Regaining psychic abilities

  • thank you I'm going to check out that website right now!

  • I believe everyone is psychic only it's different level for each person. Some were born very sensitive, they do not need much training and nurturing. where as people like me, have to always nurture and train it in any way we know. I had dreams that happened, but some of these dreams I didn't know what they meant until it's too late. This happened when I was probably in my 20s. I've been doing a bit of yoga and meditation lately, and started to see visions and more spirits, therefore I know they are not the same like some people thought. It was through yoga that I found my spirit guide. Although it might not happen the same way for others, because she was my spirit guide in my past life. So all she did was call me back. In my past life unfortunately I had abandoned her advices and strayed off the path. But in this life time I made it a point to come back to the path and was hoping to find a guide for some time until she came. Before I had her, I have a mentor and was actively communicating with her. I can't say who my guide and mentor is, for I was told, you will find the one you need, if you look. I can share you a yoga website that is very good for me so far. no harm in trying, yoga keeps you in balance and in tune with your psyche. zen meditation does the same only passive.

    I am not affiliated with him, so no commission or anything for me. I just share it because it works and it may work for you too. so I never lost psychic abilities, I actually increased it with the practice. so I'd imagine, if you lose it, you can regain it the same way.

  • Leoscorpion: You hit the nail there. We are all born with gifts. In fact that is why it is said in the Bible several several several times: The Light (God) says to the human beings: "My children, why dont you listen to me? I give you guidance, and you dont want to follow. I tell you to go left, and you go right, I tell you to sit, and you stand, I tell you to walk, and you dance. I love you so much, and you dont want to follow my advices. You ask me for advice, and you dont follow what I give you. Because you dont listen. I give, but you dont receive, because you dont have faith."

    So this is about the inner guidance. The inner guidance. Our "psychic abilities". So what The Light is telling us here is that we must have faith in that inner guidance that we are given all the time. And that, again, is why we must cleanse our soul. Because as long as we listen to our minds` creations and the world that surround us more than that inner guidance, then we can not retrieve what it is trying to do for us. So we must cleanse away the many useless thoughts that continously tell us what to do. We must surrender our mind to God so that our mind does not separate us from our selves, from that inner Light that God has given us.

  • yep THW religious people call it gifts from God. I'm sure we all have them, only some do not nurture it, some were born sensitive and others like me were not born with high degree of it, so we have to nurture them.

  • What you are saying makes sense. When I was younger (up until about 25/30) I had a strong psychic abilities, as well as unbelievable luck. But due to outside influences, I began to fear it, and deliberately set out to block my abilities. I succeeded, and quite quickly. Now, I am nearly 60 and would love to have that insight and luck back, but I have no idea how to access it anymore. I am quite eager to hear the answers to this dilema!

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  • Hi Universal, I like that name. All of the abilities that you stated are in fact gifts. You know gifts are given to us. I am an artist, I draw, paint etc. I can improve my abilities but still my abilities remain with me as something that can not be taken away. I have creative ups and downs--so do you. Your abilities are not contingent on being wiccan, new age etc. I think you are seeking insight into your gift and why you have it and the purpose of your gift. All gifts are given for the betterment of ourselves and neighbors (Universal Harmony). I wouldn't get confused with your gift being a power, then you lose yourself. In other words, you will have intuition and psychic abilities but you are not all knowing. Do you follow my line of thinking. Our abilities are part of us and not us. A lot of talented people think of themselves as the best etc., etc. then the super ego seems to get into the way. We actually start believing in ourselves more than the Creator. That's my interp, anyway.

    I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone has any intuition on any current headlines, events, crimes etc. I watch Headline News and I got this thought that some info will be forthcoming about Haleigh Cummings disappearance once her father totally separates from Misty. Does anyone get any random thoughts on anything. . .

  • I am halfway watching tv with my daughter now, so I am not all focused now. But Dalia, I thank you for speaking out my own opinion.

    Although I would like to add something. In the Bible, it is said that God created us humans in his image. I understand this as that we have Gods will inside of us. We just need to follow it. And that is why we are served by the angels. Because God wants us to follow the light that he planted inside of us, and he sent the angels to remind us about it.

    I also thank you for mentioning the difference between the psychic abilities and our soul. It is a clear difference.

    So we must never forget who we are.

    There is a difference between following the light that God planted inside of us, and the psychic abilities. That is why psychic people even can have mental problems. But people who are following the light that realms inside of them, and believes in that light more than in their mind, they become healed. But people who just follow their gifts, their psychic abilities, can become sick and be unhappy because they still do not feel that they have contact with their soul.

    I have to take care of my daughter now (bed-time).

    The Hanged Woman.

  • Thank you everybody, you have such great advice. When I say abilities I do understand that they are a gift but I call it an ability because you can work on them and they can grow. It is so great everyone has insight on how to center yourself rather than concetrate on pure ideas of psychic gain. And that is great advice. Me, I have not been so focused on that, rather than I miss the feeling of security of following my gut. For awhile, I couldn't trust myself or my judgement and it would make making decisions much harder. I have been looking for away to gain a better vision towards my path. What everyone says about faith is so true. I am not a religious person at all, was never raised one nor do I strive to be. I believe in spirituality, working to better yourself for your own life and to help better others lives as well.But faith in something, a belief in something more than yourself, is key to helping you even want to better yourself. And having faith and desiring to better myself and to trust myself better has guided a class to me to help with that. Not even a whole week ago, someone said they saw my reading for someone else and post on another board and said they thought I would be interested in an intuitional tarot class. It deals with meditation, dream tracking, and tarot reading, following your gut and learning to trust your instincts. I love it. So everything everyone has said has been right in one way or another because it is all up to us to make the changes and growth happen.

    Leoscorpion, thanks for that link, I really think I will find it useful. I am glad to hear you found something that has helped you connect with your spirit guide as well. That must be nice.

    Dalia, I completely understand what you are saying. I write a lot so I see where you are coming from. I think theHangedWoman had said before that it was my ego getting in the way, but in the negative sense. Not in the positive. You can't have a super ego, but you can't have a weak one either. So it is like you say, you have to have balance. And you have to identify yourself with yourself and not what you can and can not do. Some things are meant for us to be able to do and others are not meant for us because we have a different purpose. I like what you have shared here. As for the news, I have strayed away from headline news lately. I am still trying to work on keeping a constant positive outlook and my whole life, but especially lately, the news drains the heck out of me. I get so sad and emotional or angry and mad because of injustice. This Haleigh Cummings situation is a sad one and I think you are right. It is a sad and strange story. I hope some more information does come to light. Do you think anything in particular will happen or is that just the feeling you get? The last thing I was tuned to was the Yale girl who was missing and all I said was that I knew she was stuffed inside a wall or ceiling in that building when they broke the story and later they found she was. But that made me so sad that I was right because I did want her to be alive.

  • Hi, See, your ability is showing although it may not be for the purpose you intend (Yale student). I think you can't help but have some insight into something like this. Have you ever thought of calling CrimeStoppers. It's a nation wide toll-free. I think it's 888-277-tips. I get impressions when I first hear of a story or see a picture. When I first saw the student's face, I saw the color green and another love interest. Like she had a couple admirers. A lot of the time color comes thru for me. I think being able to sense location is very good. Something just came to me day before yesterday that if this guy separates totally from this girl, then some way the truth will come out. Why, I don't know. Recently, my house was broken into by neighbor kids. I wasn't scared because I knew who was doing it. I just don't see how these people can continue to live in the same place this happened. I know neighbors talk and if the word was around that this girl was somewhat incompetent, then any psycho could come around see if a door was left open and come in--pretty scarry.

    But I would like to hear if anyone experiences psychic insight. Maybe we could help.

  • Hey Dalia, I never looked at it like that but you may be right. I guess it can't hurt to call them next time I get an idea like that. That is so interesting that you get colors that come into your mind. I also think it is a good idea to share our insight on these types of things. We may even be able to help each other out with ideas that we may not fully understand. Right now, after reading the story you mentioned, I feel that this girl is no longer with us. She has probably been buried in a remote, out of the way location. And I think you are right, that once the divorce is finalized, more information may come to light. But I don't think it will be information that leads to finding Haleigh alive. That is just the feeling I get with this situation but I hope I am wrong.

  • universal you are right, balance is very important. focusing on one thing and not the overall balance can cause problems, in the case of psyche, then it would most likely be mental problem or sickness since this is the area where they focus the most. by focusing only to what one can gain from psyche development, one will neglect the truth that physical development is also important as it is a part of our build. when the balance is disrupted, the energy becomes stagnant and wherever in the body this energy is stagnant, a problem will manifest. the universe leaves it to us to live our lives on earth, we have to learn from every single turn of events. in everything we do, there has to be balance, or we will end up giving up more than we should and become drained, or we will be taking more from others and become overwhelmed. both will cause us to lose the balance and then problems will manifest. balance will allow us understand what we need and give or take within the limit that is both healthy for the giver and the taker. in my case yoga and zen helps me gain balance, other people might do it another way. only we know what is good for us. the universe will show help when you seek. but it won't keep you from painful experiences because the point is that we learn from them and understand who we are and our true strength. religious people might call this divine force God. I call it the Divine or the universe itself. for God is vast and all life comes from Him. Atheist people may call it 'winning lottery number' LOL well I wouldn't mind one myself. I hope you will find the right solution. namaste.

  • Thank you leoscorpion. I think you summed it up best. You have to find a way to keep the scales even or close to even in most things we do. And I do agree that everyone's path is different and comes to them in many ways. I believe in the Universe as you said, I believe we are all parts of and connected to this whole big space we live in. I used to be an atheist, but as I got older, I realized that I just don't believe in traditional God or that God is like a man or human or even made us in our image. I believe heavily in science but I also believe that science and spirituality are interconnected and both crucial to thrive in life. I want to pick yoga up again. I used to do yoga with my mother but we are so silly we could never be serious about it together. We always ended up laughing lol. Now what is working for me is recording my dreams, meditation, and tarot. Eventually, probably when I move and start going to my new school, I will pick some yoga back up. It helps with all the things you have said, in many different ways for each person and I also want to work on my flexibility.

    Universal Harmony

  • Hi UniversHarmony, I encourage you to use your ability to help victims of crime.

  • universal, I see where you're coming from. I used to fall asleep when I meditate lol

    some things I can't take them seriously, but I am working on it. some yoga poses are kind of funny, but yeah like meditation they really are helpful physically and for your psyche.

    meditation wise I am using Zen, very passive, very quiet. I try to sleep well before doing it, just in case 🙂 hope for the best for you. I'm going off this post now. have shared enough of what I know.

  • Thank you Dalia and Leoscorpion.

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