Hi Chris1962

  • I posted this several days ago you haven't responded yet, so I didn't know if you read it, I'd like some feedback.

    Hey cris! Sorry I'm just getting back to you "retrograde" I guess, I've been soo busy. I did your reading last week, it was confusing tho. From the first half of the reading I got the emperor(reverse), queen of cups, and 3 of swords. the conclusion was the ace of cups and the 3 of cups. I also got the queen of wands.

    I'll start by saying this guy is, for lack of a better word, "unaproachable" romantically. Meaning that although you have a working relationship (friendship), there is no place/time/room for intimate conversations. The three of swords is the love triangle card, I'm not sure if the queen of wands is your husband or the dreaded... compitition ( i feel it is another woman, but am not sure), unfortunately your guy got the devil card. wich means trouble.

    My interpretation of these cards is that your relationship is platonic in nature at this time it hasn't even developed enough for you to express your physicial attraction to him, however if you continue down your current path you will get the opportunity to explore going into an intimate situation with this guy (very pasionate, overwhelmingly so), but it will bring much turmoil and pain to yourself and others. Having said that, there IS a connection there, poweful indeed, and after alot of work things could ultimately work out. The one i did for your husband was not as exciting but more solid, I'd try to work things out with your husband if I were you, but as I said before I've been in your shoes and it is a hard decision. Best wishes with both of your loves.

  • I appreciate what you've come up with here. You may be right about the turmoil it could cause, but knowing this guy as I do, he's not a "pursuer" (neither am I for that matter), so if anything does happen between us, it won't be because he's simply after a bit, I know that much about him (and yeah, yeah I know, blokes all think with their little heads, but there are some exceptions to the rule).

    I don't think I can stick with hubby as this is the third time this sort of thing has leapt up and bitten me, and I don't feel I can ignore it this time. It feels like my last shot at true happiness with someone and even though I go over and over the sensible things, like am I just wanting to go with someone younger for the excitement factor? No I don't. Do I want to leave because I'm bored with my husband? No. I want to leave because I'm not giving him enough and I think if I can feel like this about someone else, then it's time to end it. He's not listenign though, but I've been as honest as I can be about things at the moment (not mentioned anything about this stuff of course), but he remains in denial, saying he's quite happy being with someone who isn't in love with him. Shite.

    So there's my dilemma. I'd suggest you keep on going with these readings my friend. You do seem to pick up things, and one piece of advice I'll give you is: when doing actual psychic readings (as opposed to tarot) go with the first thing that comes to you, even if it seems out there. It's when we get worried or let the ego butt in that we get it wrong. And it seems like you're doing that, so keep it up.

    Again, thanks so much for taking the time to do this; I appreciate it greatly 🙂

  • Good luck Cris! I hope you get your man...or your happyness atleast. : )

  • Thank you Karma. I feel it's gonna be a long, hard road like the one you're on in a sense. Ah well, I'm up for it. I'll do the same as I said to you: aim for that pot of gold that's waiting at the end for me 🙂

  • Hi Chris. Thanks for the imput, I realy don't do readings often just for friends, and self, I'm sure I could use a lot of refining, but I didn't get this guy and your connection had anything to do with age, as I said befor I believe it is a past life connection, that makes you feel like you've known someone all your life.(no begginging or end) feeling

    Now......question, sorry to change the subject, but I just gotta know what can you see happening with my relationship with my cancer if i give him another chance, we are going to meet on sunday, we've not made love since february, things have been going really well between us for the past few months and I'm afraid of what will happen if.............

  • now, Im not cris...but iv got a feelin youll probably end up in bed. : )

  • Yepp, that is what I believe aswell;) But I have not talked so much about that, since that is not the goal. The goal is to do what is best for everybody, and then it must happen in its own pace. If she focuses on that "bed-goal" he might back out. He is quite carefull, espessially since she is married. She must in wich case go into the relationship with open eyes, so that he, too, feels safe about what choice to take. So please, Chris, dont think about that bed-thing. Just relax and let the process happen inside of you in its right pace.

  • Thanks thw & Karma (tho I think your message was for Ms Sexy). I gotta say though, things are getting hard inside of me lately. I continue to go up and down and all I want to do is RUN ... away from where I am, to where he is, while knowing I can't. And how on earth can I not "think about that bed thing"??? It's so hard not to, even though I know it's WRONG right now. It isn't the main goal for me with him either, but I'm open to it, if you know what I mean 🙂 I just want so much to be in his arms and not be in the emotional mess I'm currently in. Ah well, they do say things get worse before they get better. But for some sad reason, I feel like I've lost him anyway. For the time being. Not sure why either.

    As to you sexygem, the only message I get here is "it'll be okay whichever way it goes". Enough time has passed and your careful Cancerian just might throw caution to the wind ... as you would like to ... you sexygem, you :)) GOOD LUCK.

    Just wish it was as easy for me.

  • oh for goodness sake, I tried to type Ms S e x y and look what it did!! **** Sounds like I'm calling her names!!! So when you read this Ms Gem, I was merely trying to type an abbreviation of your name because I'm lazy 🙂

  • I know that happens a lot, sexygem? what was I thinking, actually it is that easy for you, just continue on the path your on with Mr. Dreamboat, and things will float towards a passionate overwhelming experience. Young guys are fun, fun, fun!

  • Hi chris I need your insight again. SO things have been going really well with my cancer, better then ever, we've had some really intense covnersations and seem to be closer then ever, but I am not feeling secure as I should. Can you please tell me what feelings you get about our relationship I am 06/05/74 he is 07/20/73.

  • Hi s e x y!

    Look, you know I really don't think security is what you need right now, as such. That will come. The security should come from inside you anyway, so don't rely on it from your Cancer-man. After all, point me out a cancerian who isn't insecure!? You might be picking that insecurity up from him too, not yourself.

    Please don't worry about this issue. If things are going very well, then well they are. I understand your concerns about security, but remember what star-sign you're with and that might answer your question, or at least calm your doubts a bit. Being a crab myself, I get so sick of the constant insecurities I'm plagued with, even though I've got quite a lot of other influences in my chart, but that old crab-insecurity seems to be one of the traits I've got for that sign, lucky me!

    I really think letting the relationship unfold on its own and not worrying about the what-ifs and maybe's will let it blossom properly. He really is interested in you and your opinion and likes your attitude to life and other things in general. You make sense of things for him. While he can be a bit serious at times, he also swings towards being a bit "air-headed" so that's where you keep the balance for him and he appreciates that.

    Just go with the flow; that's the message I get. Go with it, don't worry about it and let it unfold on its own. He's good for you as he gives you the emotional "pillow" you need, like you provide a solid foundation for him.

    I see it being all good, so long as doubts and insecurities aren't allowed to loom too large.

    Good luck and enjoy! It's nice to hear about someone's relationship success I can tell you! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Thank you chris. YOU are a blessing to many.

  • I am taking your advice, I changed my mind about "talking" to him about how he feels about me and our future together and decided to just let it flow.

    He gives me awsome advice, and some of it paid off for me big time ( so glad I listened to him) anyway I text him to thank him and tell him how everything worked out and he responded "anything for you, I am always here for you, I love you" it was just what i need to and not having to push or prod made it special and it ment that much more.

    Thanks again chis, you kept me grounded and rational. Hey wait a minute I thought gems were supose to be the less emotional sign, how and why do you cancers know that you need to keep reminding me not to let my emotions run wild? I don't know, but I sure do apprciate it.

    What can I say you cancers know your stuff......Thank you cancer friend 🙂

  • Hey, no worries Gem; I'm glad to be of help. I have quite a few other influences in my chart than cancer which sometimes might make me appear a little less crabby, so to speak than typical crab people 🙂

    I think Gemini's can get emotional when their own inner security is a bit out of whack or threatened in any way. The beautiful thing about Gems is their ability to go a bit nuts for a while, then someone will give them some grounding advice, or just make them laugh alot, and they come back up shiny and new, quick as a flash. Amazing critters are Gems.

    So thanks for thanking me Ms Sgem. I'm just glad to be of help.

    You'd asked me a question on this thread a way ago about how are things with my Mr Dreamboat? A quick answer to that: not going at all. There's a whole lot more to this tale, but that's it in a nutshell! Thanks for asking about that too, but it's so long ago you may not remember :)))

  • I remeber..... 😞 . The high road is tuff sometimes.

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