Anyone for a tarot reading?

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  • I would like a reading if you are offering one 🙂

    I met a man the Sunday before last and we've been spending every other day together. We seem to have a real connection but today I am leaving for a 10 day trip, and we did not discuss what would happen when I get back. We left it at no expectations. I want to know if this relationship has potential or get a sense of how he really feels about me. Are the feelings real or is it pure fun and games? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

  • I am not a tarot reader, but maybe those who do read will see this post.

  • Curly, I'll read for you for feedback?

  • Thanks headincloud! I'all wait for your reading, appreciate it!

  • Thanks headincloud! I'all wait for your reading, appreciate it!

  • Celtic Cross. This reiterates the last reading I did.

    1. 2S rx - facing your feelings around this man.

    2. Page P - Is there a child involved perhaps? also not sure if you're studying something or should be but it's crossing you. Also more money may be going out than coming in. Communicating with this person may be difficult via text for some reason.

    3. 8C - disenchantment with the relationship, the decision to walk away.

    4. 5S rx - a split in the near future and arguments.

    5. 3S rx - heartbreak but not as pronounced as with the upright card.

    6. Queen S rx - not sure if you're saying your piece here and in 5S, if so you're not mincing your words.

    7. Strength rx - the situation is causing health problems both mental and physical, possible depression.

    8. Ace P rx - problems looking after yourself properly, health on a short term decline.

    9. Emperor - An important man (hopes not actual)

    10. 5P rx - feeling left out in the cold.

    I'm sorry it's not more promising but there may be a need to keep your feet on the ground and not pin any hopes on this guy. Does any of the reading resonate at all?

  • I got out of a year long relationship about a month before I met this man and am hesitant to eat into another serious one but I am not one to hold back and have developed feelings. Those feelings surprised me and scared and I didn't want to make it seem like I was that into him so fast, although he does know I like him (I think... we hung out 6 out of 10 days). Maybe it's important to mention I haven't slept with him...

    We hit it off almost immediately and texted all day non stop until two days before I was scheduled to leave for my trip. The two days before my trip our texts dropped significantly and that's been on my mind. He has been texting me one word answers and I'm confused about the drastic change. I kept telling him I have no expectations of him while I am on vacation because we've only known each other a week. Prior to me leaving he said he'd miss me more than he was comfortable with... he also said a lot of really sweet things but I'm skeptical now due to his one word answers.

    At this point, I wouldn't say I am upset enough to have it affect my health or well being, I am on vacation now, and although I am thinking about him I am in a good place emotionally because he seemed to already hint that he didn't want to keep up the intensity of our short "relationship". I'm wondering if you could be picking up on his energy with the emotions?

    Does rx = reversed position? I read sometimes too and based on some of the cards it seems like it could be that he doesn't feel like he's good enough for me and is insecure? He mentioned to me that he feels kinda insecure with me because a long time ex was very successful and he makes way less money than I do...

    Also wondering if the strength card can mean that I need to be more straightforward with my feelings for him and not play it cool? I don't want to keep thinking about him when I'm on vacation...

  • Thanks for extensive fb curly, so helpful. Rx = reversed, yes. I doubt I'm picking up on his feelings as the reading was aimed at you and tbh I think whichever way you play it the outcome would be the same.

    The strength card rx next to the Ace P rx could simply be pointing at a short term illness possibly coincidental in timing, it could also be indicating money being spent, cash going out as opposed to coming in which would be so on vacation and the not looking after yourself could be a short all out enjoyment and letting go which takes a toll on the body.

    As for why he's backing off - His feelings are real, you're not wrong you've made a real impression on him and he finds you very romantic in the tower but he's backing off in hierophant rx, away from tradition.

    This is someone who is wracked by insecurity under that reversal and although you may be swept away by the apparent stability, maturity is likely only skin deep. Emotionally repressed he may hesitate to feelings of love and passion. He longs for adoration but shies away from anyone who draws too close to his true self, behind the persona is a terrified child who is afraid of true love bless him.

    Wait and see how it plays out and let me know later. Thanks, Julia.

  • Thanks so much for your insight! Definitely helpful. He actually started texting me again today, that could be the tower/heirophant combo of the cards (he may have stopped being a baby about his feelings for me lol), the tower can also sometimes mean a separation because I am on vacation and this is a sudden temporary separation. He said he wished he was watching the sunset with me when I sent him a picture.

    He an Aquarius and they are known for being completely non traditional in the way they approach romance... he seems back to himself tonight. I will definitely wait and see and update you. I just really wanted to know if he has real feelings for me and your reading seems to confirm. If it was meant to be, the relationship will just unfold naturally. Genuine feelings are the first step imo. Thanks again! And if you read again and find out more about his feelings I'd like to hear it 🙂

    Will keep you posted!

  • Great thanks Curly, best of luck.

  • Headincloud, update! Been a week since I've been back and I've seen him three times. He seems to have really backed off where we started hot and heavy and although we've slept over all three times we've seen each other, we've only cuddled and he hasn't tried to kiss me. It seems very friendly now and not romantic, he also referred to me as a friend when I heard him talk to his friends. This is very confusing to me because we talk every day and he cooked dinner for me the other night... I don't know what he wants. When I asked him about being called just a friend he said I was being sensitive and that he didn't want to talk about it.

    Sounds like your first reading is playing out right now... if you're open to doing another reading I am curious to what they'll say about this situation. I'm not heartbroken but I am disappointed that this started out so promising and now it's at a standstill. Thanks!!

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