affect us. When I am feeling the hatefulness of someone I do a visual prayer at night and see myself raising a shield and seeing any poison arrows coming at me hitting the shield and returning to sender. It's better than engaging in hatefulness back at someone. That would be an equally bad intention but protecting yourself is self love. I always go to Saint Michael for protection.......he always comes's his calling to protect and lend his big heart....he teaches us it's ok to be compassionate yet protective of ourselves. BLESSINGS!


  • UGH! V I S U A L


  • Dear BLmoon, thank you, thank you!!! Your post is very helpful and in fact necessary for me. I went through such negative situation with a friend/person last week and need your post. i can think of many such times. Hugs to you.

  • Iā€™m with you BLmoon, thanks for being a true warrior. (I am not on here that much any more however I do like to check in and look, this is a great forum, wonderful readers and people, should be a sacred space. In His name, amen.

  • so nice to hear from you. I was gone a long time too. Wonderful place and loved meeting so many others but couldn't deny the loss of protection here. You are right it should be sacred and unfortunately the weight of maintaining the energy has fallen on us. Sadly, many left and got tired of loosing post connections to spam. When an old friend pops up it makes me smile! BLESSINGS! PS.....your energy is must be in a good place.

  • Yes, nice to see you out there too Blmoon. I have really enjoyed this forum over the last few years, in many ways this was about it for my social life ha... I have tried to hang out on spiritualforums dot com and it is pretty active for readings and all, I see TheCaptain on there too... I have tried providing readings over there for folks occasionally however I think my reading days are fading (I think I am really more of a writer than a reader anyway).

    As for my energy, yeah... I do feel more at peace in general, you are right... you too, your life seems very rested...

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