Please can someone tell me meaning of dreams?

  • My husband and I have been separated for 6 mos., but we have recently done a few things together. While camping on a river with my husband, I had a dream of some very pretty, colorful clouds, pinks, blues, whites, but satan was trying to come through them to get to me, and I was trying to say the words "Get behind me satan". I couldn't get the words out & my husband woke me because I was groaning in my sleep and knew it was a nightmare.

    The next day I had a dream about an ex-lover, who broke my heart by going back to his wife & dumping me without telling me. This is the dream: I was at a party at their house, everyone was happy. His wife was extremely nice to me. Then my ex-lover came to me, took me by the hand, led me to a cellar type room, and shot me in the heart with a pistol. Bizarre huh?! Can anyone help me with this? I hardly ever dream, and these dreams were so real.

  • Hi, First dream--I think you feel conflicted about your situation. Probably don't know if reconciling w/husband is right for you. Was it your idea to separate or his. Second dream--You think he's wreckless or crazy. There was a lot of pain in break-up. Had no regard for your feelings.

  • Thank you, Dalia for responding. It was my decision to separate, and yes I am conflicted about whether to try again, and since we have been separated he has been doing a lot of dating. The second dream, thats funny you should say crazy, cause that is the word that has been on my mind. The breakup from lover was very painful and still is. I miss him terribly, but trying to get on with my life.

  • 7Izzy7~Dear, the two dreams are one. You see the past relationship with your ex lover as something that was equivalent, to you in your heart, and on your part, to ethereal love...something that was above and beyond any love or loves in your life thus far. However, no matter how beautiful it may seem in myriad ways, and could actually have been for you in some aspects, he is a great deceiver; someone who lies and does many of the things that Satan would do through him to get to you. The party atmosphere and his wife being there, symbolizes that subconsciously, you think this is how her life with him might be, and how it may have been for you had fate deemed that you remain in his life. The dream was sent by your guardian angels to show you that he would only have taken you down, and ultimately, destroyed your connection with God~symbolized by your heart, for God is Love. So when you saw him take you down to the basement...(base deeds and actions, and lower levels of consciousness) then, he shot you through the heart, it shows that he would have literally killed your spiritual connection and Satan would have inadvertently gotten to you through him. I assure you, you are far, far better off with this man out of your life. So many times we wistfully look back, but remember Lot's wife who looked back and what happened to her. If the temptation ever comes into your life to reconnect with this man, and your dreams are warning you, so it shows that you will be tempted to do so, you must promise yourself that you will not, under any circumstances, permit yourself to do so, for to do so would be to be playing right into Satan's hands. Abide in faith in prayer and God bless you.

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