Regaining psychic abilities

  • Has anyone had experience with pyschic abilities dulling and then regaining them? When I was younger, my intuition and my ability to see and feel the signs of events to come was very strong. I use to experience a lot of premonition type visions and my connection with others feelings and thoughts was very strong. I have been interested in wicca, paganism, meditation, psychic ability, and working on things like that since I was about eleven. But even before that, I had that sense and my mother even noticed it. As I got older, I got off my path. I lost a daily spiritual presence and my self-esteem was very low. Now, though times have been rough but I see things getting better. I am back on my spiritual path with newer, wiser insights and beliefs. I know this journey will be tough. I feel I am regaining a lot of confidence and I have always been very empathetic, outsiders who don't know me would almost say overly, but I just have always been very emotional to the human experience. That is the only thing I have not lost. But my question to anyone is have you had an experience of losing your abilities and intuition and what did you have to go through to get it back? Do you have any suggestions or things that helped you on your journey or need to open up your senses again? I would love any opinions or even a discussion.

    Universal Harmony

  • I am doing what is called the latihan excercise that is within the subud organisation. Sometimes people who have special spiritual abilities loose their gifts when they start doing the latihan. The answer is always the same: It is a part of the healing process. The gifts do not heal us, they are merely instrumentst to help us. Some even never get them back, but instead they are becoming healed in their souls and bodies and gain inner peace in the process. So the gifts are what they are - gifts. Naturally the gifts come and go, or perhaps even go for the rest of the life, if that is most helpful for the healing process to go in the right direction. The gifts can be fasinating, but can take away the focus on the true purpose in this life: To become a healed soul.

  • Thanks Hangedwoman. That is a different way of looking it at it but also a good one. You are right. They are just what the word implies, gifts. You can not take them for granted and it may not be what is best for me. Perhaps that is why so many children are blessed with gifts like these and loose them in their adult life. Being grown can cloud the use of those gifts. So I can see exactly what you are saying. This is something to contemplate as well.

  • Wel, Jesus said that heaven realms inside of the children, because they have no sin, they are pure. And any sin they might have is not their fault, but rather the parents faults since it is heriditery - we inherit most of our mistakes from our parents, and their from their parents and so on. So it is not our fault. But when we grow out from our childhood, we start creating things with our minds that are totally different from the souls nature. So naturally gifts of the soul diminnish. So that is why the religious texts in all cultures teach about that we must cleanse our souls to become like children again. Because we have left our natural state of feeling.

  • hello, universlhatmony.

    Here are my thoughts to this:

    I can say that I never "lost" my "gifts".

    As child I wasn't aware that I had them and used them.

    As teenager other things like trying to fit into society and become a "grown-up" made me stop using them (as having them is contradictive to the "society" around me).

    As adult I "slept" and had my ups and downs like any other person I know. (life has actually been verykind to me - there is nothing I can complain about).

    Until I met someone that made me think about "me" - asking the right questions at the right time.

    So now, bit by bit, I become more and more aware of what I am and can do - and still "fit" in :D.

    One thing though I have learned - if I pursue my assumed gifts / goals too much I stray and wander in the opposite direction of the path.

    Everything has its time to happen. There is no way you can force it to happen faster. you can stop, slow or even turn back; but not speed the process.

    Healing and learning takes time - only if you truly have learned your "lesson" will you be able to move on (and use your gifts the way they are intended/you want to use them). Before that, there are bound to be what feels like set-backs and failures. They are part of the "lesson".

    Have confidence in your Self - it knows what is best for you, even if it might be not that what you assume it to be (that would be ego speaking).

    have a nice day.......................... hug

  • Good comments, Gansblume. So the lesson is: seek inner peace first, then you will have all that you need aswell as inner peace.

  • Thank you Gansblume. I am glad that you had the chance to take time for yourself, regardless of the people around you. Me, I have been the opposite, put in a position in my life where even without wanting too, I stand out. So now I fit so much in that role that it can be hard. But you are right, you can not rush these things. I am trying to take my time and learn things slowly, one by one. Honestly, I don't think I am ready for all those things I used to realize to come back to me because it can be overwhelming sometimes. So you are right, time will tell. And confidence always helps, which I am currently working on and mending. It is growing so much but I can always grow more. Thank you for the advice, as I can use it in my journey. hugs 😃 You have a great day too!

    Universal Harmony

  • gads I was getting off and here I am again,,,

    Universal Harmony,

    My world has always had the gifts and I have accessed them for years..My information comes through the light and souls about early use of the abilities of higher self.As a baby we cross over into the physical world with many of these abilities because it is a part of our being..As we grow many shove their gifts to the back of their minds not using them because we are now learning and growing from our physical life experiences.We are told we do not have friends who cannot be seen by the naked eye or no one can predict the future and when we do open up as we are growing many people will relate that we are lying ,telling stories, or coincidence etc,, The soul continues to grow along with the ego,,occasionally enjoying the deja vue or something in that lines..My understanding is that the soul itself may be one who chooses to go against ego and reach to the higher mind using many aspects of our gifts to different degrees...

    That said I can say that during my lifetime I have had periods of time when my I felt my gifts checked out and the light seemed to abandon me.I now believe I understand more about this.When I was in a highly abusive marriage and life was in turmoil my intuition did not function as it had previously.I second guessed everything except the information that came into my mind about my children which I now understand still functioned because of the unconditional love involved.My gifts of hearing and speaking with the souls was still there as well how ever I was surrounded with negative energy and some tribal aspects that tended to push everything as evil,,I now understand that when we accept the negative energies around ego or the dark or shadow side of us will stir our mind .bringing uncertainty into our lives.I found that for myself I would have to take small healing retreats to remind myself the light and love were with in me,, .After leaving that 23 year relationship I was emotionally out of control at which time my system was flooded with my gifts and the souls coming back full force I could not control anything .. Then I found my inner peace from within I found the light and the love that have always been with in me.I took the time to slowly cleanse myself of negative energies and walk hand in hand again with my higher self acknowledging and accepting my gifts in the ways that feel comfortable for myself.I am very grateful to have my world back I appreciate every hard challenge that I have been through and realize that I needed that time to grow into and find the understanding of what I do have in my life.Last year my family went through one of the most traumatic events one can have in this physical world..Since that event I have had the souls pushing and teaching in ways I never had before..My soul has grown and continues too,,, The joyous light and love that has been showered upon us has brought in a completely different vibration and dimension into our lives..

    I believe that in our physical lifetime we have our ups and downs and we may displace our talents with the lights energy.But as with everything how can we appreciate having it in our lives if we do not understand how different they can be with out it there..Physically in this world the ego is meant to step in and challenge us in ways like this..It teaches us how to soul search how to find our higher self and how to access what we have all been born with..

    Take your time, reground yourself, look deep with in and find the life lessons and the positive virtues you are learning..You will find that as you grow spiritually in this physical life you will come into more knowledge and learn and grow.As this process happens through linear time you will find a deeper self love as well as how to stay true to yourself at a deeper level,, your higher self will guide you back into the knowledge as well as how to use it



  • I would have to say I have. When I was pregnancy with one of my boys. Every night that I when to sleep I would dream something and then it would come true. There as been times when I was home in NY when I would see my guardian angels, I would see them and I would get scare because they were dead, and why was I seeing them. Now I understand, because I would see them and then I would get scare and then I would change the direction that I was going too and they safed my life. Because a couple of times there was something going on in the train station and I would have been caught up in it. But like now some times I will smell perfume out of the blue nobody around me or anything just me. And sometimes I thing that I see things out the corner of my eyes. I don't some times understand. But I am learning

  • Mytwistedworld, thank you for sharing that experience with me. I am going use so much of that great advice. I've been telling myself what I need to do and lately I have started to act on it but this message can help remind me when I am looking for extra strength. I am so happy to hear that after twenty three years you had the courage to do what you did. I am also glad to hear that you have rediscovered your higher self. It is inspiring to hear someone else's journey, especially someone with much more experience than me. I agree with you about the negative aspects of life sometimes getting so overwhelmed you let those feelings and surroundings stay with you. It can be so hard to see outside of the fog to where the light is. The fog can get so intense and dense it feels like it is weighing us down. But we have to remember that it is still air, light and moveable and there is light beyond the darkness. I am lucky to have never lost faith in these abilities but after my father died I felt lost. I still had these abilities but it wasn't until my teen years and entered a deep depression that I noticed the loss. Not everything, just the strength, the frequency. It makes sense especially when I take into account what you have said. After a few years, I met a man who means so much to me. He helped me see my way out of my fog. For awhile things were back and swinging, but eventually our relationship hit a troubled point and we got into a big snag (large legal issues). After seperation through him going to jail (nothing to do with anything he did to me) it was so hard to be apart from him. But it gave me the grounding in my strength, my will power, my ability to be alone and take care of myself grew. We stayed in contact constantly throughout the whole time but I had to things on my own. And I had to do some things that I do not regret but am still working to get through to support myself (nothing illegal, just emotionally and physically draining). Now, he has been back in my life for two years and it has been tough, but still great. He has grown so much through his mistakes and me from mine. Now, I am at a point where I am out of the fog. I can't see it anymore, but the sun is just starting to rise. I can see a small portion of the light but I know I am making progress. I have to do like you said mytwistedworld and take things one day at a time. My self love is growing more and more each day and with it things get clearer and clearer. I am so glad to have found this community because I have been looking to find people like you. Lately I feel like I have been surrounded by negative people. Before that is was made making transitions so hard because their negativity would effect me, I could feel it and instead of blocking it, I let it in. Now it is a struggle because the town I live in just feels depressed. I know financially and mentally their are so many people struggling and I can sense it all around me. But with yours and some others help, plus my own, I am learning to block that out and focus and concentrate on my higher self and the light the surrounds us all. Even when the Sun is set where we can see, it is shining bright someplace else. I would like to give my blessings to you and your family as well for your tragedy. I am glad to hear that things have been looking up so much since then and that you are being pushed harder than ever. Even though we have ourselves to learn from it is so nice to be reminded that other people can help us learn, grow, and change.

    Universal Harmony

  • I had a very unusual sequence of events happen that have made it impossible for me to practice wicca for almost 3 years now. Just before I got pregnant I had 2 terrifying dreams about a week apart in which I felt like I was unable to control my body and strange scary paranormal things were happening. I awoke in the dark panicked and feeling like I should get all tarot items, books, spell items, etc...out of my house right then and there. I didn't though and went back to sleep eventually. I had been a witch for nearly 10 years and had even read cards professionally. I eventually consulted with the cards and they told me that I had been prevented from continuing on my path because it was going to wreck my marriage. It's true that my husband had a very hard time accepting that I was a witch. Almost every time since then that I've tried to do a reading something scary happens afterward, usually in the middle of the night.

  • Maybe this points to your subconcious being so fearful of hurting your marriage that it is sending you messages in your dreams. Just an idea. I am sorry that you have felt hindered these last few years. It is good that you got a clear message from the cards. But have you talked about this with your husband? I know it's not my business if you don't want it to be. I was thinking you must be so torn. I remember you said you have a young child with your husband so I know this is a critical time in marriage. It must be hard feeling unable to openly practice Wicca and continue your spiritual journey. I hope that you have found a way to move forward and balance things out.

    Universal Harmony

  • You know I haven't really talked to him about it. I just figured he'd be happy about it. One of the strangest bits about all this is that my desire to read cards and do spells has diminished enough that it's not too much of a problem. It's the weirdest thing. I definitely felt as though it was a warning or message from the other side. That part was unmistakable. I have been able to do the online i-ching without a problem however. So I've been using that to get me through (instead of cards). I have been relying on signs as well. I've been getting answers to my questions through synchonistic signs; it's really amazingly effective for me. I keep getting signs that I'm going to have one more baby named Mason. Do you have any gut feelings on that?

  • I am glad you have been able to get through with other means. I am interested in I-ching and have been wanting to learn more lately. I also feel that if these visions and dreams persist that you should try to have an open conversation with your husband. But this is just my feeling and only if you get struck with these things again. As for a baby, my gut says yes. I just sense that you shouldn't rush into it. A little time. I think you will have one more baby anyways I just feel maybe giving it a bit of time and planning will make it easier and so much happier.

  • Check out a website called "whatsuponplanetearth". It is about emerging earth angels and one of the signs of this is losing your psychic abilities or losing interest in pursuing them. I think you may find quite a bit on this Site that you relate to. And one other thing: losing those abilities for a while could mean your ego got in the way. Did you find yourself trying SO HARD to get things for people because they asked for it? If that's so, then ego has been a bit of your problem too. It has to come naturally, not be forced ... a bit like breast milk!!! 🙂

    Anyway, hope this suggestions helps you some. I found some invaluable info on there, so it's well worth it. GOOD LUCK xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Universal Harmony,

    Thank you for the blessings.My 23 yr old who changed our world with his death(physical death) always appreciates the positive flow of energy that comes from the thoughts.Very appreciated .What was very traumatic and a tragedy to us(in the earthly manner) at the time has brought immense gifts into our lives.My son through his death experience and into the next dimension has become one of the most respected teachers in not only this lifetime but those that follow for my soul.I thank him so much for what he has brought into my universe.

    It is so nice to read about your journey as your learning and growing.Negativity when it surrounds us tends to slow us down,, there are times we may need that aspect so we can explore the options around us and fully learn or life lessons from it.You understand that from some of what you already have been experiencing in your life.

    Love is an interesting thing isn't it.There are so many fascinating souls in this world that we cross paths with and each comes into our lives for one life path or another.They bring so many learning opportunities with them.When people bring up my abusive marriage and ask how can you not have anger or regret.I tend to explain just what I did get from living in that way.I learned so very much about myself and what I once thought were my limitations,I have experienced loss of babies but also was gifted with 3 wonderful souls who chose me as their mother while in this lifetime.Even the abuse taught me much,, I also learned that I to needed to take responsibility for my actions for staying.Through that 23 yr period it set some base lessons that I spent the first year learning about myself and realizing that blame, anger, etc would not benefit anyone especially myself,, I learned forgiveness in its true meaning not only of others but myself...This in turn came into play when our son was called home..I have not been to intertwined with the negative grieving emotions that can slow down my universe..LOl and more so it has kept me from falling into the depressive angry despair that in my world would of put up blocks to the souls who have crossed over. Those souls have brought such joyous light and love into my life since our son left us physically.

    What I am trying to share is how the lessons we learn or negatives we work through and find a positive energy from can come back into our world.In one way it tests us in the other we learn and grow from these.You have been experiencing this with your loved one in and out of your life as well as finding yourself and learning you love every odd twist that you have with in your person..Universal Harmony, enjoy your individual journey because that is what it is about. Your doing it well girl..



  • Cris1962, thanks so much. I am going to check that site out tonight. It sounds like it is going to spark my interest lol. And I have seen your posts around, you have been very caring on here, so I take it seriously when you say you learned some priceless things. As for my ego, I think for me it was the opposite. I wasn't bending over backwards for others, instead I was beating on myself. I had actually started dancing (stripping) as a job a few years ago. I just recently quit. But three years of it really made me get sick with myself. In the beginning, I had a big head, I thought I was the shit, I was making big bucks, working like three days a week, off my own body and looks. But then I saw how much pain all of us girls were going through underneath doing this to survive. A lot of drug addiction around me too, even though I was lucky enough to not experience that. I just started to hate men, hate myself, and I felt dragged down because I was trying to change (go to school and change my state of mind) and I was surrounded by women and men who were not ready to change on a daily basis. But I learned so much from the job, sooo much, and I don't regret it. It just really took sometime to get my self worth back and look at things with a clear perspective. I do need to remember that you can not force growth though, you are right, it does come naturally. So thank you again for your insight.

    Mytwistedworld, I am so glad you have been able to keep that attitude. It can be tough, can't it? When my father passed away I was devestated. I was ten, a daddy's girl, and loved and still do love him so much. But now I feel like you do about him as well. He was the greatest teacher I could have ever had, on and away from this earth. And I still feel his presense with me, protecting and guiding me through many situations. Your son must have been a great and I know he is so proud of you. I always remember when I was younger people would say, "Don't cry for your father, he wouldn't want that." I don't completely agree, I feel those who passed on understand our feelings of grief, but I do agree that they never want us to wallow in them. They want us to take their words, wisdom, and examples and use them to help ourselves and others. As for your ex husband, it must feel so freeing to not hate him. Many women I have talked to who have gone through similar experiences have a bag of hate for this person and while I can see why they would, it must be a weight off your shoulder to throw that bag away. I just learned a large lesson in forgiveness not too long ago and I know how good it can feel to move on. As they say, it takes two to tango and everyone contributes somewhat to a conflict that arises. I am so glad you are trying to share a positive message. In my post on offering readings, that is all I wanted in exchange for a reading. Right now, the politics, the economy, the presidency, has people in an uproar, going crazy, and constantly angry. I just want to see positive vibes too because the negativity smothers so many people. Thank you for your wisdom, I love it :).

  • You say that you was beating on yourself. That is also the ego, Universalharmony. It does not come from your soul, your highest self. It comes from your lower self. The lower self has a behaviour pattern that is learned from being in this world. The soul is just the same as long as we dont let the world distroy it. By the world I also mean the ego. To be selfdistructive for example is also to let the ego take over.

    As long as the soul is awake and clean, then the ego and the rest of the body is in the right hierarchial place - below the soul. But if the soul is submitted under our thoughts, then the soul falls asleep in a way - or we are only half asleep perhaps. Our journey on this planet consists mainly on learning how to awake. There is nothing we can do but to surrender our soul to the Light, so that the Light can be our leader and our healer throughout the journey.

  • You are right theHangedWoman, ego does go the opposite way. I guess I was just referring to my ego being more based on treating myself badly due to myself rather than due to other people. It has been hard to shake that habit, but I am starting to get the hang of it. Thanks 🙂

  • I just found your reply from Sept 25th, thank you. I too think there will be one more baby and yes my gut says to wait a bit. My logical brain says "do it now because you are almost 39!" but I'm hearing whispers to wait.

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