Should I be concerned about this person

  • There is a man who comes into work occasionally, I've also seen him around town. We have struck-up conversations, and I have been at his house to look at another house he had for sale. He has a nice A-frame that is very well-kept. He also showed me some expensive cars he had in his garage. He talked for about an hour, then I had to go. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him "as friends." I was taken-back by this statement and never thought too much about it. Since, he has come over (at work) and struck-up conversations asking why I haven't called. I see him about 2x a week and he always asks me to call him. The other day he told me that he had me figured out and that I want to be chased. I haven't really given too much credence to all of this. Anyway, I have noticed more than a few times, that he is in the parking lot walking to the building as I leave at my regular time. I see him talking to other ladies all the time, and they are married. I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable about his presence. My friends at work tell me that he seems strange to them. I know that he is a Libra. He's never been married. He has lived with a woman who had kids. He still has their pictures in his house. One time as I pulled into the grocery store after work, he pulled in right beside me and asked me for my phone number.

    Any thoughts. Am I in danger. I don't feel I am.

  • I don't know that you should be too concerned, just maybe next time you see him really let him know you aren't interested. If he still doesn't get the picture then maybe be alittle more concerned. It sounds to me like he deosn't take to rejection very well, or he would have already given up, so just be sure it is in a very public place when you tell him.

  • Dahlia, I would definitely be concerned about this man, whether he's a Libra or not. He comes to your work on frequent basis, he shows up at the grocery store the same time you do, and claims that you want to be chased. What he's doing sounds like stalker behavior to me.

  • I did consider him a friend/acquaintance. In fact, when he asked for my number I gave it to him and he called about 4x. He likes to talk on the phone--I don't especially. What threw me is when he said I wanted to be chased. That kind of changed the whole scope. He never asked me out. Maybe he was trying to get to know me. I'm not interested in anything romantic w/him. But, if your friends, you still talk--I guess. I'm not around him enough to say I know him that well, but I believe our outlooks would be quite different on a number of things. Also, I'm not taken by material things. I still don't know how to answer his questions, but right now I'm not going to worry about it too much.

  • Just be as direct as you possibly can be - tell him something like:

    "Listen, you are a very nice person, but I am not interested.

    I don't wanna be chased and I would like you to stop chasing me."

    I don't think he'll keep chasing you after this.

  • oh boy, haha...(ponderin') let me see...I'm a LIBRA too, but some of us turns out to be a jerk alright. Well, I don't usually asks women y they haven't call. Because, I have personality of a librarian. I "DON'T" waste people times. I have a good-judgement of spendin' time with people like my attention. "Why haven't u call me?" is a STOP SIGN. I'm very successful on datin' with women. I know the do&don't respond words from my family. Tell him the truth. He'll stop. How?

    "livin' prayer" works mysterious...

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